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   Chapter 20 Strolling Around And Encountering Three Fiends

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"You have grown up and your wings have become stronger, haven't you?" Patrick's attitude told Aggy that she couldn't refuse what he said.

"Under the strong pressure, I must resist. I am not convinced!" Aggy put her hands on her waist. She didn't intend to listen to Patrick this time. Besides, since she came back to Ye family, she felt that the atmosphere at home was different from before. Her intuition told her that it had nothing to do with Molly.

For Aggy's attitude, Patrick didn't care about it, "It's your business whether to accept it or not. It's my business how to decide."

Patrick's bossy manner made Aggy angry, "Brother! Let's not talk about whether you made such a decision because you were worried about me or not. As far as I think, I don't think your reason makes sense! "

"You can think whatever you think. You must move to another house tomorrow. I'll arrange someone to take care of you." After saying, Patrick stood up from the sofa and was about to leave.

It didn't work to fight against the head-on force. Aggy immediately turned on the soft offensive mode, and tears instantly fell down. "I thought I could be with you every day after graduation. I didn't expect you to send me out! Tell me! Is it because I haven't seen you for a long time that you don't like me? Is that so? Right? !"

The change of the expression on Aggy's face was as great as that of an actress. With a sigh, Patrick stroked his sister's head and said, "Don't be silly."

Aggy pushed away Patrick's hand and said in a sobbing tone, "Don't make me silly. Don't arrange me like this!"

At this point, the atmosphere became particularly stiff. The two of them looked at each other and didn't say anything, and Aggy cried even more sadly.

After a long time, Patrick compromised again. He held his sister in his arms and gently stroked her back. "Aggy, you know that the last thing I want to see is you crying, but you always use this trick to deal with me."

"You didn't care about me first!" Aggy cried.

Patrick put his hand on Aggy's lip, "Don't talk nonsense. You are the one I care most."

"When you have a lover again, I will be the second!" Aggy continued.

"There won't be that person. It won't happen again." The expression on Patrick's face was pitiful as he spoke.

Aggy didn't notice that, Kathryn could see everything hidden outside the window.

"I can't stand the scene of brother and sister affection!" Still feeling jealous, Kathryn curled her lips and left.

In fact, there was another reason for Kathryn to leave. She couldn't bear to be mentioned about Molly, because every time Molly was mentioned, Kathryn would feel very guilty and sad.

When Kathryn returned to her room, she lay on the bed with the quilt in her arms. What she saw just now kept flashing in front of her eyes.

"Why do Patrick and Aggy look so strange?" Kathryn's heart was filled with new doubts. She always felt that the Ye family's brother and sister were a little different from other brother and sister.

"Alas, if only my brother could be as good as half of Patrick to his sister. If so, even if I stay here, I will feel better."

Thinking of this, Kathryn hugged her head with her hands and said, "Kathryn, what are you thinking about? If David really treated his sister like what Patrick did to Aggy, I wouldn't have appeared here! "

On the early morning of the second day, before Kathryn woke up, she was lifted up from the bed by Patrick.

"What are you doing here? You're crazy again in the early morning." Kathryn rubbed her sleepy eyes and looked unhappy.

"I'll change a place for you." Patrick pulled out a dress from the wardrobe and threw it on Kathryn's head.

"Why?" Kathryn was completely awake.

"No reason." Patrick was still cold.

"No reason? Then why do you want me to leave? " Kathryn thought of what Patrick had said to Aggy yesterday. She thought that it must be because Aggy didn't want to leave, so Patrick wanted to send her somewhere else.

At the thought that Patrick did this for his sister, Kathryn was jealous again. "You are always so arbitrary. Be careful that when the public betrays you!"

"What did you say?" Patrick's eyes were full of danger as he approached Kathryn.

Realizing that she had said something wrong, Kathryn quickly covered her mouth and shook her head. "Nothing. I just feel that you let me live here a few days ago. Why do you suddenly want me to leave now? I tell you, I won't leave! "

"It's none of your business!" After saying that, Patrick pulled up Kathryn and began to take her pajamas off.

"No! No -- "Kathryn struggled to get rid of Patrick, her hands tightly grasping the front of her pajamas." I change it myself. You don't have to do it personally! " Then she grabbed her dress and walked into the bathroom.

