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   Chapter 5 One's Wedding

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Wearing a daily suit, Harris looked stiff.

The assistant had been working for Harris for so long. He knew what Harris wanted to do!

It was because he knew that he was more afraid.

"Mr. Harris, today is your wedding day. Mr. Belle from the Bei family will get married soon. If they can't find you, how can I explain to Mr. Hogan?"

It would be fine if his assistant didn't mention Belle. When Harris heard her name, his face darkened.

"Just tell them the truth."

"But without the bridegroom's wedding, the bride will be very embarrassed..." The assistant didn't give up and persuade Harris.

Hearing this, Harris turned around.

There was cruelty in his long and narrow eyes, Harris said, "What does her embarrassment have to do with me?"

'If she hadn't appeared suddenly and if she hadn't been pregnant, there wouldn't have been such a wedding. And Angel wouldn't have been unwilling to see me for the last time.

It was all because of Belle.'

Belle, who was on the way to the Ning family, didn't know the complaint of Harris, nor did she know that the groom had run away.

Harris rushed to the International Airport as soon as possible. After checking Angel's whereabouts, he boarded her next flight.

Before the plane took off, Harris hesitated for a while. Belle's face appeared in his mind. Her pretty face became a little fierce because of her character.

'Why did I miss her?' In a trance, Harris was surprised that at the last moment, he didn't think of anything else. Instead, he thought of the person called Belle.

'Maybe it was because she was pregnant!'

Thirty minutes later, the plane taken by Harris took off and flew to the country where Angel was.

On the other side of the city, the Ning family was in a mess.

The car that Belle took was still parked at the door, but they couldn't find Harris to pick up the bride everywhere. Hogan's face became more and more embarrassed as time went by.

The guests who came to the wedding had an unreadable expression on their faces.

Belle sat in the car for a long time. She felt very uncomfortable in the wedding dress and the veil.

"Why hasn't he come yet? I've been sitting here for so long... "

"Maybe he is preparing something. Don't worry, Miss. Belle" The driver comforted Belle.

After waiting for another twenty minutes, Belle's patience had reached the extreme. She quickly took off the veil on her head and said to the driver, "Go and see what's going on."

The driver got off the car and ran quickly to the yard of the Ning family.

After a while, the driver came back from the same way. It was not difficult to see that he had a bad expression on his face.

"What happened? Just tell me." Belle came straight to the point, "Tell me the truth. Just tell me what you knew?"

"Miss. Belle..." The driver hesitated and said, "The groom had run away. Ran away."

'Ran away?'

Belle opened her mouth wide in disbelief.

'Harris ran away?

He didn't run away early or late. It would embarrass me if he ran at this time!'

"Damn it! Harris must have done it on purpose!" Belle murmured, raising her eyebrows in anger.

And not only Belle, but also Hogan, who was the master of the Ning family, was even angrier than Belle.

In addition to the bride, the Ning family and the Bei family were also humiliated because of Harris's escape from wedding.

Just as everyone was watching farce and the Ning family was at a loss what to do, Belle got out of the car.

The veil on her h

ead had been put on, and the wedding dress was as beautiful as Snow White.

Without the guidance of the groom, Belle raised her chin slightly and entered the gate of the Ning family like a proud princess.

Belle had a strong aura, and the people around her suddenly didn't know what kind of emotion they should have and what kind of expression they should show.

"The bridegroom has something urgent to deal with, so I am not sure when he will be back. So, I'll finish the wedding by myself today."

Hearing this, Harris's father was so anxious that he almost couldn't control his temper.

"How can we let the bride finish the wedding by herself? What a joke! "

"Check where your son is!" Hogan was so angry that the wrinkles on his face were trembling. "The wedding without the groom is already a joke!"

As he spoke, Hogan looked at Belle from afar.

It was the most embarrassing situation, but Belle was still proud. She didn't hesitate at all, which was enough to see that she was determined.

Hogan nodded slightly and took the lead in sitting on the main seat. All the members of the Ning family could only take their seats.

All the guests looked strange and just watched a wedding without a groom.

After the ceremony, Belle was sent back to the main bedroom of the villa.

After everyone went out, Belle took off the veil on her head as soon as possible and changed the wedding dress into home clothes.

"Fortunately, Harris is not here. I'm happy to be free."

Belle, who had been tired for a long time, lay comfortably on the bed and covered herself with the quilt. Her sour and tired waist finally felt a little better.

How tiring the wedding dress was!

When Belle went to bed comfortably, the plane taken by Harris had landed.

Wearing a black windbreaker, Harris walked in a hurry at the International Airport. "Where is he?"

The bodyguards who came to pick Harris up followed him in a low voice. "She is still having dinner next to the airport. Please follow me."

A group of bodyguards in black found Angel.

The good-looking woman was leaning against a gentle man with a sweet smile. The two of them looked at each other affectionately as if there was no one else, their eyes full of love.

Harris stopped and watched them silently.

Before Harris came here, Harris didn't know that Angel went abroad with other, but the bodyguards thought Harris knew it.

"What a joke it is!" Harris slightly said. It seemed that he was talking about himself or Angel.

Harris withdrew his gaze and turned away in the direction he came.

It was already midnight when Harris returned home. He had traveled two countries in a row for a day, and his strength was drained away.

Exhausted, Harris just wanted to have a good sleep and went back to his bedroom, avoiding others.

The room was luxuriously decorated. If it weren't for the outer door, Harris would have thought that he had walked the wrong way.

Harris untied his tie, walked to the bed and lay back.

"Who is it?" A crisp low voice made Harris feel a little familiar.

Harris stood up with his hands on the bed and stared blankly at Belle beside him. "Why are you here?"

But when Harris thought that they had been married, he became angry again. "Get out!"

Belle raised her eyebrows, "Who are you asking to get out?! It's you who should get out now, right? Your grandfather is waiting to blame you!"

This made Harris, who thought Belle would be humble, feel somewhat incompetent.

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