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   Chapter 49 Misunderstanding Deepened

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Belle turned around and left.

Looking at the disappearing figure of Belle, Franklin slightly raised the corners of his mouth.

Franklin looked up at the balcony on the second floor of the villa.

Franklin saw a shadow moving on the balcony. Raising his eyebrows, Franklin stamped his feet, whistled and got on his car.

Seeing that Belle and Franklin were separated, Harris quickly walked back to the sofa in the living room and sat down, pretending that nothing had happened.

As soon as Belle returned home, she saw Harris on the sofa with his legs crossed and looking at Belle frivolously.

"Well, it seems that Miss. Belle is still the same as before. There are so many people who pursue you. It seems that I have underestimated your charming." Harris said sarcastically.

Belle hated to hear others say that she was like frivolous prostitutes.

When Belle was a child, when she knew that Iris was her stepmother and that Iris had already involved in the relationship between her father and mother. Belle had never liked that kind of woman.

Every time Belle passed by those fancy places and saw those women with heavy makeup, she felt as if she would vomit all the food she ate that day.

The most hateful thing was that Iris distorted facts and said that Belle's mother was the mistress who intervened. Iris said that she had a relationship with Belle's father Adams a long time ago. It was just because of the entanglement of Belle's mother Anne that they had to get married.

So every time Belle heard others say that. Normally, the good tempered Belle would be very irritable.

"I'm not a cheap person." Belle was a little annoyed.

Hearing this, Harris laughed.

"Don't you feel guilty when you say that? Don't forget what you are holding." As Harris spoke, he gave a hint to Belle to look at the clothes bag in her hand.

"It's just two clothes. Why did you say that?" Belle was in a very anxious state now.

Like a volcano that was about to erupt, there was a risk of lava overflowing at any time. Belle was about to lose her temper.

"Humph, two clothes are not a big deal for Miss. Belle. But I wonder in your opinion what you receive will count a big deal." Harris sneered.

Belle rolled her eyes helplessly.

"For the last time, these two clothes were given to me by Franklin to thank me. I didn't do anything wrong to you." Belle said word by word. It seemed that Belle wanted to engrave this sentence into the heart of Harris.

Harris had always been arrogant, so he only believed what he saw. So Harris felt that what Belle said was completely defending herself.

"Humph, I think you have a guilty conscience. I'm afraid what you said is all to convince yourself to believe."

Belle really couldn't stand the sensitive male chauvinism of Harris. Belle didn't want to waste her time arguing with Harris about this.

"Whatever you say. I don't want to talk to

"Oh? What made him call so late?" Hearing that it was his grandson who called him, Hogan became interested.

The rules of the Ning family had never been broken since the beginning. Today, Harris actually broke the rules.

"It's about Mrs. Belle. I think it's better for Mr. Harris to tell you in person."

"Okay, go and transfer the phone in."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

Then the Butler closed the door and left.

The Butler walked to the hall. The Butler answered the phone, "Mr. Harris, are you still there?"

Harris was leaning against the sofa, waiting for the Butler's reply. Mr. Harris almost fell asleep.

Hearing the Butler's voice from the phone, Harris immediately woke up.

"Yes, I'm here."

"I just went to Mr. Hogan's room. He asked me what happened. I said it was about Mrs. Belle. I think you'd better tell him yourself. So I didn't tell Mr. Hogan directly." After weighing the pros and cons, the Butler finally spoke out the whole story.

In fact, the Butler was worried that Harris would be unhappy if he changed the meaning Harris wanted to convey privately.

But on second thought, the Butler felt that it was better that Harris had personally discussed this with Hogan. Hogan would be happier, so the Butler didn't directly tell Hogan the purpose of Harris.

Hearing the Butler's words, there was no change in Harris's heart.

In fact, no matter how the Butler told Hogan what Harris wanted, Harris didn't care much.

Anyway, as long as the final result could make Hogan answer the phone.

"Okay, thank you." Harris said politely.

"Then I'll transfer the phone to Mr. Hogan's room."


As soon as Harris finished his words, the phone stopped ringing.

Harris waited for two seconds, and Hogan's voice came from the other side of the phone.

"Well, you bastard, how dare you disturb me at this late hour. Do you know how much it will do to my health if I stay up late?"

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