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   Chapter 6 A Serve Tea Event

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When Harris was about to retort, a servant's voice came from the door. "Mr. Harris, Mr. Hogan is waiting for you in the study room."

Harris was stunned for a moment and said, "I see. I'll be right there." Then Harris was about to get out of bed.

However, Belle did not make the tired Harris feel better. "There will be a good show at home soon." The voice of Belle came from behind Harris.

Hearing this, Harris turned around and fiercely looked at Belle, saying sarcastically, "It's all your fault." Then Harris left without looking back. Before he left, he slammed the door as if he wanted to vent all his anger on it.

Belle looked at the door sadly and muttered, "You are as irritable as a dragon that can spurt fire. I'd like to see how you end this matter."

Walking to the door of the study room, Harris took a deep breath, calmed down, knocked on the door and walked in.

As soon as Harris entered the study, a book was smashed at him. Then came the angry voice of Mr. Hogan, "Bastard, you are still willing to come back."

Harris knew clearly how embarrassed it was for the Ning family because of his escape from the wedding. At the same time, he was worried about Hogan's health, so he had to smile and said, "Dear Hogan, it's my fault this time. I promise I won't do that again."

Seeing his usually proud grandson give in to him, Hogan felt a little uncomfortable. But when he thought that the Ning family had been humiliated so much because of Harris, he couldn't help blaming Harris.

"I'll see how you deal with it. Fortunately, Belle is still a sensible child. She insisted on holding the wedding by herself, so that the Ning family won't be much embarrassed"

Hearing Hogan's praise of Belle, Harris couldn't help but mutter with jealousy.

"How could this woman be so capable to let grandpa praise her in such a short time? Where did she get so much power?"

Without hearing what his grandson was talking about, Hogan asked in confusion, "What are you talking about?"

Realizing that he was still in the study room, Harris quickly hid his emotions and said, "Nothing. I'm just thinking about how to deal with this matter."

Hogan took a deep look at his grandson and thought that although his grandson had already been the president of the N Group and it was the time for him to change his character and learn to hide his emotion.

After thinking for a while, Hogan said worriedly, "Although the Ning family and the Bei family are enemies, I have to do so for the sake of the reputation of the Ning family. Although the Bei family is not in a good condition, I think Miss. Belle is good at dealing with things. You should be more tolerant and live a good life with her."

"Dear Hogan, I really don't like Miss. Belle. She is so aggressive that I have to face her every day. I'm afraid it's difficult for me to fall asleep." Harris complained.

Looking at his grandson's sad face and thinking of the stupid things Harris had done, Hogan felt both distressed and angry. After thinking for a while, Hogan said, "It's really a great fortune for Belle to marry into our family. It's indeed a loss for us. In that case, after she gives birth to the baby, we will give her a sum of money and let her leave with it. From then on, she has nothing to do with the Ning family and the baby."

Looking up at the moonlight outside the window of the study room, Harris thought for a while and said, "I'm afraid this woman won't cooperate like this."

"If she doesn't cooperate, we have to take compulsive measures." Hogan said worriedly.

"I hope she is a smart woman." Harris murmured.

Hogan frowned and said, "All right, that's it. Let's talk about it later. But at this stage, you have to be good to Belle. She is pregnant the baby of our Ning family."

"It's late now. You should go back and have a rest. You have to go to the company tomorrow." Hogan said with concern.

"Okay, Dear Hogan. Good night." As soon as Harris finished speaking, he left the study room without hearing any response.

Seeing Harris out of the study room, Hogan sighed and said, "Alas, I hope this house can be at peace." Then he looked out of the window.

At this moment, the moon outside the window seemed to be hidden in the clouds, and the villa of the Ning family was particularly quiet under the night sky.

Having been tired for two days, Harris went back to his room and saw that Belle leaned against his bed and happily browsed Twitter with her mobile phone. Thinking of the anger he had suffered from Angel, he felt more and more uncomfortable, so he lost his temper at Belle.

"It seems that Miss. Belle is very confident in her ability to mess up other people's families." Harris said sarcastically.

Then Belle's eyes looked away the phone and then looked at Harris's face. She saw the mockery on the face o

f Harris.

