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   Chapter 7 Bitterness in Heart

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Finally, after the violent invasion, Patrick let go of Kathryn.

She sat on the ground weakly, tears streaming down her face. She breathed quickly for a long time before she gradually calmed down, but her throat was painful.

Kathryn wiped away her tears, bit her lower lip tightly and looked up at Patrick. She glared at him with her angry eyes and said, "You bastard!"

"Oh? Really? " With a sneer, Patrick stepped on Kathryn's hand on the ground.

"Ah --" Kathryn cried out in pain, "Patrick... You... " Her hands were used to play the piano. The wounds on her hands which had been cut by the scissors last time had just recovered, and now they seemed to be broken by Patrick again.

"You are born cheap." Patrick lifted his foot and smiled sarcastically.

At this moment, someone gradually came out of the club. Patrick took off his suit jacket and put it on Kathryn. The big coat covered her petite body, making Kathryn look more secure and fragile.

Patrick held Kathryn up and walked out of the garden. His hand was bitten and bleeding, but he didn't seem to care about it.

Sitting in the car on the way back, the atmosphere in the car was depressing and silent. Kathryn felt uncomfortable in her chest and couldn't help coughing.

The sound of the short cough finally attracted Patrick's attention. He took a look at Kathryn curling up on the seat of the car, hesitated for a while, he took out his mobile phone to call his private doctor. "Dr. Ruan, please come to my home now."

The call from Patrick made Kathryn stunned. She peeked at him and wondered if he called the doctor for her? Or not? Kathryn didn't notice that from the corner of his eyes, Patrick could capture her expression.

When they returned to the Ye Family, Kathryn's guess was confirmed that it was indeed because of her that Patrick called a doctor.

The doctor cleaned the wound on Kathryn's finger and applied medicine. After giving a few instructions, he left. No one even found that Patrick's hand was injured.

Standing by the bed and looking at Kathryn sleeping soundly, Patrick couldn't help showing a trace of pity in his eyes, as if his heart was choked by something. But when he thought of Molly and the past that he couldn't let go, the emotion in his eyes was immediately replaced by coldness.

With a cold glance, Patrick turned around and walked out of the room. Standing in the corridor and looking at the white moonlight, he couldn't help but ask himself, "Do I sympathize with her? Or am I softhearted? "

Late at night, Kathryn suddenly woke up. She felt her throat uncomfortable, her throat painful, her body trembling and she felt dizzy.

The servant in charge of taking care of Kathryn told Patrick. He hurried to the room and saw that Kathryn's face was very pale, and she was coughing. He subconsciously touched her forehead, but it was slapped by Kathryn.

"You don't have to pretend to be a good person! Well... Ahem... " Kathryn lay on the edge of the bed and coughed.

"Why are you so stubborn?" Without any hesitation, Patrick picked Kathryn up from the bed and asked the servant to call the driver to prepare the car.

Kathryn struggled to push Patrick away and shouted, "I don't want... Put me down! "

Staring at Kathryn, Patrick tightened his grip on her and said, "I'm not sympathizing with you. I just don't want you to die so easily. Otherwise, you'll get a big advantage."

What Patrick said made Kathryn speechless. She could only let him carry her out of the room.

It was late at night in the hospital. The quiet atmosphere made people feel very irritable.

Today was a tough day. Finally, Patrick sent Kathryn to the hospital.

The doctor said that the reason why Kathryn had a high fever was because of her wound. At this moment, the nurse was giving her an infusion. When Patrick came to the smoking area of the corridor, he lit a cigarette. The smoke curled up above his head.

"Molly, if that hadn't happened, we would... We don't have to be like that." When Patrick thought of his deceased girlfriend, his face was full of bitterness. The memories were like jagged teeth gripping his heart, making Patrick feel heartbroken. He would never forget the unforgettable love between him and Molly.

But there was no if, the past would never be restored.

As the young chairman and CEO of the Ye Group, Patrick held forty percent shares of the company.

In the eyes of outsiders, Patrick seemed to have everything that could be envied. No one could understand what the source of pain deep in his heart was.

Sometimes, it was difficult for Patrick to control his emotions, such as today. It was inseparable from his growing environment. If it weren't for this reason, Molly wouldn't have run away angrily and lost her life.

"Maybe, this is a punishment from God? The more I care, the more I want to keep someone, but I will never be able to keep her. " With a faint sigh, Patrick's thoughts floated in the sky.

Memories sometimes made people feel warm, but sometimes made people feel so painful. The memory of Patrick was the pain in his heart that he didn't want to think of, but it couldn't be erased and tore the wound again and again.

