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   Chapter 3 the Depraved Beauty

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Kathryn stared at Patrick's hand nervously, and her heart trembled irregularly as he removed his hand.

When Patrick opened the love letter, a hint of darkness flashed across his face when he saw the content. He crumpled the love letter into a ball and threw it on Kathryn's face. "Who is this person?"

"What do you want to do? !" Kathryn looked at Patrick warily.

"You don't want to tell me, do you? My patience is limited. You'd better make it clear to me. "

Patrick didn't give Kathryn any chance to change her mind, she broke out in a cold sweat on her back. "His name is Walter, and he is the senior student of the Department of sculpture in our Academy of Fine Arts!"

"You like him?" Patrick got closer to Kathryn.

Kathryn stepped back subconsciously and leaned her back against the cold door. "No, I wrote it for someone else!"

With a sneer, Patrick raised Kathryn's chin and said, "A love letter written for someone else? Do you really think I will believe what you said? "

"I'm telling the truth..." Kathryn looked at Patrick in panic.

Suddenly, Patrick frowned and seemed to remember something. "The conversation I heard that day seems to be the topic you talked with that girl."

What Patrick said made Kathryn gasp. She didn't expect that he had such a strong memory and that things happened so quickly. How could Patrick remember so clearly?

"Since you said it had nothing to do with him, what happened outside the school? Don't tell me that because of the love letter, Walter has fallen in love with you. "

There was a gleam in Patrick's eyes. His words made Kathryn speechless again. "That's the truth. You have nothing to refute me, right?"

"No... No... " Kathryn shook her head and denied.

As Patrick's fingers slid across Kathryn's face, he suddenly grabbed her neck and approached her face. "Remember who you are now. Otherwise, I can't guarantee what I will do!"

Patrick shook Kathryn's hand off and her body hit the table at the corner beside the door. Her waist hurt. People had no choice but to lower their heads under the eaves. Although Kathryn didn't have a good time, she was forced to endure it. Perhaps she also thought she was a sinner.

Patrick lowered his head and looked at Kathryn's face. Her long hair hung on both sides of her body, making her look weak and pitiful. He had to say that her long hair like a waterfall added to her charm.

Patrick grabbed Kathryn's collar and lifted her up. From a distance, he could hear her rapid heartbeat. Patrick picked up a wisp of black, long and straight hair, which slowly slid down from his fingertips. "If it weren't for this long hair, would you still be as attractive as you are now?"

Patrick's words made Kathryn nervous and realize what he meant. She had been protecting her long hair since she was a child, and had never been dyed hot. This kind of characteristic was rich and elegant. Many women envied it and men focused on it.

Seeing the nervous look on Kathryn's face, the cruelty in Patrick's heart was immediately aroused. He dragged Kathryn to the cabinet and took out a sharp scissor from the drawer. A frightening cold light burst out from his eyes. "You know what? Molly also has such beautiful long hair, but it's a pity that I can't see her again! "

"Mr. Patrick! No --" Kathryn couldn't help crying. The sound of scissors broke her heart, and her hands subconsciously raised to protect her hair.

"Let go!" Patrick ordered coldly.

"Please don't..." Kathryn shook her head with all her strength and begged with tears on her face, but it couldn't soften Patrick's heart at all.

Regardless of whether Kathryn was willing or not, her long hair fell to the ground, in a sharp contrast to the white marble.

"Stop it! Please... " Kathryn pulled Patrick with her hands, "ah --" the shrill scream cut through the air, and her fingers were cut by scissors. Blood flowed down her wrists and stained the white dress on her body.

Patrick threw away the scissors and pushed Kathryn away. "Remember, don't ever dream about love!"

Her fingers were connected to her heart. Kathryn's pale face and trembling lips made her unable to speak.

Kathryn was injured, so she asked for a leave to recuperate.

The hairdresser designed a refined short hair style for Kathryn. She looked at herself in the mirror, who was a little strange to her, and then looked down at her injured hand. She felt so sad that she wanted to cry but had no tears.

As a top student in the Piano Department of the school of music, it was undoubtedly a dead end if one's finger was injured. Fortunately, the doctor said that the injury was not very serious and Kathryn would be fine after resting for a period of time.

"I hope you can recover as soon as possible. Don't affect the report of the performance." Kathryn sighed and sat back on the bed.

The annual report performance of the school of music was a platform for the elite students to show themselves, which will be held before junior and senior summer vacation.

Kathryn had gone through a hard period of rest, and her hand injury had recovered well. She also returned to school.

