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   Chapter 2 The Truth

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Kathryn and Lucy left in a hurry and went back to their dormitory. Later that day, it was reported on the news that there was indeed a tragic traffic accident in Block 12, Manning Lane that afternoon.

Three months had quickly passed.

Kathryn had already forgotten that incident. She wouldn't even remember it if Patrick didn't remind her right now.

"Are you the man I bumped into that day?" As she stared at him, the face of that man flashed in her mind. She was sure now that it was really him.

"Well, you remember now. I guess you have a good memory." With a cold smile, he gave her a sharp glare. "My girlfriend, Molly Li, died on that day.

She broke out into a cold sweat. "If you were not delayed by me, you could have..."

"Yes. It wouldn't have happened if I was able to catch up with her." The bitter smile on his face and the tone of his voice were clear indicators that he was blaming Molly Li's death on Kathryn.

Kathryn suddenly stood up and pushed the chair away. "If you're blaming me for her death, why don't you take revenge on me? Why do you have to use my brother?"

Patrick took a sip of his wine, looked at her, and said calmly, "Your brother deserves it. But actually, I don't really care about the ten million. I just want you to know the real reason why you are here."

She suddenly felt distressed. "If you really want to avenge your girlfriend's death, do it on me. Don't implicate my family, especially my parents!"

"I didn't know that you like taking responsibility for others. In that case, you might also want to pay for what your brother owes me." Patrick picked up the goblet on the table and took another sip of wine.

"What? I thought I already paid with my body." This time, she was already choking with sobs.

A scornful smile appeared on his face. "Do you really think that your virginity is worth ten million?"

"But I..." She was at a loss for words. He was right. She wasn't that precious. But virginity was the most precious thing for a woman. She felt so dejected being trampled by him like this.

"So, would you like to stay here or work in a nightclub? I'm sure that you can make more money there." Patrick smiled evilly.

"No way!" Kathryn thumped the table and stared at him. "If you send me to that kind of place, I will kill myself. I'm sure you will be in big trouble if you get involved."

"I didn't know that you are also stubborn." Patrick smiled playfully. "So, does that mean you are going to stay here with me?"

"Yes," Kathryn affirmed.

"I'm not a good companion," Patrick said sarcastically as he shook the goblet in his hand slightly.

"It doesn't matter. Just let me stay here." She was left with no choice. Staying in his house was way much better than being thrown into a nightclub.

"Well, let's see." Patrick smiled and drank up the wine in his glass.

After dinner, Lily came back and took Kathryn back to her room.

Kathryn must still be in shock as she seemed not to mind the lightning and thunder outside anymore. She curled up in bed with a twisted face. Since she didn't feel comfortable eating just now, she felt a spasm in her stomach.

Although Patrick didn't hurt her again, she didn't feel better at all. The mental torture was worse than physical pain.

It never occurred to her that the person who died that day was Patrick's girlfriend. When she remembered that incident again, she couldn't help but shed tears silently.

Kathryn and Lucy had watched the news report together in their dormitory at that time, and they also felt emotional. The woman was young and beautiful. She also came from a well-off family. They couldn't help feeling sorry for the loss of her family.

Thinking that Molly Li died because of her, Kathryn felt so guilty. She and Lucy were only having fun. She didn't expect that it would indirectly lead to someone's death.

"Molly, I'm sorry," Kathryn apologized while weeping. Although she didn't personally know the woman, she couldn't help blaming herself. She buried her face in the pillow and cried as hard as she could, her shoulders trembled.

Although Patrick kept Kathryn in his house, he didn't stop her from going back to school.

As a matter of fact, she had never seen him again after that dinner. She heard from the servants that he had not been in the city these days.

Since she didn't have to face him, Kathryn somehow felt relaxed. But she knew that it was only temporary. Sooner or later, he would show up in front of her again.

After school, the students walked out with the tune of the happy music. But for Kathryn, time after school was like a heavy stone that pressed her heart. If only she could have a twenty-four-hour class a day. That way, she had an excuse not to go back to Patrick's house.


