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   Chapter 53 Memory Of More Than 20 Years Ago

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At this time, Zed was standing in front of the tall French window and looking at her. He was a handsome man, but unfortunately, Olivia still couldn't fall in love with Zed.


With a soft voice, Olivia turned around and looked at the entrance of the house. The man who was as tall and strong as Zed stood there. The gentleness on his face was in sharp contrast to Zed's pain.

"I have been attracted by this man since I met Joey at the beginning. Although he was not as handsome as Zed and had a marriage history and a son... I don't know why, when I listen to his description of his deceased ex-wife, the pain on his face will make my heart ache for him. Besides... When I first saw Joey, I felt my heart beating fast for the first time. "

Olivia told Lily about her favorable impression of Joey. Lily couldn't bear to hear it anymore and looked away.

Perhaps realizing that she had said too much, Olivia showed a guilty and apologetic expression in her eyes. "I left Agg to Zed. After all, he has a child, and he also has Patrick, and it's enough to comfort him."

"Madam, you..." Lily seemed to have something to say, but she gave up in the end. "Alas, I understand something, so... You'd better leave now. "

Since she couldn't stop them, Lily had no choice but to let them leave. At least, in this way, she wouldn't let the two people standing together in front of Zed again, which deeply hurt his heart.

Olivia nodded slightly and walked out of the Ye family without looking back. She and her lover, Joey, who had been in an underground relationship with her for a long time, had completely left here.

Looking at the two leaving figures, a cold tear slowly fell down from Zed's face.

Patrick looked up Zed and asked, "Why don't you get her back? You can do it! "

Zed sighed, "Some feelings... I love her, but I can't force her to love me. "

"But my younger sister is still so young..." Although Zed was gentle, Patrick was full of hatred in his heart.

Olivia's leaving made the Ye family, which was not always bright, even more gloomy. Half a year after she left, the seemingly calm Ye family stirred up another uproar.

Under one year old, Aggy suddenly fell ill, and her high fever let her fall into deep coma. With the child in his arms, Zed, Lily and Patrick rushed to the hospital on a cloudy night for several months.

However, it was a pity that although the doctors had tried their best to rescue Aggy, who had lost her mother's care not long after she was born, she had not survived this disaster in the end. Before she had a good understanding of the world, she had more time to see the colorful world, she had completely left the family who had been worried about her.

The only daughter who had blood relationship with him left, undoubtedly, was a heavy blow to the heart of Zed again. His divorce with Olivia was discussed behind him, and now he encoun

re than 200 kilometers away from D City. Although the road was short and soon arrived, Kathryn kept a distance from Patrick intentionally or unintentionally all the way, and the two didn't say a word.

When they arrived at X City, they checked in at the Wheel Century Hotel.

"I'm going to the branch company. You can hang around or stay in your room. I'll call you then." Then Patrick left and left Kathryn in the room alone.

Kathryn rubbed her stomach, which was a little uncomfortable because of hunger, and her face was full of resentment. She hadn't eaten anything since last night, and now she was already very hungry.

No matter how Kathryn protested, Patrick didn't look back. Kathryn grabbed her bag and went out alone.

The Wisdom Street was not big, but there were a variety of delicious food and small goods.

Kathryn walked alone in a strange city and was not familiar with the environment. She was in a bad mood and had no interest in shopping at all. There were so many people coming and going that she planned to take a shortcut back to a remote shop alley.

Suddenly, the sound of fierce fighting came from the corner in front of her. Kathryn stopped and her heart sank. "What? Why do I meet such things everywhere? "

Kathryn groaned in her heart and turned around, intending to leave as soon as possible to avoid trouble. However, when she heard the sound of the fight and realized that it seemed that one was fighting with a group of people, she finally couldn't hold back her curiosity and ran towards the direction of the sound.

When Kathryn saw the scene in front of her, she was shocked. The four men were kicking and beating a man who was unarmed. Seeing that the man was unable to withstand the attack and fell to the ground, they continued to kick him.

Kathryn shouted, "Stop! You are going to kill him! " The four men who were beating the man stopped and looked back at her at the same time.

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