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   Chapter 47 Recalling The Past

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Deep in his heart, Franklin was determined to pursue Belle step by step in the future.

Poor Belle didn't know what was on Franklin's mind. All she was thinking about now was to go home early.

Franklin parked the car in front of Belle.

After hesitating for a while, Belle finally got in the co-pilot.

In fact, Belle wanted to sit in the back row, but she thought that it might be inappropriate for her to sit in the back row from etiquette. But now Belle felt uncomfortable like in the co-pilot.

As soon as Belle got in the car, she leaned against the pillow in the co-pilot.

Seeing that Belle's face didn't look good, Franklin asked with concern, "What's wrong with you? Are the dishes not good for your appetite, or are you sick?"

"I'm fine. I just feel a little tired and want to go home early." Belle said weakly, leaning her head against the pillow in the co-pilot.

Franklin thought that Belle was really uncomfortable, so he turned around and prepared to go straight to the hospital.

In a daze, Belle saw that this road was not the way to the villa, so she asked curiously, "Franklin, where are we going?"

While driving carefully, Franklin said to Belle "Go to the hospital."

Belle really felt a little uncomfortable in her head, but it was not so serious as to go to the hospital.

"I'm fine, Franklin. I don't need to go to the hospital. Just drive me home."

Seeing that Belle was not in a high spirit now, Franklin said worriedly, "No way! You had to stay in hospital once you was uncomfortable since you were a child. You even had to stay in hospital for a week if you had catch a cold."

"I'm really fine. I don't need to go to the hospital. Besides, it was all my past. When I was a child, my resistance was too weak, but now I have grown up and my body has been better."

As Belle spoke, she recalled her childhood stories.

One day, Belle came home from school. Belle sat on the sofa in the living room and watched TV. Soon she fell asleep.

When Belle woke up. As soon as Belle opened her eyes, she saw herself in her own room.

Belle struggled to stand up and found that her whole body was very heavy. Belle couldn't even speak in a hoarse voice.

When the servant saw Belle awake, she quickly handed Belle a glass of water.

Belle tried to hold back the pain in her throat and drank up the glass of water. She tried hard to speak, but she still couldn't make a sound.

The servant felt sorry and looked at Belle who was with tears in her eyes.

Belle, who grew up in such a complicated family, naturally saw through something.

"What... What's wrong?" Belle asked in a hoarse voice.

The servant wiped her tears and sobbed, "Miss. Belle, you have a fever."

"Dad... Where is Dad? Where did they go? He... Doesn't he know....? Doesn't he know I'm sick?"

"Mr. Adams... Mr. Adams took Mrs. Iris and Miss. Bess to the amusement park. Mr. Adams knows that you are sick

When they arrived at the villa, Belle got off the car and said goodbye to Franklin, preparing to go home.

"Belle." Franklin got off the car in a hurry and shouted.

Belle turned around. Suddenly, Franklin ran to her from the car and gave her a big hug.

Belle was stunned by this sudden hug and had no time to react.

After Franklin hugged Belle for ten seconds later, he let go of Belle.

"Take care of yourself and go to bed early. I'll pick you up to have a check-up tomorrow morning. It's a good chance to let the doctor check on you." Franklin said thoughtfully.

Belle's heart was filled with warmth.

'I had thought that Franklin would say something else to me, but I didn't expect that the first word he said was always about me.'

"Thank you, Franklin. I see. See you tomorrow morning." Belle said, touched.

"Okay, see you tomorrow morning."

Belle turned around and walked towards the door.

When Belle walked to the corner. Belle seemed to remember something and turned around in a hurry.

Belle stretched out her arms and shook them in the air.

Belle was waving goodbye to Franklin.

Seeing that Belle greeted him, Franklin also made a gesture of bye. It was not until Belle was out of sight that Franklin got in the car.

When Franklin was about to start the car and leave, he suddenly saw someone standing at the window of the villa of Belle.

Franklin rubbed his eyes and wanted to take a closer look. The figure at the window just turned around and left.

Sitting in the car, Franklin thought for a while. Franklin suddenly grinned.

As soon as Belle opened the door of the villa, she saw that the house was brightly lit.

Belle knew without hesitation that it was Harris who had come back.

Taking off her shoes, Belle poured herself some water and asked, "When did you come back today?"

Belle's voice echoed in the big villa. It seemed that Belle could even hear the sound of a needle dropping.

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