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   Chapter 8 Heart to Heart Talk

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In the hall of the music school, Kathryn's performance finally began.

Kathryn had been in the student union for a long time and accumulated a lot of fans. When she walked onto the stage, she immediately received warm applause.

Looking at the audience, Kathryn couldn't help but feel a little nervous. She knew that this enthusiasm was not only for her, but also for Sitri, who was playing with her.

The two of them sat in front of a grand piano. With a smile on his face, Sitri said gently to Kathryn, "The performance belongs to you, so you play the main melody and I play the accompaniment part."

Sitri's words made Kathryn's heart skip a beat. She knew that Sitri said it on purpose to take care of her. The main melody was the most beautiful and easy to understand part of a work. The performer was very familiar with the main melody, so it was naturally easy to play.

Once the main melody was out of order, it could be pulled back by the accompaniment, but if the accompaniment was out of order, it would be irreversible.

Kathryn's hand had just recovered, and she was afraid that she couldn't deal with it alone. It was a little difficult to play the accompaniment. Sitri's cooperation not only showed Kathryn's identity as the leading performer, but also helped her complete the performance successfully.

Sitri's tacit care made Kathryn tears run down. She took a deep breath to calm down and began to play.

The song chosen for the concert is Yukiko Isomura's Street where the Wind Lives. The unique profound piano was more delicate and euphemistic after four hands' joint play, and the sound showed the tossing and turning of heart.

The music drifted in the hall, and the hollow and clear spirit went straight into people's hearts. In front of them, they seemed to see cherry blossoms on the path. Two figures far away were faintly visible in the fog, and a different kind of sadness was heart breaking when the keys jumped.

They used to love each other, but they could only look at each other in helplessness and ruthlessness of time in their lives. The sadness and pain were pitiful, making the listener cry slowly, causing infinite sadness in his heart...

Three hours of nonstop performance, reporting the perfect ending of the performance.

Warm applause rose one after another. Kathryn was too absorbed in her emotions, and at this moment, her face was already wet with tears.

Sitri handed a handkerchief to Kathryn and said, "I didn't expect you to be so emotional. It's all over. You can still cry like this."

"Thank you." She took Sitri's handkerchief and wiped off her tears. After all, she couldn't face the audience with tears.

After reporting the completion of the performance, Kathryn went back to the lounge to remove her makeup.

At this time, Kathryn was alone in the lounge. Finally, she didn't have to pretend to be smiling anymore. She leaned against the back of the chair and let out a long breath. She rubbed her slightly painful temple with her hand.

"You are really more popular than I imagined! Do you feel pain again after playing for so long? " A devilish voice, full of banter, came from behind the screen of the entrance.

Kathryn took a deep breath, stood up from the chair and looked at the door. Dressed in casual clothes, Patrick walked in with his hands in his pockets and walked straight towards Kathryn.

Seeing that Patrick was approaching, Kathryn moved back unconsciously. The chair creaked because of the push. "You... What are you doing here? !"

"The performance is open to the public. No one forbids me to come in. Besides, if I didn't come, how could I know that your relationship with that person has been so close? " What Patrick said was like a hammer hitting hard on Kathryn's head.

"Why didn't you admit your relationship last time? This time, I caught you in the act. Do you still want to deny it?" Although Patrick was smiling, his smile made Kathryn feel creepy.

"Don't mess around. This is the school!" Kathryn was enraged.

"You know this is the school. Why can't you restrain yourself?" Patrick leaned over to Kathryn and pinched her chin with a sneer, "Don't you think you're making enough of a stir now? It doesn't matter. I can help you achieve your wish. "

"Freak! Let go of me! " Kathryn got rid of Patrick and hid herself in the corner.

"Why are you so angry? Did Sitri give you the courage?" Patrick continued.

"Patrick! Shut up! " Kathryn was completely irritated. She was almost driven crazy by Patrick.

The smile on Patrick's face suddenly became warm, but his eyes were full of evil spirit. "Sort out your emotions, in case of being noticed. Don't waste too much time. I'll wait for you at home. "

Then Patrick left the lounge. Kathryn's legs became soft and she slid to the ground with her back against the wall.