After two days' rest on the weekend, Kathryn recovered.


n Monday morning, during the break time, Kathryn was called to the office by the department head.

The department head was a middle-aged woman with a shrewd and capable appearance. She was a typical strong woman. At this moment, she looked at Kathryn unhappily. "Look at you. The performance is about to be held. You hurt your finger again! How many times have I told you that the hands of a person who plays the piano are equivalent to life! "

"I'm sorry." Facing the aggressive eyes of the department, Kathryn was unable to make a reasonable explanation.

At this time, there was a knock on the door from behind.

"Come in, please." The department head took a deep breath and calmed down.

The door was gently pushed open. When Kathryn saw the person coming in, she was stunned. "Sitri? !"

Sitri came in with his usual warm and sunny smile. He had heard what they had said outside the door. "Teacher, don't worry. It's not that serious. Leave it to me."

"You?" The department head looked at Sitri in surprise and immediately realized what he meant. She smiled and said, "If it's you, I can rest assured."

Sitri graduated from this university. The department head was his principal teacher.

Sitri was now a popular new star in the piano world. If he could perform on the same stage with Kathryn, the performance report as a promotion would definitely be better, and it could also improve the reputation of the music school.

After the discussion, the matter was settled.

In the evening, Kathryn stood at the entrance of the Ye Family's garden and looked inside. Although she felt the unusual atmosphere last time, she still couldn't help but come here out of curiosity.

Kathryn hesitated but didn't dare to step in. She took a long breath and said, "Forget it." As soon as she turned around with her head down, she was shocked by Lily who appeared behind her.

"Lily! You... I was scared to death! " Kathryn grumbled, stroking her heart.

Lily took a look at the garden and then asked, "Miss Kathryn, you seem to be interested in this place? Do you want to know where this place used to be? "

"Where?" Kathryn asked in confusion.

"Listen carefully." Lily walked close to Kathryn, she could not help but step back. "This garden was the favorite place for Mr. Patrick's father when he was alive, and he was sitting on the deck chair under the tree, with sadness and unwillingness to die."

"Ah --" Kathryn was frightened by Lily's words. A chill came from her back, and she ran around Lily to the living room.

Lily looked back at Kathryn's figure running away, with a complicated expression on her face.

Startled by Lily, Kathryn didn't dare to go to the garden anymore.

The second day's lunch break.

Kathryn was sitting on an artificial mountain which covered a large area of the school's orchard. It was the highest point of the school and no one came in the noon. Kathryn liked to sit under the tree and look into the distance at this time.

Her university life would come to an end in a year. Recalling all kinds of hesitation, ambition and young girls' fantasies when she was enrolled in the University, and looking at the current situation, Kathryn felt suffocated.

"Why do I think so much? I'd better go back to the study room. " Kathryn took a deep breath and was about to leave.

"Kathryn." Before Kathryn could get up, David appeared in front of her.

"Brother?" Kathryn was stuck, "Why are you here?"

David looked around to make sure that there were only them. Then he smiled and said, "In fact, I've been paying attention to you for a long time. It's convenient to talk now, so I'm here to have a talk with you."

"Talk? What do you want to talk about? " Kathryn frowned and was unhappy. Putting aside the matter of Molly, David was the one who made her fall into the hands of Patrick. How could he still smile now? How heartless he was.

"Sister, calm down." David patted Kathryn's shoulder and squatted beside her.

Kathryn shook off David's hand and glared at him, "When on earth can you grow stronger? You have nothing to do all day long, and you are always gambling! Do you know what kind of life I'm living? Do you know that I suddenly quit my sleep and was gossiped? When can you make dad rest assured of you? !"

"I'm sorry, Kathryn..." David might also think that he had gone too far, "I know, you have suffered a lot these days. But... If I don't sign it, I will go to jail! You also know that dad will worry about me. You definitely doesn't want to see me in jail, right? So... So you'd better stay with Patrick for the time being and don't make him unhappy. Otherwise, I... "

"David! Get out! " Kathryn pushed David away in anger. It was so sad to have such an elder brother.

"Okay, okay! I've finished my words. I'm leaving now! " David left in a hurry. In fact, he had something else to say to Kathryn. For example, he was collecting money from the casino for Patrick. The life was really carefree.

Looking at David's back, Kathryn felt as if a knife were piercing her heart, and her tears blurred her sight. David was a bastard, but she couldn't leave her brother behind. What's more, it was not as simple as gambling debt, because she had already been targeted by Patrick.

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