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   Chapter 3 Eligible Bachelor

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 4886

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Barry was the most popular eligible bachelor in K City, who was the CEO of a well-known leading enterprise called Sky Construction. He was not only gifted in architecture, but also in the management of the company.

Since she was a little girl, Lea had been interested in designing buildings. When she grew up, her goal was to become an architectural designer. Therefore, Mike wanted his younger sister, who had just finished her study and returned to the country, to follow Barry for a period of time.

Coincidently, there would be a recruitment meeting held by Sky Construction. Maybe Lea could stand out from those candidates.

As her elder brother, Mike absolutely helped Lea. Whether Barry would teach her depended on Lea's own ability and luck.

"I did agree with your request. But that doesn't mean she can sleep on my bed!" Thinking of that arrogant woman, Barry's face darkened.

It was said that a gentleman would mind those details, but he just felt uncomfortable in his heart.

After getting off the plane and coming back, he was already extremely tired. He had planned to have a sleep, but didn't expect such a thing to happen.

Hearing what Barry said, Mike was extremely surprised. What was wrong with Lea? Why did she sleep on that neat freak's bed?

Thinking of his requiring to Barry, Mike said in a friendly and sincere manner, "Well... I'll call her right away... But before that, don't throw her out like rubbish..."

Knowing Barry's temper, Mike begged.

Staring at the door warily, Lea was wondering who the man who left angrily was? Would he come back? Why was he here? It must not be her wrong feeling just now? Did that man really do something to her? Or was she having... A sex dream?

Before she could figure it out, her phone, which she had thrown on the bedside, rang. She picked it up unhurriedly.

"I heard that you're in Barry's bed." On the other side of the phone, Mike was speechless. His sister was always unable to do anything correct, and she had already annoyed the teacher before she entered in his company.

Barry was a neat freak. He wouldn't allow a hair to fall on the bed, let alone such an unidentified huge object?

Lea almost failed to hold the phone in her hand. She almost rolled over on the bed and sat up. "What? Barry?"

Barry was well-known in this city. There were many news about him on Financial Weekly and financial programs. But Lea had been abroad in t

he past few years, so it was reasonable that she didn't know him. Moreover, she had no interest in reading Financial Weekly at all.

In addition, after she was abandoned a few years ago, she had a shadow over men. She only dared to make some male friends, but did not dare to develop a love relationship. Therefore, she had never paid attention to any successful men.

But she didn't expect that it would cause a big trouble.

But Lea also despised Barry in her heart. How fast did he complain to her brother!

Mike even begged his silly sister. "Didn't I tell you it was Room 11 after going upstairs? Why did you go to his room?"

'Room 11? I'm sorry. I didn't mean it. I really missed it.'

Lea thought it was Room 1.

In fact, when she stepped into this room, she was a little scared. She didn't expect herself to be treated so well and live in such a palace-like room.

The whole room was mainly in black and white color. Although it looked simple, the interior decoration was full of nobility and luxury. Was this called low-key luxury?

"Okay... It's all my fault..." Lea was lack of confidence.

Before coming here, her brother had told her repeatedly not to offend Barry, who was absolutely difficult to serve. At that time, Barry was still on a business trip abroad, but he might come back in a few days. Barry had already agreed to let her move in in in advance.

"Are you still in his bed? Get up! Otherwise, I really can't imagine if he will throw you out as rubbish." Mike believed that Barry could definitely do such a thing, so he ordered worriedly.

He never showed mercy to women.

For his subordinates who made mistakes, Barry would directly attack them with words cruelly.

For incompetent employees, no matter whether they had performed well or not, they would be fired immediately.

Cold-blooded and ruthless had always been his label.

Therefore, it was highly likely that Lea would suffer a lot this time.

"Okay... I'll get up right away..." All of a sudden, Lea felt a chill coming from the soles of her feet. She still remembered the man's cold and deep eyes.

When she was about to get out of bed carefully, several servants pushed the door open and came in, to be exact, three servants.

One of them pushed a cart with clean quilts, sheets and pillows in it.

Two other men came over like robot and began to pull the sheets regardless of whether Lea was still on the bed.

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