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   Chapter 46 Expose Your Wild Scheme By Accident!

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Franklin said to Belle, "Let's go. The gift thing has been solved. Let's go to have dinner together."

"Okay. Do we go to the one we yesterday chose?" Belle asked.

'The one we yesterday chose?' Thinking of the fact that he got stood up last night, Franklin felt terrible.

"I don't think we should go there. I've searched online. It's said that there is a Korean restaurant here. It's very delicious." Franklin changed the topic directly.

In fact, Belle didn't like Korean cuisine at all. Compared with the famous food of other countries, she preferred Chinese food.

Belle even thought that the porridge was much more delicious than these things.

'But now that I want to thank Franklin and he had searched online, I have no choice but to eat Korean food with him.'

"Okay, let's go now."

Although Belle didn't like Korean food, it was not easy for her to hold on after the lunch she had at noon until she got off work and picked up a gift with Franklin.

Franklin walked around with Belle and finally found the delicious Korean restaurant he liked.

In fact, Franklin was not sure whether this restaurant was delicious or not. Franklin just didn't want to go to the hotel last time.

Even this restaurant was the one Franklin had secretly found on the map just now.

The waiter saw the two people coming in and greeted them in a hurry.

"Two? The waiter greeted warmly.

"Yes." Belle answered.

"Okay, this way please." The waiter made a gesture of welcome with his hand and led Belle and Franklin to a table in the hall.

Franklin frowned.

"Don't you have a private room?"

"Maybe you need to wait a little longer." The waiter looked at the table sheet in his hand and said.

Belle pulled the corner of Franklin's clothes, indicating him to sit here.

Seeing that Belle looked like this, Franklin decided to just sit here.

But when Franklin was about to sit down, the waiter's interphone rang.

"The guest in the room fifteenth has left. The guest in the room fifteen has left." Another waiter's voice came through the interphone.

The waitress looked at Franklin and said tentatively, "Our guest in room fifteen has left. If you two want a private room, I'm afraid you have to wait a moment. Our staff is cleaning it."

In fact, Belle didn't care where they were sitting. What she didn't understand was why Franklin was so entangled with a position.

But Belle didn't say anything. She was waiting for Franklin to make a decision.

What Franklin was thinking now, 'On the one hand, that it is the first time we have such a formal dinner. I don't want anyone to disturb me and Belle.

On the other hand, if I say that I want to sit in a private room now, I am afraid that Belle

Franklin thank him so much.

'But it is not bad to be stared at gently by a handsome man.' The waiter thought to himself. He was as happy as drinking honey.

"Let's go, Belle." As Franklin spoke, he stretched out his hand and was about to pull Belle up from the chair.

Belle was slightly stunned when she saw the hand that Franklin stretched out. But Belle still didn't get the hand from Franklin.

'In fact, I feel that we are just like a friend holding my hand. But this time, I do not know why I begin to feel a little disgusted with Franklin's such behavior.'

Seeing that Belle didn't take his hand, Franklin felt deeply frustrated.

Franklin took a deep breath and thought to himself, 'It is okay, Franklin. Belle is just not familiar with me, so she can't accept me now. It is not because I did something wrong.'

Thinking of this, Franklin felt better.

Belle silently followed the waiter, while Franklin followed Belle with his eyes never moving away from her. It seemed that Franklin wanted to set Belle in his mind forever.

Belle felt a burst of coldness behind her. She touched her arms involuntarily, trying to warm them up by rubbing them to ease this uncomfortable feeling.

In such an atmosphere, the first formal dinner of Franklin and Belle ended.

After dinner, they left the restaurant.

Because of the low temperature outside at night, Belle shivered.

Seeing that, Franklin actively put his suit jacket on Belle.

Belle felt a warm force coming from her body. Turning around, she happened to meet the deep eyes of Franklin.

Belle turned her head in a hurry.

Franklin saw all the reactions of Belle, but he didn't say anything. He just thought in his heart, 'Maybe it's because I've been too active recently and forced Belle too hard. She is a very sensitive girl.'

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