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   Chapter 56 Who Will Be The Winner In The Bidding

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The second item was a pair of delicate, black and bright tuxedo earrings.

"This auction item has a strong folk style. Under the cold luster, it seems to be proud and stubborn, as if telling people that it is valuable and of extraordinary origin. Just like its designer, miss Hailin, who has a mixed blood identity of the ancient royal family in Europe, her mysterious background makes people fascinated with. "

In the past, jewelry designers rarely used pure black to make jewelry, but miss Hailin, who had been hiding in the world all year round and had a strange and unpredictable character, often dared to be bold and creative to show her personality. Moreover, every time her design was single product, which was the only one in the world.

In addition, with her background, reputation in the design world, and the painting sound of the auctioneer, it finally found a destined person in a fierce competition.

The glittering and shining jewels, like the jumping life exuding a unique charm, implied that although people would be old, the treasures could be engraved and passed down forever.

A few pieces of jewelry were bought by the bidders, which pushed the whole auction to the climax.

The competition didn't really begin until it was warmed up. The people who had nothing to do but liked precious jewelry also began to get excited and get ready to fight.

"After all, in this world, very few people can resist the beauty and attraction of luxury, as if they want to have all the most gorgeous women, hoping to wear a one-way exquisite jewelry on their loved one. Although youth is like flowing water, the dazzling beauty can last forever! "

Thousands of gold scattered, just to win a smile. Whether it was in the modern times or in the past, heroes always couldn't overcome beauties.

The auction items were on the stage one after another, and the bidders was very generous, they paid off one after another.

Although Kathryn couldn't understand why people were crazy about luxury, she couldn't help but ask Patrick when she saw that he was still unmoved, "They've already auctioned several jewelry. Aren't you going to bid?"

Patrick replied with disdain, "I'm not in a hurry. Why are you in such a hurry?"

"I... I'm worried about it for Aggy! " She tried to find an excuse. "Even Chris bought a necklace and a pair of earrings for his sister. Don't you want to buy something for Agg as a gift?"

"Agg doesn't care about these. What she needs is not a luxury. Moreover, such a jewelry that can be got in several rounds is not attractive to me at all." When Patrick said this, there was an incomprehensible emotion flowing in his eyes.

Once upon a time, Patrick had given Aggy more than once precious things, but luxuries could not replace family affection. Since then, Patrick no longer deliberately bought gifts like this for Aggy.

After all, it was Kathryn's first time to attend such an occasion, so she knew a little about it. "I don't understand. Why is it not attractive?"

"It's not easy to get something worth competing with. Some jewelry

llion and two hundred thousand!" At the instigation of his sister, Chris confronted Patrick.

"Four million and six hundred thousand!" A loud voice came and joined the fun.

Someone raised the price, and someone would immediately raise the price. In the midst of the competition, the price of the golden bracelet with diamonds quickly rose to six million, and the atmosphere at the scene became extremely hot.

Seeing the soaring price, Kathryn couldn't hold it anymore. "Patrick, don't push it too far, okay? I know you are a wealthy man and doesn't care about the money at all. But you can't squander it like this, right? "

"Six million and six hundred thousand!" As if Patrick hadn't heard what Kathryn had said, he suddenly increased the price by six hundred thousand.

"Brother! Hurry up! " Adar was anxious. If Chris didn't bid, the bracelet would belong to someone else.

"Ada, look at Patrick. As if he is determined to win. We can't afford to waste time like this." Chris put down his brand and gave up the competition with Patrick.

"You are really useless!" Ada was so angry that she hit Chris, stood up and ran out of the meeting room.

Chris glanced at Patrick and said with a smile, "Bro, I'll leave today's entertainment city to you and your little girlfriend. I'm sorry that I can't accompany you. Let's meet next time!"

Chris left with Ada, while the auction of Patrick was still going on.

As the price kept rising, some bidders began to lose their patience. Under the pressure, they had no choice but to quit the fierce competition, turning from bidders to game spectators.

After this round of auction, Patrick who had been sitting in an inconspicuous position suddenly became the focus of everyone's attention.

The price of gold note decorated with a diamond bracelet had risen to nine million and two hundred thousand. No one dared to take the risk with him except for the price tag raised by Patrick.

"Nine million and two hundred thousand. Anyone else?" The auctioneer's face turned red as he kept hosting.

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