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   Chapter 4 a Sense of Loss

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The song 'Pandora Penko' slowly spread out. Kathryn had seen the introduction hanging in the college atrium. This song was one of the main songs of Sitri's self-created album.

The song was low and depressing, making people feel depressed and want to cry. The extreme influence of the song on the emotions was no less than the strong shock brought by "The Quiet Mountain".

The sound of the classical piano was deep and distant, wantonly waving in the touch of the magic fingertips and keys of the performer. The melody was melodious and exquisite, like a lonely and sad elf drifting in the dark night, spreading the sad emotions to every corner of the world.

Tears welled up in Kathryn's eyes as she listened to the "Pandora Penko". She was so depressed that she couldn't describe it in words.

Just when Kathryn was immersed in deep sorrow and couldn't extricate herself, the music stopped for a second and the style changed. It was a joyful song called "Peng Pulling Drill Beauty", which was played by Sitri.

The melody was completely different from that of the "Pandora Penko". It changed naturally and smoothly in the almost perfect connection, which made people feel indescribable in their hearts. It was a collision like the soul of an angel and a devil.

"What kind of person is he? How could he perfectly combine two different melody together? " It was hard for Kathryn to understand, but it was undeniable that this feeling deeply touched the deepest part of her soul.

Sitri -- one of the seventy-two demon gods of Solomon in the Scripture. He was a demon God in charge of love. He could make a man and a woman fall in love with each other and have sex with each other. He used to be an angel with pure blood, but now he was depraved by Balberith and fell into darkness.

With the name "Sitri" as a new star in the piano industry, Kathryn inexplicably became interested. Although the angel had broken his wings when he fell into hell, he couldn't break his pride. Some sadness was incomprehensible to others.

The performance was over, and the music was over. The surroundings were quiet. Everyone was immersed in the lingering sound, and Kathryn's hearts could not help but be empty. It seemed that the warmth was sucked away by the fiend, leaving only loneliness and coldness. Her heart went to another space with the music stopping.

After a short while, the people who came to their senses gave a warm applause. Applause broke out for a long time in the concert hall...

In the bathroom, Kathryn turned on the tap, letting the cold water flow from her hand. Kathryn looked down at her hands and sighed with relief. When could she make a breakthrough in the performance? When will she be available to play the touching music like Sitri?


"Sitri! Please give me your signature! "

"Me too! I want it too! "

In the corridor outside the bathroom, the girls flocked to ask for autographs, and the noisy footsteps.

"It's scary when girls are so passionate. I guess even if Sitri has three heads and six arms, he could not escape." Kathryn smiled bitterly. What did this have to do with her?

Kathryn dried her hands and was about to walk out when she was hit on her arm by the door pushed from the outside in. It hurt so much. She looked up at the other party unhappily, but she was stunned.

Less than a second of silence, followed by Kathryn screams, "Freak!" HMM... "

The person who came in covered Kathryn's mouth and pushed her against the wall, her heart beating fast.

"What? Where did he go? "

"He was here just now!"

"Maybe over there!"

The girls outside the door were getting farther and farther away, and the noisy footsteps gradually disappeared.

The man breathed a sigh of relief. He released his hand from Kathryn's mouth and apologized, "I'm really sorry just now. I..."

Kathryn slapped him across the face. "This is the ladies' room. What are you doing here? !" The man who was slapped was Sitri. All Kathryn's good impression of him disappeared.

Although Sitri was slapped, he was kind. "Well... I didn't mean to come in. They chased me too closely, so I was so rash... I'm sorry! "

Sitri's words and what had happened just now made Kathryn understand what was going on. And his smile was like a spring breeze.

Kathryn rubbed her hands which had just slap him, and was embarrassed for a moment, not knowing what to say. "Forget it. You didn't mean it. Since you're good at playing the piano and have touched my soul, I won't make a fuss with you. "

Sitri smiled more brightly. "You are the first girl to talk about music to me, not the girls chasing me for autographs."

Kathryn glanced at Sitri and said, "Don't flirt with girls in this old way, okay? I won't buy it! It's not suitable for you to stay here. Go out quickly! "

"Okay!" Sitri pushed the door open and looked around. The corridor was quiet. He smiled back at Kathryn and left.

After a long time, Kathryn returned to the self-study room and sat on the chair, breathing steadily. The contact with Sitri in the bathroom made her restless and unable to calm down for a moment.

There were two gardens in the front and atrium of the Ye Fam

ily. One is large and the other is small. Kathryn entered the seemingly deserted small garden for peace.

