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   Chapter 5 You Are Her Fiancé

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But anyone could tell the unwillingness in her tone.

Barry didn't say anything.

She asked for a snub again.

Mike had to say helplessly, "Barry, it's good for your health to talk more."

"What are you talking about?" Barry didn't believe what Mike said at all, so he directly denied it. Then he turned his head and glanced at Lea, "Go to the study first to read some materials."

"You finally agreed to teach me?" Lea was too excited to care about anything. She put her hand on Barry's arm and clenched it tightly. Although she was unwilling just now, she was overjoyed at this moment.

This was a habitual movement. In Lea's view, this movement was very normal.

But she found that Barry's face suddenly darkened. He glanced at her hand.

Then he looked at her with disdain, as if saying, 'Did I say that you can touch me?"

Mike patted his forehead helplessly. Barry was the kind of person who was very fussy and coquettish, while Lea was open, enthusiastic and sticky. It's inevitable to cause some trouble in the future when they got along with each other.

But now, that was all he could do for his sister.

He had already invited the best teacher in the city to her. Whether she could learn something or not depended on whether she could persuade Barry.

Lea suddenly loosened her grip. Although she smiled apologetically, she scolded in her heart, 'I really want to beat you!'

At this time, the butler of Nan family rushed in and bowed to Lea and Mike respectively. "Mr. Mike, Miss Lea."

"What's wrong?" Looking at the butler who was in a hurry, Barry said unhurriedly.

The Butler looked at Lea and Mike who were sitting next to Barry, and then looked at Barry with hesitation.

Mike knew what he wanted, so he stood up and was about to leave. "Lea and I are leaving."

When Lea was about to stand up, Barry said, "No need to go."

"Go ahead." Barry looked at the butler calmly.

"Mr. Ethan is here." The butler looked a little serious.

Barry was an orphan since he was a little child. He grew up in an orphanage. Later, he was adopted by the Yan family because of his outstanding talent and received the key training of the head of the Yan family, Ethan Yan. Barry went abroad at a young age and graduated with excellent grades.

When he came back, he was only twenty years old. At that time, he had already entered the company and helped Ethan Yan deal with the business affairs. At the same time, he was the chief designer of the company. The buildings designed by him would become a hot topic and receive praise from the outside.

Since he entered the company, the company's performance had increased with more profits. Therefore, in the past few years, Sky Construction had become the leader of this industry, which was all attributed to Barry.

Although it could be said that Ethan Yan was the man who helped Barry, even his father, still the relationship between them was tense and stiff and no one knew the reason.

But it was normal, because Barry hadn't been seen to be enthusiastic to someone.

Perhaps for Barry, he and Ethan Yan were just taking what they needed.

Ethan Yan gave Barry a platform to develop himself, and Barry helped Ethan Yan earn a considerable profit.

How could a father son relationship bound up by interests be reliable?

Lea was confused. Why did Barry act like he was meeting the leader of the country? And something seemed strange with this butler.

A touch of mockery appeared on Mike's face, but it disappeared in an instant.

Lea peeped at Barry and saw him pursing his lips. He nodded to the butler and said, "Let him in."

"Yes, sir." The butler looked at Barry with worry and then ran out in a hurry.

Lea was full of curiosity about Barry's father. She was just curious why he looked as if he was facing a formidable enemy when he met his father.


t happened between them?'

Lea always felt that there were countless unsolved mysteries on Barry, so the outside world kept speculating about him, but no one could make him open his heart.

On the contrary, Mike just sat there quietly, but there was a hint of coldness in his eyes.

But no one noticed it.

Soon, the butler came in with a tall and mighty man holding a walking stick. The man was about more than 50 years old, spreading a strong and daunting aura. It could be said that there was wind under his feet, and they felt that the place he passed by was somewhat cold.

At that time, Lea thought that maybe Barry's indifference and ruthlessness had something to do with his expressionless father.

When Barry saw Ethan Yan, he stood up but said nothing.

At last, Ethan Yan stopped one meter away from the sofa. He glanced at Lea and Mike with his eagle-like eyes and said, "I don't know there are important guests at home today."

After all, they were the daughter and son of the Xiao family, so Ethan Yan naturally recognized them.

Both Lea and Mike stood up almost at the same time. Lea was inexperienced, so she didn't know the intrigues. She just smiled politely at this serious man.

But the smile on Mike's face looked a little awkward, but the others didn't see anything wrong. "We are not some distinguished guests, you are too polite." You are flattering me, Mr. Ethan."

"What's up?" Barry interrupted them in time and looked at Ethan indifferently.

"Julie will be back tomorrow. I don't have time. I hope you can pick her up." Ethan Yan was not discussing with Barry, and his tone was more like an unquestionable order.

"I'm not Julie's driver." Barry refused politely.

"But you are her fiancé." Ethan Yan reminded him coldly.

fiancé? He had never agreed to be a member of the Yan family. Such an identity was only imposed on him by Ethan Yan, and he had never resisted strongly because of Ethan Yan's help, but that did not mean that he would compromise.

'Julie's fiancé?'

Lea looked at Barry in surprise. This cold man also had a fiancée? 'It seemed that his fiancée has a good psychological endurance. Why does she choose an iceberg?'

Lea curled her lips noncommittally. She always felt that even the conversation between the father and son was aggressive, which was really shocking.

Barry closed his eyes slightly, trying to adjust his mood. "Is that what you want to talk about when you come to me today?"

"I hope you and Julie can get married as soon as possible." In fact, Ethan Yan didn't want such a capable man like Barry to fall into the family of others. Since he had adopted Barry, even in order to repay him, Barry had to obey him.

Ethan Yan was famous for being arbitrary and autocratic in this circle. He would never allow anyone to disobey him, because he had taken his order as the emperor's will.

"Let's talk about it later." Barry looked away coldly, with obvious impatience in his eyes.

Then Ethan Yan took a look at both Lea and Mike. After all, there were outsiders here, so it was a little inconvenient to talk about this matter. He came here today just to remind Barry, in case he forgot his identity.

Ethan Yan's daughter was not only excellent in study, but also highly praised in work ability. She had an outstanding appearance and family background. How could she not deserve Barry?

He could give Barry a noble life, but he could also push him back to hell.

"Since there are guests here, I am leaving first. Don't forget what you need to do tomorrow." After saying that, Ethan Yan glanced at Mike indifferently.

Lea felt that the way Ethan Yan looked at her brother was a little strange, but she couldn't tell what it was, so she could only keep her doubts in her heart.

Maybe it was just her illusion.

"Goodbye, Mr. Ethan." Mike nodded slightly.

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