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   Chapter 22 You Are Not Fair

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However, at that time, all Kathryn's attention was on the card of Patrick, and she had no impression of Evan at all. Kathryn didn't expect that Evan had already targeted her.

Thinking of this, a bitter smile appeared at the corners of Kathryn's mouth. "It's really funny. Both you and Patrick suddenly appeared in front of me and told me that you had been staring at me for a long time."

Evan looked at Kathryn with a half smile. She also plucked up the courage to look straight at Evan. This man's cold eyes were like a bottomless pool, which could instantly suck people in and crush them into pieces.

"Can I guess?"

"Go ahead." Evan stared at Kathryn playfully and wanted to hear what she was going to say.

Kathryn took a deep breath and said her guess, "If your men didn't show up for Aggy, can I think that you actually sent someone to the Ye family to spy on me?"

Evan smiled and said, "It seems that you are not that stupid. No wonder that Patrick didn't do anything to you even though he left you by his side. Is it because your mouth is too good at coaxing people?"

"What do you mean by that?" Kathryn looked into Evan's eyes. Although Patrick didn't do anything to her later, she had never suffered a good result if she stayed with that man.

"You should know what I mean."

Kathryn was totally confused. "What do I know? I don't know you at all and I don't understand what you are talking about! "

Evan's face suddenly changed when he saw Kathryn's refute. He grabbed Kathryn's collar and lifted her in front of him. "Okay, let's not beat around the bush. To be honest, you were right. The person I want today is not Aggy, but you. "

"Evan! What the hell are you doing? !" Although there was still fear on Aggy's face, she was resisting Evan from the bottom of her heart and seemed to hate him very much.

Evan turned to look at Aggy again. Seeing that he was distracted, Kathryn was in a panic. Kathryn grabbed Evan's hand and bit it hard and kept shouting, "You can blame me for anything! Don't hurt Aggy! "

"You're such a wild girl!" Evan frowned and slapped Kathryn more than a mile away.

There was a burning pain on her face. Kathryn covered her face with her hands and glared at Evan. "Can you say something? Don't always touch me, okay? As a man, couldn't you even say a word? !"

"Kathryn!" Aggy ran to Kathryn and stopped, "Are you going to die? Why did you always provoke him with words? !"

"Aggy, you... Are you willing to believe me? " Kathryn was a little excited. If Aggy was worried about her, it meant that in Aggy's heart, Aggy no longer blamed Kathryn for hiding and cheating.

Being urgently asked by Kathryn, Aggy looked aside with an unnatural expression. Coincidentally, her eyes metEvan's. her body immediately trembled reflexively.

The reaction of Aggy made Kathryn very uncomfortable. She hated it the most when men bullied women, especially after she was hurt by Patrick. So she couldn't help comforting, "Aggy, don't be afraid! Your brother will come to save you! "

"I... I'm afraid I won't last that long... " The tremble and cowardice of Aggy were revealed in front of Kathryn.

"What do you mean?" Kathryn didn't understand what did it mean that Aggy couldn't last for long? But at the same time, she had a bad feeling. "Aggy, you... Why are you so afraid of him? "

Kathryn wasn't a person who liked to pry into other people's privacy. She just felt sorry for Aggy's reaction. She thought to herself that what Evan had done to Aggy in the past? As a result, Aggy would be frightened only when Aggy saw Evan.

Aggy looked at Evan with trembling. Evan was smiling, which made people shiver. "What's wrong, Aggy? Have you forgotten what happened in the past? Tell her how close we used to be. "

"No... Don't say! Please, don't say anything more, okay? Stop asking! " Aggy covered her ears and cried out loud. It could be seen that what happened in the past hurt her deeply.

"Aggy, don't do this!" Kathryn held Aggy in her arms and couldn't help blaming herself. The person she should ask was not the poor girl, but the demon in front of her. "Evan, I don't care what happened to you before. Anyway, you can't bully a weak girl like this!"

"She is a weak girl. What about you?" Evan looked at Kathryn up and down as if he was going to swallow her alive. "Is your inner heart as hot as you look? Or is it just a show? "

"You... What are you doing? !" Kathryn held Aggy's hand and stepped back vigilantly.

