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   Chapter 31 Hogan Put Pressure On Harris Again!

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"You bastard, what are you talking about? Do you really think that your grandpa is old and has a bad brain? How could I not know such a big thing? Besides, if I don't care about my grandson. What should I care about?"

Hearing this, Harris was deeply touched. 'But when I thought that I seldom went back to the Ning family recently and had no intention of going back to see Grandpa, I feel more and more guilty.'

Harris said apologetically, "Grandpa, it's my fault. I've been busy these days. I forgot that you were still waiting for me at home."

Seeing his grandson lower his status and flatter him like this. No matter how angry Hogan was, he had already calmed down.

Hogan said, "You are the best at coaxing me."

"Ha-ah, it's all because Grandpa loves me the most." Harris said with a smile.

Suddenly, an idea occurred to Hogan. In order to prevent his great grandson from calling Franklin father in the future. Hogan suddenly came up with a good idea.

"By the way, how is Belle's baby?" Hogan asked.

"I don't know. I only saw Belle last night. It seems that she is fine." Harris recalled the lively look of Belle last night and said uncertainly.

Of course, Hogan cherished his great grandson very much.

Hogan was very dissatisfied with the answer of Harris.

"What do you mean? Why are you not sure? You must take care of her and the baby in her belly! How could you say something like that?"

"Yes, Grandpa. I promise I'll pay attention to it in the future." Harris made a salute subconsciously. But then Harris realized that Hogan was not in front of him. Then Harris slowly put down his hand.

Harris couldn't help but think of the past.

Hogan was originally a commander in the army. But because of some things, Hogan had to give up the opportunity to continue to be promoted and began to do business. Harris had been trained by Hogan in military administration since childhood.

"How about this? You take Belle to the hospital tomorrow for an examination. I want to know how my dear great grandson is doing now." Hogan made an idea to Harris.

Thinking of what had happened this morning, Harris felt very uncomfortable. Harris stammered, "I'll find someone to accompany Belle to have a check."

Hearing this, Hogan was unhappy. "Is my great grandson really your son? You have the nerve to ask someone to accompany her. I think you don't want your son anymore."

Seeing that Hogan didn't want to give up, Harris had no choice but to say, "Well, Grandpa, I'll refuse all the work tomorrow. I'll accompany Belle to do the prenatal checkups in person."

"Okay, that's a deal. You

want to buy the shares. He happened to have some financial problems and need my help. I've thought about it for a while. It's not a big deal, and I can help him. In order to thank me, he agreed to sell such a large share of the stock to me."

Franklin deliberately distorted the truth.

Franklin thought of the last time when he threatened Nelson which made Belle misunderstand him. Franklin didn't allow himself to be a little imperfect in front of Belle.

Hearing that, Belle admired Franklin even more.

"Franklin, you are awesome. I'm afraid I'm nothing compared to you."

Hearing the praise of Belle, Franklin felt sweet as if he was eating honey.

"What happened to Nelson last time was an accident. I was not well prepared." Franklin wanted to completely erase the image that had left in the heart of Belle.

"That's for sure. I really want to thank you very much this time, Franklin."

"Oh, then how are you going to thank me?" Franklin asked curiously.

"How about this? I'll treat you a big dinner tonight."

Although Belle really wanted to feel sorry for her poor wallet, 'This time, Franklin really helps me a lot. If I don't thank him, I'm afraid I won't be happy.'

"I'll pick the place, right?" Of course, Franklin knew that Belle didn't have much money now, but he couldn't help making fun of her.

"Of course. You have helped me a lot, so I will treat you a good meal." Belle said on purpose, exaggerating to cover her heart.

"Ha-ah, Belle. You look like a grown-up, but in fact, you are still like a child in your heart." Franklin couldn't help but speak out his innermost thoughts.

Hearing this, Belle was stunned.

"Franklin, that's because of you. If I am mature in front of you, it's too strange"

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