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   Chapter 48 Harris's Jealousy

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Seeing that no one answered her, Belle looked around.

When Belle opened the door of the balcony, she saw Harris standing there with a gloomy face.

This startled Belle.

"Why didn't you say anything? You scared me to death." Belle complained as she patted her chest.

"I think you have a guilty conscience." Harris replied coldly.

"What did I do again? Why do I have a guilty conscience?" Not in the mood to argue with Harris, Belle walked out of the balcony.

After a day's journey, Belle was lying on the sofa tiredly. While watching TV, Belle ate the snacks on the table.

Before Belle came back, Harris looked at the time and found that it was already ten o'clock, but Belle hadn't come back.

Harris had no choice but to sit on the sofa and watch the boring TV program, waiting for Belle to come back.

But what Harris didn't expect was that Belle didn't come back. As a result, Harris heard someone calling the name of Belle.

Then Harris walked to the balcony curiously to see what was going on.

When Harris looked downstairs, he saw the scene that Franklin and Belle were hugging.

Harris with the male chauvinist had already been very unhappy.

But Harris still tried to defend Belle in his heart, 'Maybe that man forced Belle. Belle didn't know at all.'

But when Harris saw Belle waving goodbye to Franklin at the corner. All Harris's excuses in his heart collapsed at this moment.

The more Harris thought about it, the unhappier he became. He followed Belle out of the balcony.

When Harris walked into the living room, he saw that Belle was lying comfortably on the sofa, looking very enjoyable.

Harris thought Belle was in a good mood after hanging out with her lover.

Thus, Harris walked to the side of Belle and sat down.

When Belle saw Harris sitting next to her, she glanced at him strangely, but said nothing.

Seeing all this, Harris felt that Belle looked down on him.

"Who drove you back?" Harris broke the silence first.

"Just a partner." Belle answered casually.

In fact, Belle had thought about it in her heart. 'If I tell Harris that I grow up with Franklin, Harris will probably think that there is something between Franklin and me.

If I simply say that Franklin is a partner at work, so that Harris will be able to accept it. Besides, Franklin helped me a lot. We are partners, and we have business communication. That is not too much.'

Thinking of this, Belle introduced the identity of Franklin calmly.

"Humph, do you think I didn't see it? It's a man, isn't it?"

"What's wrong with man? Your secretaries are women. I didn't mind it. How dare you mind it first?" Belle

elped you. Didn't you already invite me to dinner? Besides, if you hadn't helped me persuade the boss of the antique shop, I wouldn't have been able to buy such a gift for my friend."

Hearing what Franklin said, even Belle felt a little embarrassed.

"That's just some trivial things. These are too valuable. I really can't accept these."

Belle looked at the bags of the brand store in her hand and felt it heavy.

After thinking for a while, Franklin said, "Well, you can choose some clothes you like. I'll feel better when I see you take it away."

Actually, Belle liked the clothes she tried on in the shop today. However, when Franklin gave those clothes to her, although she was tempted, she refused out of her heart.

Now that Franklin had said so, there was really no reason for Belle to refuse Franklin's face, so she had to take out two from these bags.

The rest were returned to Franklin.

"Just two clothes?" Franklin said in surprise.

'In fact, when Belle tried on the clothes in the shop, I could see that Belle liked those clothes very much, so I specially bought these clothes and wanted to give them all to Belle.'

"Yes, I think these two suits me better." Belle made up a random excuse.

"Well, what should I do with the rest?" Franklin said, pretending to be annoyed.

Belle burst into laughter.

"In fact, you can give them to others. I believe that many people will like these as long as you are willing to give these to them."

Franklin didn't say anything but burst into laughter.

"Well, it's late now. You should go to bed. I'm going home, too."

"Okay, go back early. Be careful on the way. Thank you so much for bringing me the gift today."

"You are welcome. Go upstairs now." Franklin urged.

"Okay, bye."

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