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   Chapter 3 The Depraved Beauty

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Kathryn stared at Patrick's hand nervously. She felt like some mice were racing around her heart.

He opened the love letter and read its content. A trace of darkness flashed across his face as he crumpled the love letter into a ball and threw it on her. "Who is that man?"

"Why? Does he have something to do with you?" Kathryn looked at Patrick warily.

"Just tell me who he is. My patience is short. You'd better make it quick."

She broke out into a cold sweat upon hearing his threatening voice. She had no choice but to give him the details. "His name is Walter Si. He is a fourth-year student majoring in sculpture in the art college."

"Do you like him?" he asked as he walked closer to her.

She stepped back subconsciously, only to find out that her back was already against the cold door. "No. A friend of mine asked me to write that letter for her."

He sneered and held her chin. "A love letter written for someone else? Do you really expect me to believe you?"

She looked at him in panic. "It's up to you to believe me or not. But I'm telling the truth."

Patrick suddenly frowned. "If my memory serves me right, he was the guy that you and your friend were talking about that day, right?"

Her eyes widened in disbelief. Everything happened so quickly that day. How could he remember the details so clearly?

"Since you are saying that this love letter has nothing to do with you, what happened outside the school earlier? Don't tell me that this Walter has fallen in love with you because of this love letter."

She was speechless for a while. She looked at his eyes, but she couldn't read the expression in there. He said again, "I am right, aren't I? You can't even deny it."

"No. It was just a misunderstanding." She shook her head in denial.

His fingers slid across her face and grabbed her neck. He moved his face closer to hers and said, "Don't forget who you are now. Otherwise, don't blame me for what I can do."

He then pushed her away, causing her body to hit the table at the corner. She felt a sharp pain in her hip. Kathryn endured the pain and just lowered her head. After all, she was to be blamed for Molly's death. It was only right to make her suffer. She deserved to be punished.

He lowered his head and looked at her. As her long hair hung on her shoulders and covered her face, she looked weak and pitiful. Despite that, he didn't fail to notice that her silky long black hair added to her charm.

He grabbed her collar and lifted her up. Although he was not that close to her, he still heard her rapid heartbeat. Looking at the wisps of black hair that slowly slid down from his fingertips, he said, "If it weren't for this silky long black hair of yours, would you still look attractive?"

His words sent a chill down her spine. She had a hunch that he was planning something wicked. Kathryn had been taking care of her long hair since she was a child. She never had it dyed or treated with chemicals. Her hair was all-natural, and it was her most favorite part of her body. Many women were envious of her hair, and many men were attracted to it.

Seeing the nervous look on her face, the cruelty in his heart surged up. He dragged her to the nearby cabinet and took out a pair of sharp scissors. The look in his eyes was cold as ice when he said, "You know what? Molly had beautiful hair too. But it's a pity that I can't see and hold it ever again."

"Mr. Ye, no!" Kathryn pleaded between sobs. The sound of scissors broke her heart. She subconsciously raised her hands to cover her head and protect her hair.

"Let go," he ordered coldly.

"Please, don't do this to me." She shook her head vigorously. But despite the tears that streamed down her face, his heart didn't soften at all.

No matter how much she begged, long strands of black hair still fell to the white marble floor.

"Stop it, please..." Kathryn tried to pull his hand away. "Ahh!" A shrill scream cut through the air as her fingers were cut by the scissors. Blood flowed down her wrist and stained her white dress.

Patrick threw the scissors and pushed her away. He then shouted, "Remember, don't you ever dream of falling in love."

Kathryn's face was white as a sheet. Her lips trembled, making her unable to speak.

Since she was injured, Kathryn asked for a leave of absence from school.

She then went to the salon to have her hair fixed. Fortunately, the hairdresser was skillful enough to style her short hair. But looking at herself in the mirror, she felt strange. She looked down at her injured fingers. Sadness overwhelmed her in an instant. She wanted to cry, but it seemed that she had no tears to shed anymore.

For an aspiring pianist like her, who excelled in the music college, injured fingers would undoubtedly ruin her future. Luckily, the doctor told her that her injury was not severe. She just needed to rest for some time to heal her fingers.

Before Kathryn went to bed that night, she talked to her fingers as if they could hear her. "I hope you all recover sooner. Please, I need you during the annual performance report."