In the dead of night, Kathryn slept soundly.

Suddenly, sh

e felt a warm spreading from her body. There was a moisture in the strangeness, and now and then a pang, like an animal in a passion gnawing at another.

Kathryn frowned and opened her eyes slowly. She was taken aback.

When Patrick saw the terrified expression on Kathryn's face, a familiar but desperate smile appeared on his face. "Do you know how beautiful it is after being raped?"

"What?" Kathryn looked at Patrick nervously. He disappeared again after that day and appeared in her room tonight.

Frowning, Patrick closed his eyes slightly. He looked a little tired. The strong smell of alcohol stimulated Kathryn's nerves. She pushed him out hard and said, "Mr. Patrick, you are drunk!"

Maybe because Patrick was drunk, he was pushed to the bed by Kathryn.

Kathryn jumped off the bed in a hurry and was about to run away, but before she could run away, Patrick grabbed her wrist and threw her back to the bed. Then he bent over and pressed her struggling legs.

"No..." the terror in the past was still fresh in Kathryn's memory. Today, Patrick looked more irrational than that day.

Holding Kathryn's face, Patrick sneered, "Save your strength. Don't waste your on useless thing."

Patrick was the predator, while Kathryn was fish. She knew that there was little chance of survival tonight.

"Have you forgotten Molly? What would she think if she saw you treat other women like this? She would definitely... She must be very sad! "

In a moment of desperation, Kathryn brought up Molly subconsciously. It would be better if she didn't say it, but what she said lit up the fire of Patrick's heart.

"How dare you mention Molly to me? I won't let you live for her! " Patrick's movements without any emotion, Kathryn couldn't help screaming.

Patrick's body was wrapped around Kathryn like a python, which strongly stimulated every inch of her nerve.

What was the feeling of death? Kathryn felt that what she was going through now was the best explanation. Life seemed to be born with intense pain. If she was to live at this moment, she would have to endure endless suffering without end.

Kathryn was like a butterfly struggling desperately. She died in the dim candle light with pity and was finally devoured by the darkness.

Patrick didn't want to possess Kathryn. He didn't like this girl, and he had already fallen in love with Molly. But that person would leave him forever and could never be found.

It seemed that there was nothing more effective than trampling on Kathryn's dignity in this way, which could also make the people Patrick hated feel incomparably sad.

The artificial lake in the courtyard of the Ye Family's house.

The sun shone on the surface of the lake, and the blue waves reflected the blue sky.

With a cold face, Patrick leaned against the sun umbrella. He had been used to this kind of environment for so many years.

He leaned against the back of the chair and looked up at the sky, as if her face and sad past were floating in front of him. With one hand on his forehead, Patrick sighed heavily. He tried to get rid of those shadows, but he couldn't.

Kathryn stood quietly in front of the window of the corridor and looked at Patrick by the lake. Her mood seemed to be ups and downs.

"Everyone was very nervous when Mr. Patrick came back that night."

The maid's whisper came from the corner of the corridor, and Kathryn quickly hid behind the thick French curtains.

"Yes, it's a fixed day." Another maid also sighed, "After all, yesterday was the anniversary of his father's death. In the past, he was in a bad mood on this day every year, which made everyone in the house nervous and cautious."

Two maids walked downstairs in front of Kathryn. Kathryn walked out from behind the curtain and asked, "Yesterday was the anniversary of the death of Patrick's father?"

The concert was held by the school of music. The sponsor was the new star in the piano industry, "Justin", and this school was Justin's former alma mater.

Kathryn walked to the concert hall without being noticed. It was already full of people. Most of the girls who were anthomaniac wanted to see the handsome face of the legendary Justin.

The school of music and the Academy of Fine Arts shared a teaching building. The European style design was spacious and bright, showing a high concentration of art atmosphere, making people feel like they were in the art hall where Le Louvre Museum and the Golden Hall of Vienna were integrated.

The concert hall was besieged. Finally, Kathryn squeezed through the wall and saw the inside of the hall.

The ring stage of the magnificent music hall was decorated with golden light shining on the white glazed surface, and a white bright grand piano was standing in the center with Princess like pride and inherent elegance.

In front of the piano sat a handsome young man in a black tuxedo. The dress was totally different from the original color of the piano, but the jumping black and white match was not wrong at all. On the contrary, it showed the man's elegant and unique charm.

His slender fingers made Kathryn feel envious, and his acting skills were as pure as fire, and his fingers were full of charm.

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