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   Chapter 21 Scheming Evan

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As soon as he finished speaking, the three people began to grab Aggy. Aggy screamed out of fear.

"Bastard!" Kathryn picked up the small flowerpot on the roadside as decoration and smashed it hard on the back of one of the men.

With a splash, the flowerpot broke into pieces on the ground, and the soil splashed everywhere.

However, Kathryn didn't hit the man. Instead, he missed and Kathryn stumbled forward.

"Kathryn!" Kathryn didn't fall down until she was held by Aggy.

"Are you okay?" Aggy asked with concern.

"I'm fine. I should ask you this!" Kathryn noticed that there were several red marks on Aggy's arm. She immediately pushed Aggy behind her and glared at the men. "Who are you? Why did you do this to her? !"

Suddenly, a brave girl appeared. The men looked at her with amusement. The man in the lead said, "It seems that you know each other? Who are we? You should ask the Ye family's little sister! "

"Yes, she is very familiar with us!" Another man smiled awkwardly.

Kathryn turned around and looked at Aggy. The expression on her face was mixed with many feelings and all kinds of entanglement and fear.

The expression on Aggy's face made Kathryn heart ache. Thinking of the expression on Patrick's beloved sister's face, she got angry again. "I don't care what happened in the past. It's not right for you three men to bully a girl alone!"

"We just bullied her. What can you do?" After saying that, the man winked at the other two people. "I believe boss will be very happy to see Miss. Ye!"

The man's expression made Kathryn's heart tighten. She grabbed the hand of Aggy and shouted, "run!"

However, no matter how hard they tried to run, they couldn't defeat the three men who were tall. They were easily caught and then dragged into the black off-road vehicle parked at the other end of the alley.

One man was driving, and the other man was sitting in the passenger seat. The two little girls, Kathryn and Aggy, were easily controlled in the back seat by the third man.

Looking around the environment in front of her, the first thing that came to Kathryn's mind was that they had been kidnapped.

"You guys! Just catch me if you want. Why did you bring her in? !" Aggy didn't know who Kathryn was yet. She was very anxious that Kathryn was involved in such an encounter.

Hearing the inquiry of Aggy, the driver looked at the back from the rearview mirror and said sarcastically, "In fact, we didn't mean to catch you in the first place, but since she knows you, she must know your brother. It's good to catch her as a bargaining chip."

"You are mistaken! She doesn't know my brother at all. We just knew each other! " Aggy tried her best to explain that she had nothing to do with Kathryn, but no one listened to her explanation. She didn't pay too much attention to what the man had said before.

"Forget it, Aggy." Kathryn shook her head and said, "Whether we have a relationship or not, I've seen this scene. They won't let me leave so easily. Don't be mad at them anymore. It's all in vain. "

Aggy was sorry to get Kathryn involved, "I'm sorry. It's all my fault."

"Don't say that. We are partners, don't we?" It was not the first time that Kathryn had experienced such a thing. The last time she had been kidnapped and taken away by a man sent by Patrick, but she didn't know what kind of person she had to face this time.

Although Kathryn was comforting Aggy, she noticed the man's words. If the man didn't want to target Aggy, then why did he appear near the Ye family?

Unexpectedly, Kathryn's calmness and comfort made Aggy sob.

Aggy was so scared that tears streamed down her face. Seeing this, Kathryn felt very sorry for her. Yesterday, Aggy was the spoiled sister of Patrick, but today, her tears were so helpless.

More than 20 minutes later, Kathryn and Aggy were taken to a living place in the suburb. The men threw them into the same room.

The light in the room was not very bright. Except for the surrounding celling lights with illusory colors, there was only a bright still object spotlight in the middle. Besides, the thick curtain of red light covered all of the windows, which made people feel that it was not in the daytime.

Under the spotlight, a man's tall back blocked a part of the light. Although it was just a back, there was an indescribable chill in his bones.

Kathryn protected Aggy behind her and asked in a trembling voice, "You... Who are you? Why did you catch her? "

"You can't even protect yourself now. Don't you care about your situation at all?" The man's voice was magnetic, pleasant but cold.

Holding Kathryn's hand, Aggy gathered her courage and shouted at the man, "Evan! I'm the one you want. Let her go! "

This man was Evan, the biggest competitor of Patrick all the time.