Belle said with a sneer, looking at Harris contemptuously, "It seems that you have suffered a lot outside. What's wrong? Did your beloved beauty run away with someone else, which made you so angry?"

When Harris heard Belle's words, he became more and more unhappy. Feeling that his man's dignity had been violated, he retorted without hesitation, "So what? It's better than a shameless person who would rather hold a wedding ceremony alone under the strange gaze of others and wholeheartedly want to marry into a rich family."

Hearing this, Belle couldn't hold back her temper any longer. "Humph! Who wants to marry into your family? Don't flatter yourself. If it wasn't because you can't solve this matter by yourself, I won't sacrificed my happiness. After all, it's all because of you, an useless president who is easy to lose temper. I don't know why the N Group still run in your hands..."

"Then why don't you resist? Who begged you to marry me?" Without any hesitation, Harris retorted.

"I don't know who asked me to give birth to the baby and prepare to get married. Oh, it seems to be Hogan. " Belle said sarcastically.

Realizing he had made himself foolish, Harris was embarrassed and said, "That's enough. In the end, you get married to the Ning family as you wish.

I don't want to argue with you anymore. I'm tired and I'm going to sleep. Get out of my bed and go to the guest room." Harris said, restraining his emotions.

"No, I won't. Now I'm the Mrs. Belle of the Ning family. It's too embarrassing to let me sleep in the guest room." Belle said.

Taking a deep breath, Harris said, "But this is my room. Please have a clear estimation of yourself. Get out of here before I'm a little patient."

"No, I won't. You can sleep in the guest room if you want. I won't leave anyway." Belle raised her slender neck and said arrogantly.

"Okay, you win! I'll go. I'll go." Then Harris ran out of the door.

Left alone in the room, Belle let out a sigh. She rubbed her temples with her fingers and thought, 'There may be a lot of trouble in the future. I'd better take care of myself and live carefully.' While thinking about this, Belle fell asleep.

At the same time, someone was tossing and turning on the bed in the guest room.

The second morning.

The man who was sleeping in the guest room woke up. He covered the quilt on the bed and thought about what he was going to deal with in the company today. He had planned to think about what he was going to say in the meeting today, but his mind unconsciously thought about the woman who was sleeping in his room.

All of a sudden, it occurred to Harris that today was the second day of their marriage. According to the rules of the Ning family, he had to bring Belle to serve tea to the elders this morning.

Harris quickly got out of bed and ran to the room of Belle after washing up.

"Get up quickly, you stupid woman. You have something to do today." Harris said anxiously.

Belle, who had been woken up, got up on the wrong side of the bed, and became more impatient as soon as she heard the voice of Harris.

"How can you enter other people's room without permission? I still have to sleep. Leave me alone." After saying that, Belle turned over and was about to go back to sleep.

"Get up quickly. Today is the second day of our marriage. According to the rules of the Ning family, I will take you to propose a cup of tea to the elders today." Harris urged.

Hearing that, Belle became sober and thought, 'Now you are asking me for help. Thinking of your attitude towards me last night, I just don't want to do as you expected.'

Belle said calmly, "I won't go."

Hearing what Belle said, the temper of Harris was stimulated again.

"Don't forget that you have married me. You can't play outside like you did before. You have the obligation to go to any activities of the Ning family with me now." Harris said through gritted teeth.

Belle laughed as if she had heard a very funny joke.

Looking at Belle laughed, Harris looked at Belle in confusion. "What are you laughing at?"

Belle gave him a mocking look and said, "I laugh at you for being a fool. Don't forget where you were when the wedding was held, and who completed the wedding alone for the sake of the Ning family and Bei family."

"You..." Harris was speechless. After glaring at Belle for a while, Harris had no choice but to walk out of the room.

Belle behind Harris smiled, turned over and was about to go back to sleep.

Harris went downstairs angrily. The servant downstairs saw Harris and said, "Mr. Harris, Mr. Hogan and the others elders are waiting for you in the hall."

Harris glared at the servant and said, "I'm very busy today. I'm not free. I don't want to have breakfast either."

Then Harris took a coat from the sofa and left.

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