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   Chapter 14 Negotiate With Harris

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On the way back to Harris's villa, Belle had been thinking about how to take back her mother's company. Belle knew that it was impossible for her to take back the company on her own.

Finally, a small idea came to Belle's mind.

The man in the company finally woke up.

Harris suddenly sat up from the bed and opened the phone on the bedside table.

There were six missed calls from Belle and four from his mother on the phone.

Harris looked at his watch and found that it was already one o'clock in the afternoon.

Harris though, 'It's over. I broke my promise today. Oh my God, I'm afraid that the woman at home wants to kill me. After all, I made her so humiliated. I'm doomed.'

Harris stood up in a hurry, put on his clothes and left with the car key.

Harris slowly drove towards his apartment.

Having a small plan, Belle immediately stood up and went to implement it without hesitation.

Belle slowly drove the car and accidentally saw a supermarket on the road, so she quickly turned the car around, parked the car, pushed a trolley and walked in.

After a while, Belle came out with a lot of things in her hands and put them gently in the car. Belle drove away.

The car of Harris arrived at the downstairs of his apartment. After parking the car, Harris walked to the door and opened it after hesitating for a while.

The scene inside the door was completely different from what Harris had imagined.

Belle, wearing an apron, was shuttling between the kitchen and the dining room.

Hearing the noise at the door, Belle turned around and found that Harris had come back.

"You're back. You must be tired. Have a rest. The dinner will be ready soon." Belle said enthusiastically.

At first, when Harris saw these, he thought he was dreaming, but when he heard what the Belle said, he became more and more suspicious of whether he had a paranoia.

Harris pinched the back of his hand hard. "Ouch!" Harris thought, 'It hurt so much. It seems that it is not a dream. Everything is real.'

"What are you waiting for? Dinner is ready. Come and eat." Seeing that Harris was still waiting at the door, Belle urged.

"I'm coming" Harris reacted, took off his shoes and went to the table. There were many dishes on the table, including braised pork and minced eggplant Harris loved most.

These dishes looked colorful and delicious, attracting people directly.

Sitting on the chair and looking at the busy Belle in the kitchen, Harris felt very warm, especially a loving feeling that belonged to home.

Although his relatives and family were all alive, Harris was very busy with his work and rarely had time to go back to accompany them. Therefore, this feeling rarely appeared in his heart.

"I have another pork rib soup. Go wash your hands and get ready to eat." Belle said to Harris while she was busy with her cooking.

Thinking of that he had broken his promise today, Harris had been prepared to be scolded by Belle at home. However, he didn't expect that not only did Belle not scold him, but also didn't mention this matter. The most unbelievable thing was that Belle had even prepared a lot of his favorite dish, which made Harris feel even guiltier.

Harris was in a daze for a moment, and then Belle took out the last soup.

"Come on, have a taste of my cooking."

Under the expectant eyes of Belle, Harris picked up a piece of braised pork and slowly tasted it.

"It's very delicious, not inferior to cooking of the chefs of those restaurants." Harris made a great comment.

Hearing the evaluation of Harris, Belle felt sweet as if she were eating honey. 'I didn't waste the time to go to the supermarket to buy food and call Rose about Harris's favorite food. All my effort did work.'

Back in the car, Belle had made up her mind to make Harris happy today, so that she could have a talk with Harris.

So Belle went to the supermarket to buy some food.

But as soon as Belle arrived at the supermarket, she didn't know what to buy, which was Harris's favorite food. Then Belle called Rose and asked what Harris liked to eat.

Rose was surprised to receive a phone call from Belle. Belle asked her what food Harris liked to eat.

Rose told Belle everything without reservation.

Rose thought that she didn't disturb her son's plan at that time, which made Belle very happy, and that was why his son had this perfect meal.

Seeing that Harris enjoyed the meal so much, Belle was really happy. In this way, it would be more convenient for her to reach an agreement with him.

When Harris finished eating, Belle thought for a moment and then opened her mouths.

"Well... Let's have a talk, Harris."

Hearing the words of Belle, Harris finally raised his head from the delicious food.

"What do you want to talk about?"