Evan put down the paint brush and turned around with a snee

r. His handsome face was back to the light, with an indescribable darkness. "Not bad. You've been in college for a few years, and your temper has grown a lot. Will you become more interesting in this way? "

Kathryn could clearly feel the tremor of Aggy, especially when Evan said that.

She couldn't figure out what kind of intersection Aggy and Evan had. The only thing she knew was that Aggy was afraid of the dark faced man in front of them.

"Damn it! Don't you see that she doesn't like to see you? !" Kathryn held back her fear and tried her best to protect Aggy.

Finally, Evan's eyes fell on Kathryn. He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Who are you? Why are you here? "

"My name is Kathryn An! As for how I got here, you have to ask your three subordinates! " Kathryn answered crossly.

"Kathryn?" Hearing the name of Kathryn, Evan's expression suddenly became like Satan. "Oh, I remember that you are the little girl who followed Patrick in the game area that day."

"What? !" Aggy looked at Kathryn with surprise, "You... You and my brother... Do you know each other? "

Being asked by Aggy like this, Kathryn almost found a hole in the ground to drill in. She clearly felt the change in Aggy's eyes, which were as uncomfortable as being burned by sun.

With an embarrassed look on Kathryn's face, Kathryn didn't know how to explain to Aggy, "Well... Things are not like what you think, although... Although it's almost the same... " Kathryn knew what was on Aggy's mind after Aggy heard that. It must have connected Kathryn with other women who were close to Patrick.

"Then what's going on?" Looking at the expression in Kathryn's eyes, Aggy didn't believe Kathryn obviously. "You and I have met each other two times in the library. The book you borrowed is exactly what my brother wants to use. And you didn't say anything when you heard that he can play the piano. But... He just said that you had appeared together in a place like the meeting hall a long time ago. You knew who I was at the beginning, didn't you? !"

"I..." Kathryn looked at Aggy awkwardly and nodded.

"Liar!" Aggy cried, "I thought we would make friends as soon as I came back. I didn't expect you to lie to me! You took advantage of my inattention to get close to me in order to get closer to my brother, didn't you? !"

"No! no, it isn't! Aggy, let me explain... " Kathryn took out a handkerchief and was about to hand it to Aggy, but Aggy threw it on the ground.

"I really can't stand it anymore." Evan, who had been listening to the conversation between the two girls, couldn't help interrupting the quarrel. "Aggy, you have become very hot tempered now. Stop shouting, okay? It's noisy. You have to give her a chance to explain, right? "

Hearing Evan's words, the fear of Aggy came to her mind again. She was too excited just now and even forgot the existence of Evan.

Evan walked towards Aggy, Kathryn stopped in front of Aggy immediately. "You... What do you want? !"

"What I want to do has nothing to do with you. Get out of my way!" Evan raised his hand and pulled Kathryn aside. He pointed at Kathryn and said coldly, "I'll settle accounts with you later."

"My account?" Kathryn was stunned. She didn't know Evan. How could she get even with him?

Evan didn't care about Kathryn for the time being. His goal was Aggy. He forced shivering Aggy to enter into the corner. "I didn't mean to catch you today, but you happened to be there. We haven't seen each other for a long time. Now I'm more interested in you than in the past... What should I do? "

Evan raised Aggy's chin with his finger and looked at Aggy shivering embarrassment. With a sly smile at the corners of his mouth, he said, "Call your brother a few times like last time to see if your brother, who should be busy at this time, will respond."

"Ah --" shouted Aggy with her eyes closed. She waved her hands and scratched Evan, "devil! You big jerk! Why don't you go to hell?! Let go of me! Let go of me! "

Aggy struggled too violently, and Evan was not hurt by her. He twisted Aggy's wrist and pressed her against the wall. "Scream! Your mosquito like voice can't be heard by Patrick at all."

"Bastard! Don't hurt her! " Kathryn couldn't help but struggle to get up from the ground, grabbed drawing board against the wall and threw it at Evan with all her strength.

Evan kicked the drawing board with his back foot. The drawing board was broken and Kathryn also fell to the ground.

Evan let go of Aggy and looked down at Kathryn's pained face. Seeing her get up from the ground, he sneered, "That day in the game area, I felt that you were different from other women, because you didn't seduce Patrick and even dared to go against him."

"You were also there that day? But... I haven't seen you before! " Kathryn tried to recall what had happened in the game area.

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