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   Chapter 6 the Gamble Area of the Bustling City

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"It must be her." Patrick's words were undeniable, and Kathryn's heart was like falling into an ice cave.

"Okay, as you wish!" Kathryn pursed her lips and walked up to the platform.

"Don't worry. I will win you back." Patrick said with a fake smile.

Kathryn glanced at Patrick and said, "I don't expect this kind of thing, and I don't want to bother you either." Although Kathryn said so, her voice was trembling. She felt sad and her eyes were a little wet. But anyway, she couldn't cry in front of this group of people.

The game officially began!

The noisy crowd quieted down and all their attention was focused on the gambling table. There were also whispers around, whispering about whether the old fat Andy would take Kathryn away?

Kathryn fixed her eyes on the gambling table, although she didn't know how to gamble and who had the advantage in the game between the two.

The atmosphere was tense. In Kathryn's troubled mood, Andy laughed again. "It seems that I have a good luck today! I really feel sorry for you! "

Hearing this, Kathryn couldn't help but shiver. Although she was stubborn, in her heart, she had regarded Patrick as the only life-saving straw. But now, this straw seemed to be unable to save her.

Kathryn smiled bitterly and thought, 'who is Patrick? Why was she so stupid to bet her hope on this man?

When Kathryn was ready for that ending, she saw a smile in Patrick's eyes. Why did he smile? Kathryn asked herself quietly in her heart.

"Mr. Andy, You can't count your chickens before they hatch." Patrick looked at Kathryn, "How about we change another way and let them choose the cards?"

Relying on his advantage, Andy nodded and said, "Okay, let them choose the cards."

The coquettish woman didn't care who she was going to follow, so she raised her hand, pointed at a random card and crooked her finger.

When Andy opened the card pointed by the woman, a look of undisguised excitement appeared on his face.

Seeing the expression on Andy's face, Kathryn's heart sank again.

"Here you are." The woman beside Kathryn reminded her.

The depressing atmosphere made Kathryn almost unable to breathe. The color cards dazzled her. She slowly stretched out her trembling hand and pointed at one of the cards with her eyes closed.

Kathryn was sure that Patrick's luck wouldn't be so good that he could get a card that was more advantageous than Andy.


People around them sighed and Kathryn slowly opened her eyes.

With a card in his hand, Patrick looked at Andy and said with a smile, "Mr. Andy, it seems that even if I don't have any interest in the project, it will take the initiative to jump into my hand."

When Andy saw the cards in Patrick's hand, his face suddenly changed. "Patrick, as long as you agree to leave her to me, I'm willing to exchange with higher conditions. I'll give up more projects!"

Although Andy had seen a lot of women, how could those women in club be compared with Kathryn's pure temperament? Curiosity was a big part of it.

Andy's exchange made Kathryn feel a chill down her spine, fearing that Patrick would choose to give her up in the face of benefits.

The onlookers didn't mind the commotion and began to clamor. They had gambled for a long time in the game area, but it was the first time that they had seen someone make such a condition for a woman.

With a slight smile at the corners of his mouth, Patrick lit a cigarette and took a drag on it, slowly spitting out the clouds. "Mr. Andy, do you think that the Ye Group is short of projects? I only love the QS project now. Since we have made a deal before the bet, Mr. Andy, you won't go back on your word, will you? "

Kathryn stared at Patrick. Although he was smiling, his eyes were full of disdain and coldness.

Patrick had made it clear, he didn't care about other project, but he would never hand Kathryn over to another man.

The gamble ended in this way——

Aaron walked up to Kathryn and asked, "Are you okay?"

Kathryn's whole body had already been numb, and her heart seemed to be trembling. But she still stubbornly snorted, "It's none of your business!"

Aaron smiled, "It seems that you are fine. Then I'll leave."

Aaron left. When Kathryn was about to walk down, her legs went limp and she sat on the steps to the high platform.

"If you like it, I don't mind letting you sit down all the time," Patrick said, reaching out one hand to Kathryn.

Kathryn frowned and looked away from Patrick. He simply pulled her down, and held her in his arms and walked out of the game area with her in his arms as if no one was around.

In the elevator, Kathryn got out of his arms.

Looking at Kathryn's angry face, Patrick said indifferently, "I've won you back. Why are you still unhappy?"

Enraged, Kathryn shouted at Patrick, "You can do whatever you want. Why do you bet on me?! I'm a human being, not an item! "

Patrick disapprovingly smiled, "It's more interesting in this way. Don't you think it's funny?"