"Kathryn!" Lucy ran in, squatted beside Kathryn and held her cold and trembling hand with worry. "I heard it outside just now. Who is that person? Why did he do this to you? Is it because of him that y

ou suddenly quit your sleep? "

"Lucy..." Kathryn looked at Lucy. She didn't want to tell Lucy because she was afraid that she would be implicated. But at this moment, when she saw her good friend's concerned eyes, she could no longer control her emotions. She hugged her and cried, "Lucy, I... I feel so painful in my heart, really painful... "

Lucy gently stroked Kathryn's back and comforted her, "Don't worry. No matter what happened to you, I hope you can tell me, because we are good friends, aren't we?"

Sobbing, Kathryn nodded and told the whole story to Lucy.

In a car on the opposite road of the campus, with a cigarette in his hand, Patrick sat on the driver's seat, leaning against the door of the open window.

Minutes later, a man wearing sunglasses came over. When he saw Patrick, he waved at him with a smile, Patrick also waved back with a smile.

The man went to the passenger seat, opened the door and sat in. He took off his glasses and showed a Sitri's signature smile. "Brother, I knew you would come. Did you see the girl who played piano with me? How do you feel about her? "

Sitri's original name was Nelson. He was the youngest son of Patrick's second uncle. He put out the cigarette and smiled, "Nelson, can you choose a better girlfriend?"

Hearing what Patrick said, Nelson was stunned. "Do you mean that she is not good enough?"

"It's not up to me. The most important thing is your own feelings. What I mean is that I hope you don't only look at the surface when you treat people. It's not too late to put it into action after you think it through. "

"I believe in my first feeling and impression of people." Nelson's tone was full of stubbornness. It could be seen from his eyes that he was a little disappointed in Patrick's comment.

"Did you tell that girl your true identity?" Asked Patrick.

Nelson shook his head slightly, "I think she is different from other girls, so I haven't said so much for the time being."

"Are you afraid that she won't be able to get along with you with ease after she knows it?"

"I'm afraid that she won't talk to me anymore." Speaking of this, a bitter smile appeared at the corners of Nelson's mouth. "Kathryn said that my piano could touch the soul. She was the first person who was moved by my music, so her words also moved me. I believe she is not the kind of girl I usually see. If only I were only Sitri! "

Nelson's words made Patrick's face darken. He looked away and said, "The reason why you don't like your identity is that you are a member of the Ye Family, while someone has been trying to prove that he is a member of the Ye Family, the child of that person."

Patrick's words made Nelson feel sorry, "I'm sorry, I... You know I didn't mean that! "

Patrick turned around and smiled at Nelson. He didn't say anything, and there was no need to say too much.

"All right! Brother, as a compensation, I'll give you this! " Nelson took out two VIP admission tickets and gave them to Patrick, "These are my admission tickets to my new concert next Saturday. If you are interested, you can bring a female companion to listen. After all, you are an expert."

Nelson's smile was full of sunshine. Different from Patrick's smile, his smile was from the bottom of his heart. Looking at his smile, the darkness in Patrick's eyes became dimmer and dimmer.

After giving the admission ticket, Nelson left. Looking down at the ticket in his hand, Patrick sneered, "If you know the truth, are you sure you can still stick to your own opinion?"

Kathryn walked out of the music school with a heavy heart and found that it was raining outside. She sighed and said, "Alas, it rains so heavily in this season."

D City was a coastal city in the northeast. The air with rain seemed to be floating with the moist and salty smell of sea water.

"Kathryn, let me drive you home." Walter put the umbrella over Kathryn's head, he waited here for a long time.

"Walter..." Subconsciously, Kathryn looked back at the teaching building. Lucy was still in the living room because she was not in a hurry to go back.

Although the rain was not very heavy, it seemed that it couldn't stop for a while. Kathryn nodded her head and said, "Well... Just drive me to the bus station outside the school. " After all, the final exam was coming, so Kathryn didn't want to get sick in the rain.

Kathryn didn't refuse to be sent away. With a smile on his face, Walter said, "Okay, let's go."

After sending Kathryn to the bus station across the east gate of the school, Walter saw the car coming from the front intersection. He put the umbrella in Kathryn's hand.

"Walter?" Kathryn was stunned.

Walter smiled, "My home is on the street in front of us. I'll be there in a minute. Take this umbrella with you!" Then Walter turned around and ran into the rain.

"Walter!" Walter didn't turn around and turned a corner. Kathryn looked down at the umbrella with water dripping from her hand. Her heart was like a surging tide, and it was difficult to calm down.

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