Kathryn was stunned when she heard a pleasant voice of a man calling her

name. She stopped and turned around. "Walter?"

Walter Si was a senior student in their school that Lucy had a crush on. She even wrote a love letter for Lucy and handed it to him.

He was a gentle, nice, handsome, and well-groomed man from the art college, majoring in sculpture. He was in his fourth year now, but the sculpture major required five years of study. This department was only limited to twenty students, so everyone was elite.

Walter Si was a public figure in their school. He was the prince charming in the eyes of almost every female student.

Since Kathryn was majoring in music, they had classes in the same building. And as a member of the student union, she had a lot of opportunities to meet him.

"What's up?" She felt a little uneasy, knowing that the school hunk was staring at her.

"Kathryn, I..." Walter Si smiled awkwardly. He seemed to feel more uncomfortable than her. "Well... I want to tell you something. Actually, I have been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but I'm just a little worried that you will feel embarrassed."

"What is it?" Kathryn looked at him in confusion.

Walter Si took a deep breath first before he spoke. "It has been three months since I received your letter, but I haven't given you any response yet. This semester will be over soon, and I will be graduating next year. I think it's time to confess my feelings for you."

Hearing his words, she suddenly realized that there was a misunderstanding.

But before she could say anything, he added, "Kathryn, this love letter..." He handed the piece of paper to her.

"No. Walter, you misunderstood." Kathryn was so shocked. She didn't expect that he would misunderstand everything. "Yes, I gave you this love letter. But I did it for someone else. It didn't personally come from me." Unfortunately, she couldn't mention Lucy's name in front of him. No one else in their school knew that Lucy had a crush on him.

Looking at the heart-shaped love letter, he frowned and said, "I saw this love letter in my drawer. I know your handwriting. It's difficult for others to imitate it."

Kathryn restrained herself from rolling her eyes. She admitted that her penmanship was not beautiful. But did he really need to be too direct?

"Walter, I wrote this love letter because someone asked me a favor to do so. Everything written here didn't come directly from me. I'm so sorry. You'd better forget about this letter. I have to go now. Bye." Kathryn turned around and ran away.

"Kathryn!" He tried to stop her, but it was too late.

He stood there in a daze. Although she was already out of his sight, his hand still froze in midair. When Kathryn turned around, his fingers had actually touched her long hair slightly. He felt like the fragrance of her hair lingered in his hand.

On the other side of the road, a luxury black car was parked there.

"Mr. Ye?" The driver looked at Patrick through the rearview mirror.

"Go now." Patrick had just come back from a business trip. But instead of going home, he went to Kathryn's university first. He didn't expect to see what happened just now.

Patrick's car passed by Kathryn. However, she was walking with her head down and not paying attention to the vehicles passing by. As her figure slowly disappeared from the rearview mirror, Patrick looked at the other side of the window with his cold eyes.

When Kathryn arrived at Patrick's house, she saw Lily walking towards her.

"Mr. Ye is back. He wants to see you in the living room."

Kathryn's heartbeat went abnormally fast upon hearing Patrick's name. She cursed him in her mind. But of course, she still went to the living room to see him.

Looking at the European style retro carved door of the living room, Kathryn thought of Auguste Rodin's "The Gates of Hell" and couldn't help but shiver.

She gently knocked on the door and heard Patrick's cold response. "Come in."

Kathryn took a deep breath, pushed the heavy door slowly, and walked in. She then closed the door behind her and stood there uneasily.

Patrick was sitting on the sofa, his back to the window. Although Kathryn couldn't see the expression on his face, she could feel a strong sense of depression from him.

"Take out everything from your bag and your pocket," he ordered. Kathryn jerked. "What do you mean?"

"Just do what I say."

His calm voice made her conform. She took out everything from her bag, including the heart-shaped love letter.

That was what Patrick exactly wanted to see. He stood and walked towards her.

Looking at Patrick walking up to her slowly, Kathryn's heart was in her throat. The gloomy atmosphere that surrounded him gave her an eerie feeling.

Patrick picked up the love letter on the floor and looked through it. He then smiled and commented, "It's quite unique. You really put your heart into it."

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