"Damn it! Let

me place a bet on you. Is it fun? !" Kathryn gasped for breath, tears welling up in her eyes. "Business is so important, but you treat it as a child's play! I know you did it on purpose, but I also have dignity! "

Although Kathryn's dignity was not worth mentioning in front of Patrick, she just wanted to vent her inner depression.

"Are you really angry?" It was rare for Patrick to have a good attitude. He picked up Kathryn's short hair.

This action reminded Kathryn of the day when she had her hair cut, and she was also very annoyed with the uncertain attitude of Patrick. She shook off his hand and shouted, "Get your hand off me! I don't need your hypocritical sympathy! Patrick! Why don't you just kill me? "

Patrick pinched Kathryn's chin and smiled, "How can I do that before I torture you enough?"

"I won't give in!" Kathryn shook her head and looked away. Just then, the elevator stopped on the first floor. The door slowly opened. She pushed Patrick away with her hands and ran out into the corridor.

The long corridor seemed to be endless, and the hall corridor was still zigzagging. Kathryn quickly got lost. She was so excited and impulsive just now that she ran away. Now, walking in the empty corridor, an indescribable fear occupied her heart.

Kathryn didn't notice that there was a person walking out of the bathroom on the left. She bumped into that person all of a sudden, and her nose was sore and painful. Wearing high heels, Kathryn took two steps back and fell to the ground.

"It's you? What a coincidence! " The man lifted Kathryn up from the ground with a smile.

Kathryn looked up and found it was Sitri who knocked her down.

"It's so interesting. I saw you in the bathroom two times. Are you the goddess of WC?"

Sitri's joke made Kathryn feel very embarrassed. She was really embarrassed. "What a coincidence. I didn't expect you to be here." Kathryn lowered her head and took a look at her shoes. She sprained her ankle just now.

"Your center of gravity is unstable. I can tell from your appearance that you don't often wear high heels."

Sitri's words made Kathryn's face turn red again, and she even forgot that she was still held in his arms.

"Since we are so destined, can we make friends?" Sitri's attitude was very friendly, which was in stark contrast to that of Kathryn.

"Friends?" Kathryn's heart trembled. She remembered the time when he read Walter's love letter. "I'm sorry. I never make friends with men."

"Just an ordinary friend. You don't have to be so absolute, do you?" Sitri looked at Kathryn in confusion. "I didn't expect that there is such a conservative girl like you in today's society."

Sitri didn't know what was bothering Kathryn. She didn't know how to explain, so she looked away. It would be better if Kathryn didn't look away. When she looked away, the blood all over her body froze in an instant, because she found that Patrick had appeared not far behind Sitri.

"Sorry, I'm leaving." Kathryn pushed Sitri away and walked away.

Looking at Kathryn's receding figure, Sitri shrugged and smiled. "You always come and go in a hurry. We can't even have a good talk."

In the outdoor garden, there was no one but incandescent street lamps.

Standing under a tree behind the bushes, Kathryn looked up at the night sky and sighed, "Sitri..." Kathryn murmured the man's name, and what she thought of was only the touched feeling brought by the piano he played.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed Kathryn from behind, turned around and pushed her against the rough tree trunk with her surprised look. Kathryn frowned in pain, and Patrick's face suddenly enlarged in front of her.

"Kathryn, you are really something. Why are you in such a hurry to run away? Are you going to the bathroom to date someone?"

Kathryn was surprised and tried to get rid of him, but she couldn't. "Patrick, don't talk nonsense! I just met him by chance! "

"You met by chance?" Patrick's eyes filled with contempt. "You met by chance and went to the bathroom? And he is so close to you? "

Kathryn knew that Patrick wouldn't believe her, so she grabbed his hand and bit it hard.

There was no doubt that what Kathryn did was courting death. Patrick opened Kathryn's mouth and found that his hand had been bitten to bleed. In anger, he tightly grasped Kathryn's neck and said, "Are you courting death?"

"Yes! You are right! " Kathryn said in a sobbing tone, but her stubbornness did not decrease at all.

"You deserve it!" As soon as Patrick finished his words, he pulled away the thin but expensive dress from Kathryn.

"What are you doing? !" A bad sign rose rapidly in Kathryn's heart.

"I'll get rid of your hedgehog's thorns one by one." Patrick's cold voice was like the call of death.

Under the moon, the two disharmonious figures intertwined. The ruthless treatment of Patrick made Kathryn injured. She felt as if all her internal organs were squeezed together, and the hair on the side of her forehead and face was wet with cold sweat.

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