"We started from a misunderstanding, right? Our marriage is also very hasty. I think we need to discuss the following life problems again." Belle said sincerely.


eeling that what Belle said was very reasonable, Harris nodded in agreement.

"Then tell me."

"Well, I think there is no emotional foundation between us, and you hate me very much, just as I don't like you, right?" Belle asked.

"Yes, and then?"

"Then I thought we could sign an agreement."

"An agreement? What agreement?"

"Sign the prenuptial agreement."

"What kind of prenuptial agreement? Make it clear to me."

Belle thought for a moment and said, "During the period after marriage, neither of us can interfere in each other's life. Moreover, when the other party needs to deal with family inspection or attend a banquet, both of us have the obligation to stand out together, and we can't refuse for any reason. We'll divorce after the baby is born. I'll explain it to Hogan clearly and won't cause you any trouble. What do you think of my proposal?"

After listening carefully to every word of Belle, Harris thought for a while and felt that what she said seemed to be beneficial to him. Belle had even made a plan for his grandfather. Harris had to admire the idea of Belle.

"I agree. I think this method is feasible. We won't disturb each other's private life."

Seeing that Harris agreed to her proposal, Belle was very happy. Belle felt that she was much closer to her goal.

Belle continued, "Since you agree, let's start from now on, okay?"

Of course, Harris had no objection. He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the life he wanted. He could even feel that marriage was just a dream for him.

"Of course I can."

Seeing that Harris agreed again, Belle became happier.

"But there is one more thing. I will have to raise the child at that time by myself, but I don't have a job now and can't even support myself. Can you give me some money to invest first? After making a profit from the investment, I will immediately return your capital to you. In this way, not only can I solve my own living problem, but also the life problem of our child in the future. This can save me from asking you for alimony, right? You don't have to see me anymore, and the child won't be the burden for you to organize a new family in the future. Isn't this killing three birds with one stone?"

Harris thought, 'It turns out that this woman has been coveting my own money by saying so much.'

"I said that you didn't blame me for breaking my promise when I came back home today. You even specially made a lot of my favorite food for me. What do you want to do? Now it seems that you are planning to do so." Harris said with a smile.

Seeing the smile on Harris's face, Belle thought that Harris was going to agree, so she smiled and said, "Yes, that's right. Then, should you transfer the money to me or give it to my bank card?" As Belle spoke, she stretched out her hands in front of Harris

The smile on the corner of Harris's mouth was immediately concealed by him. Harris stretched out his hand and hit hard at the hand of Belle.

"No way. Don't ever think about it. I'm telling you, don't ever try to play tricks on me again. I won't give you the money."

Belle's hands were hurt badly by the slap from Harris, and instantly her hands turned red. Belle raised her head and stared at Harris saying innocently, "You bad man, didn't you promise me well just now? Why did you change your mind so much now? To put it bluntly, you are stingy. If you don't want to give it to me, just say it. Don't pretend."

"Humph, Even if I have donated all the money of my family, but I won't leave any money to you. I really didn't expect you to be such a woman. Belle. I hate people like you most who have double faces and are particularly greedy for money."

"Humph, what am I pretending to do? It's you who think people are too insidious. To put it bluntly, it's all your own darkness. Why are you pretending to be a good person here? I really can't bear people like you the most." Belle snapped.

"Well, well. You can't stand people like me the most, right? Then we won't talk about the money. I won't care about your business in the future. You want to invest, right? I tell you, no one will invest in you."

As Harris spoke, he took out his mobile phone and dialed to Dean.

"Hello, Dean. I have something urgent that need you to deal with right now."

"Just tell me, boss"

"Tell all the companies that cooperate with the N Group and invest in the N Group not to invest to Belle. No matter how good her conditions are, they can't agree. Otherwise, as long as they invest, the N Group will have a way to double their losses."

Dean said embarrassedly, "Boss, this is Mrs. Belle after all. I'm afraid it's not appropriate to do so."

"It's okay. Just follow my order."

Dean had no choice but to agree.

Hanging up the phone, Harris looked at Belle provocatively and said, "Are you satisfied with this result?"

Hearing what Harris said, Belle was furious. Belle pointed at the door and shouted, "Get out!"

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