She sat on a deck chair under a big tree and looked around. The Ye Family's house has different interior and exterior decoration styles. From the outside, it was an old castle, especially the garden, which gave people a sense of inexplicable sadness and loneliness.

It was getting dark. A gust of cold wind blew, making Kathryn shiver.

There was no street lamp in the garden, and the wind blew the leaves. The lounge chair Kathryn was sitting on seemed to have an invisible pressure wrapped her body, and she felt more and more gloomy and weird.

Kathryn's breath became chaotic. She jumped off the deck chair reflexively and stepped back under the swaying branches of the shadow formed by the tall trees. Those swaying and twisted branches were like the arms of the fiend were calling her.

Kathryn turned and ran. She had been looking for peace, but she didn't expect the atmosphere of the garden to be so strange.

As soon as Kathryn ran into the living room, she almost bumped into the housekeeper Lily.

"Take her to dress up." Lily ordered the servant behind her.

"What?" Kathryn looked on the alert.

"Mr. Patrick has a guest. He asked you to go there." Said Lily.

"What?" Kathryn was amazed. "I'm not a maid here. Why should I go there?"

"Just do as I say. Cut the crap!" Lily glanced at Kathryn and left her to the maid.

A moment later, Kathryn stood outside the reception room in a maid's dress. Although she didn't want to go in, she was forced to go in.

Kathryn gently pushed the door open and walked in with her head down. Perhaps she was too nervous, her right foot stepped on the shoelaces that were not tied well on her left foot. As soon as she walked in the door, she fell over.

"Hey, why are you so courteous as soon as you come in? Patrick, what's your plan? "

The voice came from Kathryn's forehead, and his tone was as evil as a devil's. Kathryn raised her head and saw a handsome man of the same age as Patrick, looking down at her with a smile.

The man held Kathryn up and put his hand on the place he shouldn't have put it. "Such a beautiful little maid. I will feel sorry for her if she is broken."

"Let me go!" Kathryn pushed him away and avoided him alertly.

The man laughed and seemed to be unsatisfied. "It feels good, but a little smaller, 32A?"

"You..." Kathryn felt ashamed and angry. Although this man was as beautiful as a devil, he was so bad in character.

"Brother Aaron, you really have a good appetite. From eighty to eighteen, you want to touch any woman." The girl who spoke was called Shelly, sweet and beautiful. She was the second daughter of the Li Group.

"Humph!" The girl who just snorted was called Claire. She had beautiful long curly hair. Beauty was not enough to describe her beauty, but her character looked a little arrogant.

Shelly and Claire were almost the same outstanding in appearance, but their personalities and beauty were two different types.

"Come and sit here." Regardless of Kathryn's objection, Aaron held her in his arms and sat on the sofa. This handsome man was the CEO of the Luo Group and the eldest son of the chairman, Wilson.

While pushing Aaron away, Kathryn looked at the man who was sitting on the sofa on the left side of Patrick and asked, "Sitri?" She thought to herself, but after a careful look, she denied. Although the man looked like Sitri, he was different from Sitri's sunny temperament.

"Beauty, let's have a drink." Aaron touched Kathryn's face and handed the glass to her.

Before the glass touched Kathryn's lips, a hand suddenly grabbed Aaron's hand and took the glass. Kathryn was stunned, she does not know when Patrick stood up and came to her.

"Over there." Patrick pulled Kathryn up and pushed her behind him.

Kathryn staggered, glanced back at the bar, then at Aaron, who seemed to have a problem with her, and she trotted over.

"She is just a maid. Is it worth your attention?" Claire said in a jealous tone.

Shelly smiled, "it's not that Patrick care about her, but a warning to Aaron. He is the host. No matter how beautiful his maid is, she is still his property. He can't let Aaron get her. "

Shelly's joke made Claire's face darken. Although it was the first time Kathryn met Claire and it was a short time, based on women's intuition, she had a clear idea in her heart that Claire liked Patrick.

"Hey! I want coffee! Hurry up! " Claire said in a disdainful tone, completely treating Kathryn as a servant.

Although Kathryn was not happy, she still patiently brought the coffee to Claire.

"I want ice coffee. Why did you heat it for me? What's the use of your brain? Do you know how to do things? " Claire deliberately made things difficult for Kathryn, and her expression was full of contempt.

"You didn't ask for ice coffee before. How could I know?" Kathryn was scolded for no reason, and her stubborn temper also came up.

Being retorted by Kathryn, Claire became more and more displeased. "Brother Patrick, where on earth did you find such a stupid maid? I advise you not to give her any money! "

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