A moment later, Kathryn finished washing and changed her clothes. Sitting on the sofa, she crossed her arms over her chest and looked up at Patrick, sho

wing no intention of leaving. "I have changed my clothes, but I don't want to be driven away by you like an animal. You have to give me an explanation."

"Are you sure you won't leave?" Patrick looked down at Kathryn, obviously threatening her.

Kathryn avoided Patrick's gaze and mumbled, "I won't leave unless you let me go back to school!"

"No way!" Holding Kathryn's arm tightly, Patrick pinched her chin with one hand and stared at her stubborn face. "Do you think David will be more honest if he is sent to jail?"

"You..." The expression on Kathryn's face suddenly changed. She bit her lower lip tightly and hesitated for a long time before she pushed Patrick away. She had to lower her head under his eaves. She snorted and said, "Okay, okay!"

At this time, Patrick's phone rang. He took out his phone and looked at it. Then he said to Kathryn, "Pack up your things and wait for me in the room." Then Patrick left.

Sitting on the bed with a frown, Kathryn rubbed her aching arm which was pulled by Patrick just now. "You can't handle your sister, so you start to vent your anger on me! Bullying the weak and fearing the strong! "

Originally, Kathryn was angry and didn't want to leave on purpose, but after thinking calmly, she really hoped that she could leave the dull big house of Ye family as soon as possible, or she would be depressed.

When Patrick arrived at the corridor, he picked up the phone from Allen. "What happened?" Today was weekend. Allen usually didn't call Patrick, but he called Patrick so early. Something must have happened.

"Mr. Ye, I just got the news that MC's project was robbed again." Allen said on the phone.

When Patrick heard the news, his face darkened. He couldn't help but clench the phone in his hand. "Damn Evan. I'll teach him a lesson sooner or later!"

"What should we do now?" Allen asked.

Taking a deep breath, Patrick calmed himself down and said, "Wait for me in the office. I'll be there soon."

"Okay, Mr. Ye."

After the call ended, Patrick looked back at the door of Kathryn's room.

As soon as Aggy came back, it occurred to Patrick that he would send her to another house to avoid too much contact with Kathryn. He'd better not let Aggy know about Kathryn's existence.

Although Aggy liked to act like a spoiled child with Patrick, in fact, she was very obedient. She seldom went out of the small house she lived in, and she usually went in and out from the door behind Ye family, which was not very likely to be seen Kathryn.

But since Aggy came back from the front door yesterday and was seen by Patrick, he had more worries. In Patrick's heart, Aggy was a pure angel. He didn't want Aggy to know too much about something.

Since Aggy couldn't be sent away, he decided to transfer Kathryn to other place. Early in the morning, he came to look for Kathryn before Aggy woke up and came to him in the main house. He wanted to send Kathryn to another place before Aggy saw Kathryn. At this moment, Allen called.

Patrick pushed Kathryn's door open and said, "Stay in the room and wait for me." After a simple explanation, Patrick left again.

Looking at the closed door, Kathryn felt uncomfortable. "Do you want me to stay? Humph! " She could feel what Patrick was going to do. There must be something difficult to deal with.

"If so, you won't come back after a short time, will you?" Kathryn smiled peacefully. She wouldn't stay in the room quietly.

After several days of washing by the rain, the weather today was really good.

Walking on a classical European style commercial street, the sun shone on the green stone road, and the flowers on the road were shy. Everything looked so quiet and beautiful.

Because of what Patrick said before, Kathryn didn't dare to go too far. Although she said those stubbornly, she only dared to turn around five hundred meters around Ye family. It didn't take much time to go back and forth.

"Wow! Isn't this lady of Ye family? When did you come back? Why didn't you tell me in advance? "

The man's evil voice attracted Kathryn's attention. She quickly stepped back and returned to the alley she had just passed by.

"Aggy? !" The girl whom Kathryn met in front of her was Aggy who had come out for a walk.

At this time, Aggy was surrounded by three men. Her face was pale and her eyes were nervous. It could be seen that she was very scared.

"What's wrong? Aggy, we haven't seen each other for only a short time. Have you forgotten us? " The man in the middle reached out and touched Aggy's face. Aggy was so scared that her back leaned against the stone wall.

"I... I warn you, if my brother knows, he must... He won't let you go! " Aggy was no longer so aggressive like yesterday when she talked with Patrick. She was so scared that she stammered when she said something.

The three men looked at each other and then burst into laughter. "Okay, go ahead! But you have to wait until Patrick comes to save you! "

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