The annual performance report of the music college was a platform for elite students to showcase themselves. It was held before the summer vacation.


ryn did her best to recover fast. She rested well and ate healthy food that could help her wounds heal quickly. Soon enough, she was able to return to school.

In the dead of night, she was sleeping soundly.

All of a sudden, she felt a warmth spread through her body. Something felt strange. It was as if someone other than her was breathing inside the room.

Kathryn opened her eyes slowly with a frown. And she was taken aback by what she saw.

When Patrick saw the terrified expression on her face, a familiar desperate smile appeared on his face. "Do you know how it feels after being raped?"

"What?" Kathryn looked at Patrick nervously. After that day that he cut her hair, he disappeared again. And now, he suddenly showed up inside her room.

With a frown, Patrick closed his eyes slightly. He looked tired. The pungent smell of alcohol penetrated her nostrils. She pushed him hard and said. "You're drunk!"

Indeed, Patrick was drunk. Because when Kathryn pushed him, he just fell to the bed.

She took advantage of the situation and jumped off the bed in a hurry. But when she was about to run away, he grabbed her wrist and threw her back to the bed. He then bent over and pressed her struggling legs.

"No!" Kathryn was so terrified. The memory of her first day in this house flashed back in her mind. But today, Patrick looked more irrational than that day.

He held her face and sneered, "Save your strength. Don't waste it on useless things."

Patrick was like a beast attacking his prey. Knowing that she had a little chance of running way, she thought of a way to stop him.

"Patrick, please think of Molly. She won't like what you are doing right now. I'm sure she doesn't want you to treat women like this. You will just make her sad."

In the state of despair, Kathryn subconsciously mentioned Molly. She thought that it would save her. But to her dismay, what she said only lit up the fire in Patrick's heart.

"How dare you mention Molly's name! I will never forgive you for killing her!" Patrick seemed to be out of his mind now. Kathryn couldn't help screaming.

He wrapped his body to her like a python. His strength was slowly overwhelming every inch of her nerves.

Kathryn felt like dying. It was like she would run out of breath at any moment. Why was life so cruel to her? It was as if she was born to endure endless pains and sufferings.

Kathryn struggled with all her might. But in the end, darkness devoured her.

The truth was, Patrick was not interested in her. He didn't like her at all. There was only one woman in his heart, and that was Molly. However, Molly was gone, and he could never have her back forever because of Kathryn.

And to let Kathryn know the incomparable sadness he felt since Molly died, the best way was to trample her dignity.

In the courtyard outside Patrick's house, there was an artificial lake.

The sun shone brightly on the surface of the lake, and the reflection of the sky turned its water blue.

With a cold face, Patrick leaned against the chair under the sun umbrella. For many years, this had been his favorite part of his house.

He looked up at the sky. There, he saw some images floating in front of him. Once again, he was reminded of the sad past. With one hand resting on his forehead, Patrick sighed heavily. He was trying to get rid of the past, but he just couldn't.

Kathryn stood quietly in front of the window in the corridor. She was looking at Patrick, who was resting by the lake. Her heart was filled with different emotions.

"Everyone was so nervous when Mr. Ye came back last night."

Kathryn heard a maid's low voice coming from the corner of the corridor, so she quickly hid behind the thick curtain.

"Yes, he was really scary," another maid said with a sigh. "Yesterday is his father's death anniversary. Even in the past, he was always in a bad mood on this day. Everyone in this house couldn't help feeling nervous and wary."

After the two maids left, Kathryn walked out of the curtain and thought to herself, 'Yesterday is the death anniversary of Patrick's father?'

The music college in Kathryn's school would hold a concert sponsored by the new star pianist. His name was Justin, and he was a former student of this school.

Kathryn walked to the jam-packed concert hall without being noticed. Most of the audience were girls, who were Justin's avid fans. They were dying to see the handsome face of their legendary idol.

The building's European style design made it look spacious and bright. Entering this building gave people a feeling of they were in the Le Louvre Museum and the Golden Hall of Vienna combined.

Finally, Kathryn squeezed through the crowd and had a clear view of the center of the hall.

The stage in the middle of the magnificent music hall was adorned with golden lights. A white grand piano was standing at the center like a princess with inherent pride and elegance.

In front of the piano sat a handsome young man in a black tuxedo. His outfit totally contrasted the color of the piano, but black and white indeed matched perfectly. It even emphasized the man's elegant and unique charm.

Looking at his slender fingers, Kathryn felt envious. They were so amazing when playing.

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