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   Chapter 50 Active Franklin

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Although Hogan had made a rule in the Ning family that no one was allowed to disturb him at night. But in fact, Hogan really hoped that his children and grandchildren could have a chat with him.

The Old always felt lonely.

Of course, Harris understood the tease in Hogan's words.

"Grandpa, I know you care about your great grandson the most. Compared with him, I believe you won't blame me for such a small thing."

Hearing that it was about his great grandson, Hogan had no other thoughts now.

"What's wrong with my great grandson?" Hogan asked anxiously.

Seeing that Hogan cherished his child very much, Harris snickered in his heart.

"Your great grandson..." Harris kept it in suspense on purpose.

"Tell me, you bastard. I'm so worried."

Hogan was always anxious when something happened.

'Moreover, what happened now is related to my great grandson.'

Seeing that Hogan was very anxious, Harris didn't dare to make fun of him anymore, so he told Hogan directly.

"Here's the thing. I just discussed with Belle and wanted to go to the hospital for a check-up tomorrow."

Seeing that his great grandson was not in danger, Hogan breathed a sigh of relief silently.

"Well, I think you are really brave. How dare you make fun of your grandpa! I think you are asking for beating recently."

"I don't think so. You look a little depressed recently. I just want to make a joke with you." Harris said with a smile.

At first, according to Hogan's temper, he would have been very angry, but when he saw his grandson found that he had been very unhappy in the past two days, and coaxed himself in this way to let down his guard.

Hogan was deeply touched by what Harris had done.

"The Butler just told me that you came to me this time to tell me something about Mrs. Belle. I was wondering. It turns out to be the reason."

Harris smiled and said, "Didn't you say last time that if we went to the hospital for a check-up, we would inform you in advance? Could you arrange it for us? I think Belle and I are very busy. If we go to the hospital step by step according to the process, I'm afraid we won't be able to get there until the afternoon."

"I'm afraid that we will skip work today. How much loss will it bring to the N Group if I skip work for one day?"

Harris said jokingly on purpose.

"Ha-ah, I think only you dare to make such a joke in front of me."

Harris's words successfully amused Hogan.

"That's because you are my grandpa." Harris said with a smile.

"By the way, it's you and Belle who will go to the hospital for the physical examination, right?" Hogan asked in confusion.

Harris didn't expect that Hogan would ask him such a question, so he was stunned for a second.

Harris remembered that he had just had a quarrel with Belle. 'If I go with her tomorrow, the tw

which would cause emotional sensitivity.'

Thinking of this, Harris felt much better.

Slowly, Harris put his mind at rest and fell asleep.

On the second morning, Belle was woken up by a call from Franklin.

"Hello, what's wrong?" Belle asked lazily.

"Haven't you got up yet? It's already half past six. Didn't we agree to go to the hospital with you?"

At the thought of him accompanying Belle for the prenatal checkups, Franklin was very happy. 'And today, I could finally have a face-to-face confrontation with Harris.

Most importantly, I will win this time.'

"I'll get up soon. Why do you get up so early? It's not seven yet." As for Franklin's enthusiasm, Belle only felt a little tired.

Belle didn't sleep well last night because of insomnia.

Belle finally fell asleep. Before long, her phone rang.

"I'll go with you to the hospital for the prenatal checkups. How can I not prepare for such an important thing in advance? As a mother, why are you not nervous at all?"

Franklin said as if the baby in Belle's belly was his own son.

"Okay, okay. I'll get up." Belle really didn't want to hear Franklin's nagging any more.

"Get up. I'll be downstairs in about half an hour."

'Half an hour!'

Belle finally came to her senses. She took out her phone in disbelief and checked the time.

"It's six thirty in Beijing now. It's seven o'clock when you get here. Why do we go there so early? The hospital hasn't opened yet."

"I woke up early today. Besides, we can have breakfast together before going to the hospital for physical examination. I can't let you have an empty stomach. It's not good for your stomach." Franklin said thoughtfully.

'Can pregnant women have breakfast before having a physical examination?' Belle thought to herself.

"Well, I'm getting up. Call me when you arrive." Belle pinched her forehead and said helplessly.

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