"Nothing. It's just a game you

are familiar with." Evan pulled Aggy's hair and threw her out of the room. He dragged reluctant Kathryn out of the room with crying and begging of Aggy.

The door was slammed shut with a bang. Then, Aggy staggered to the door and slapped the door hard. "Evan! Let go of Kathryn! "

In the corridor, the sound of Aggy and the knock on the door echoed. Kathryn struggled hard to get rid of Evan, but was still dragged into another door not far away.

Evan threw her onto a big bed casually as if he had thrown something. Before Kathryn could stand up, a dark shadow came over.

"What are you doing? !" Kathryn still asked with knowing. This way of getting along with each other was easy to know what would happen next.

Evan glanced at Kathryn and gently slid his fingertips across her face. "No wonder that after Patrick was with you, he quickly forgot his promise. It turns out that this little face has charmed him. "

Suddenly, a cold touch touched Kathryn's face, and his evil expression became extremely cold. "If this face becomes ugly, will he still care about you?"

"You..." When Kathryn was about to scold Evan, she realized that what was against her face now was not fingernails, but a sharp knife that had appeared in Evan's hand.

Kathryn felt so sad and sighed she had a poor life. Patrick was not enough, and now a psychosis came out of nowhere. "You... You are crazy! A crazy devil! "

"Yes, I'm crazy, and even insane." Evan gently scratched Kathryn's face with the blade. Although his action was gentle now and Kathryn didn't hurt, it didn't mean that he wouldn't cut her face with his next move.

If her face was hurt, it would be fine. If the knife cut her neck, then Kathryn would be over.

"I have no enmity with you in the past... Why are you taking me here? " Kathryn was very nervous. No matter how much Patrick threatened her and hurt her before, he just cut her hair with a scissor and she wouldn't be in danger.

"Why are you here? Because... " Evan whispered in Kathryn's ear, "I'm willing to, so you come here! My men came to see you, but they happened to bring you and Aggy here. I'm really happy. "

Evan's words almost made Kathryn cry. She said sadly, "It's your business whether you are happy or not! If you have a grudge against Patrick, you can go to him! I have nothing to do with him. I was forced by him! "

"I don't care if you are threatened or not! I only care about one thing -- you are the one I want. That's right. " Evan's fingers slid across Kathryn's face, and wherever they went, her body trembled.

"Does it mean that David... My brother... Does he owe you money again? " The current situation was very similar to the first time Kathryn saw Patrick, which made her think about it involuntarily.

"Who the hell is David? I don't know him. I'm not interested. "

Evan's disdainful look made Kathryn relieved. It was not that David had made trouble again. Otherwise, it would be difficult for Kathryn to pay the money back alone.

Seeing her reaction, Evan pinched her face unhappily and tightened his grip. "What's your expression?"

"Woo, woo, woo..." Kathryn frowned painfully. She didn't know who Evan was, but this man beat her up. It was unreasonable.

Evan let go of Kathryn. Kathryn was short of breath and looked terrible. "You... What kind of expression do you expect me to have when you treat me like this? " As soon as she finished speaking, Kathryn began to cough. She seemed to have a sequela because she was hurt by Patrick last time.

Finally, she managed to calm herself down. Kathryn glared at Evan and shouted, "Just say it. What... do you want to... deal with me? What... do you want to do to me? !"

"What will I do to you? Well... Let me think it over. " Evan looked at Kathryn who was imprisoned under his body and had an indescribable feeling in his heart.

Generally speaking, at this time, Kathryn should be panic stricken, but now she was so stubborn, as if she was not the one who was kidnapped and threatened to hurt, which made Evan feel very unhappy.

Staring at Evan, Kathryn had a strong intuition that there was a soul full of secrets hidden under the scheming appearance of the man in front of her.

"You... Do you hate me? " Kathryn asked tentatively.

"I hate you, and I hate you very much." Evan replied frankly.

"So, you... Do you hate Patrick? " Asked Kathryn. She moved her body unconsciously, trying to take the opportunity to escape from the shackles of Evan that made her think of sex easily.

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