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   Chapter 3 A Eligible Bachelor

Kill Me With Your Toxic Love By Gong Moxi Characters: 4961

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Barry was the most popular eligible bachelor in K City. He was the CEO of Sky Construction, the leading company in the construction industry. He was gifted with skills, not only in architecture but also in managing the entire company.

Lea had been interested in designing buildings since she was a child. Her dream was to become a famous architect, so she went abroad to study. And now that she had already graduated, Mike wanted her to learn from Barry.

Sky Construction would have its recruitment activity to hire new architects to work for them. Mike believed that Lea had what it took to be a part of this company.

And as an elder brother, he wanted to help her. That was why he requested Barry to teach her personally.

"Yes, I agreed with your request. But that doesn't mean that she can sleep in my bed." Barry's face darkened when he thought of Lea's arrogance just now.

As a gentleman, he shouldn't have minded it. However, he just felt so uncomfortable.

Besides, he had a jet lag. He was so exhausted from the long flight that he wanted to sleep as soon as he got home. But he didn't expect to see a woman sleeping soundly in his bed.

Mike was surprised to hear what Barry had said. 'What's wrong with Lea? Why did she sleep in this neat freak's bed?' he thought inwardly.

Thinking of the request he made to Barry, his attitude suddenly changed. He said in a friendly and sincere manner, "Don't worry. I'll call her right away. But please, don't throw her out of your house like rubbish."

Mike knew Barry's temper, so he had to beg.

Lea stared at the door warily. She was wondering who that man who had just left angrily was. She was thinking if he would come back. Why was he here after all? Lea recalled what happened just now. Did he really do something to her? Maybe she was just dreaming.

Before she could figure things out, her phone rang. She picked it up from the bedside table lazily.

"I heard that you are in Barry's bed right now," Mike said. He had a headache. Lea had never done anything right. Before she could even become an employee of Sky Construction, she had already offended the CEO.

Barry was a neat freak. He would never allow even a single strand of hair on his bed, let alone a stranger lay in there.

Lea almost dropped the phone in her hand. She suddenly sat up straight. "What? Barry's bed?"

Barry was very popular in the whole city. He was always on the news and featured in some business magazines

. But since Lea was out of the country these past few years, she didn't know him that much. Besides, she was not interested in reading business magazines.

When Lea was abroad, she focused on studying. Since she had been dumped by her ex-boyfriend a few years ago, she never thought of having a romantic relationship anymore. And since her love life was her least priority, she never paid attention to any successful men.

She didn't expect that she would be in big trouble this time.

But Lea despised Barry in her heart too for complaining to her brother that fast.

"Didn't I tell you to go to the eleventh room on the second floor? Why are you in his room?" Mike reminded her.

"What? I'm sorry. I thought it was the seventh room."

Indeed, Lea made a mistake.

No wonder she felt so strange when she entered this room earlier. In fact, she felt a little nervous. She didn't expect that Mike would treat her well and let her stay in such a luxurious room.

The interior of the room was mainly in black and white. It looked simple yet elegant. The decorations were all noble and deluxe.

"Okay. This is all my fault," Lea admitted. Her voice lost its usual confidence.

As a matter of fact, Mike had repeatedly reminded her not to offend Barry before she came here because he was a difficult person. She knew that Barry was still on an overseas business trip. But Mike said that Barry had already agreed that she moved in ahead of time. After all, Barry would be coming back in a few days.

"Are you still in his room? Get out of there now. Don't wait for him to throw you out like garbage." Knowing that Barry was capable of doing such a thing, Mike was worried about Lea.

Barry didn't show mercy, even to women.

He would always say ruthless words to his subordinates who made mistakes.

Incompetent people had no place in his company. Employees who did not perform well were immediately fired.

That was the reason why he was labeled as cold-blooded and ruthless.

Mike was afraid that Lea would suffer in his hands.

"Okay. I'll get out now." Lea suddenly felt a chill down her spine when she remembered Barry's deep and cold eyes.

She was about to get out of the bed when the door was pushed open from the outside. Three servants then came in.

One of them pushed a cart that contained clean quilts, sheets, and pillows.

The other two were like robots, who started pulling off the sheets even though Lea was still on the bed.

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