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   Chapter 55 Prove It With Your Body

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Chris's words were full of strong hints to Patrick. How could Patrick not understand what he meant? He just smiled and didn't answer.

Chris raised his eyes and looked at the person who just came over, which made his eyes shine a little.

"By the way, there will be an auction of jewelry in the tower tomorrow evening. If you are interested, why don't you take your girlfriend with you?" After saying that, Chris took a deep look at Kathryn standing by the road again.

Being stared at by Chris, Kathryn turned around uneasily.

As for Chris's invitation, Patrick didn't refuse it. "Since I am already in X City, I'll go there."

"Well, you live here? I'll pick you up then. Let's call! " After saying that, Chris patted on Patrick's shoulder with a smile. Before he left, he didn't forget to take another look at Kathryn.

Although Kathryn didn't know Chris, Chris could recognize her. Because when they were in the game area, Chris had already had a strong interest in this little girl who could make Patrick gamble with all his strength.

After Chris left, Patrick turned to look at Kathryn and asked, "Are you willing to come back? Why are you still standing there? Wait for me to invite you to have a seat? "

Kathryn trembled, turned around and walked slowly to Patrick. "Why are you sitting here?"

"It's all your fault." "Sit down," Patrick said impatiently. He held her hand and asked her to sit beside him.

But when he smelled the smoke and alcohol on her body, Patrick's face suddenly turned livid. He clasped her hand and pulled her in front of him. "Tell me honestly, where did you go?"

"I... Go shopping... " Kathryn's face turned pale with pain. More importantly, she was shocked by Patrick's attitude.

"Stroll around? Where is the smell of alcohol and cigarettes from? " Patrick's eyes were full of distrust.

His words made Kathryn's heart tremble. The smell of cigarettes and wine must have been tainted when she held Simon. She couldn't help feeling sad, thinking that fate was really tricking her!

Seeing that she didn't answer, Patrick's eyes darkened. He took out a bill and put it on the table.

"Hey! Sir! I give you the rest! " No matter how loudly the stall owner shouted behind Patrick, he didn't turn around and dragged Kathryn that was struggling into the hotel.

Back to room, Patrick threw Kathryn on the ground hard.

The marble floor hurt her leg, and the things in her bag fell to the ground, and her phone slipped far away. Kathryn got up to pick up the phone, but before she could touch it, her finger was stepped on by Patrick.

"Ah --" The piercing pain made her unbearable.

"Will you tell me the truth?" Patrick lifted his feet and squatted in front of Kathryn. He pinched her pale face with his fingers and asked coldly, "I think you have forgotten the pain after you recovered, haven't you? Your hand has recovered. You don't remember what happened to you at that time, do you? "

The pain made Kathryn sweat. She looked at Patrick and said, "I... I didn't lie to you. Wh

as bright as a luminous pearl embedded in the vast universe. For today's jewelry auction, the whole restaurant did not serve visitors, but only accepted the guests who came to the auction.

It had to be said that this jewelry auction was very grand, with many people from all over the world who loved precious jewelry and came to join the fun in the name of raising money for the auction.

After Patrick and Kathryn sat down, Chris and Ada sat a few meters away from them. Although they didn't sit together, Kathryn could clearly feel the jealousy and hatred in Ada's eyes.

"It's another Claire." Kathryn smiled bitterly and shook her head. She really didn't know what was so attractive about Patrick? So many women had a crush on him.

However, in addition to Ada's gaze, Kathryn also felt her ears burning. It seemed that there was more than one person watching her. The strange feeling made her look around to find the source of the gaze.

"There is a needle in the chair? You always move. " As soon as Patrick held her hand, Kathryn felt much more at ease.

At eight o'clock in the evening, the auctioneer came on the stage and the auction officially began.

The auctioneer made a conventional opening speech and then displayed the first auction item tonight.

The huge projector showed the image of the goods being photographed, as well as the specific introduction and pictures of the products.

"As we all know, there are a great number of top-grade gemstones in Switzerland, and their cutting and grinding skills are also first-class in the world. This series of unique and translucent agates beads is made by the senior jewelry designer D · J · Andrea in Malaysia..."

The auctioneer spared no effort to introduce the agate beads enthusiastically. Although the starting price was not low, there were still many people who raised their prices to bid fiercely under his great eloquence.

Finally, this beautiful string of agates beads was bid at a high price by a middle-aged man among the crowd's sighs.

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