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   Chapter 1 Pregnant Before Marriage

Shotgun Wedding: Cold CEO Says He Loves Me By Bei Ke Characters: 5562

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"Bastard..." Belle Bei hiccupped and walked along the corridor in a daze, groaning and cursing in her mouth, "Obviously, it is the fruit of my mother's lifetime efforts. How can you give it to that woman....? ?"

"What kind of home is it? I don't want to go back. 1606…… 06…… Ah, I find it..."

Belle looked at the room number 1609 with difficulty. She thought it was 1606.

Belle didn't realize it at all. She sneered and fumbled for the room card, but the door was pushed open directly.

There was a sweet smell of wine in the dark room.

Belle, who was already drunk, smiled in a daze and staggered into the room. She took off her shoes and fell on the bed.

A strong arm reached out from the quilt and firmly held Belle's waist.

"Ha-ah, it's itchy..." The unconscious Belle giggled.

"Hmm." Belle held the man's face and approached him to look at his features. "You look good."

The amazement with the aroma of wine was all sprayed on the man's face, and the unique fragrance of her body was like a small claw scratching his heart.

His long and narrow eyes were bright, and his thin lips were under the straight nose. The line of the man's chin was perfect as if it was carved.

The room was full of passion, and two men outside were eavesdropping.

"Where did you find this woman?"

"I didn't look for her. Didn't you look for her?"

"You didn't look for her. I didn't look for her. Who is the woman in the room?"

The two looked at each other and saw panic in each other's eyes. The sound in the room became harsh. The two of them could not stay any longer and ran away in a hurry.

When Belle woke up, it was already the second morning.

The moment Belle opened her eyes, she felt a headache as if one hundred electric drills were torturing her.

"Ouch..." Belle twisted her face and covered her head with her hand. In a daze, she hammered three times.

Belle struggled to sit up. Under her fluffy hair was a gaunt face, especially the black shadow under her eyes. It was obvious that she had drawn it on purpose.

Belle lowered her head in a daze and saw a strong arm on her body.

Belle suddenly opened her eyes wide and mechanically turned her head to look at the side.

A man was lying on the bed, his waist covered with the sheet of Belle.

"Ah! !"

After the shock and numbness, Belle let out a deafening scream. She crazily grabbed the quilt and wrapped herself up, stretching out her legs and kicking the man beside her.

In his sleep, Harris Ning snorted and rolled down the bed in a daze.


"Ouch! Who? !"

His voice was hoarse and sexy.

Covering his forehead, Harris stood up and glared at the bed.

The moment their eyes met, the two of them were stunned.




who had woken up first, felt that her head was struck by lightning. Despair and disbelief surged in her heart.

The Bei family and the Ning family were sworn enemies. They didn't even give each other a look when they met. They had been fighting for so many years, but Belle was lying in the same bed with her enemy's child.

Calm down, Belle began to think about what happened last night Belle covered her head and tried to recall what had happened last night.

The fragments that appeared in her mind made Belle's face gradually turn pale, and so did Harris.

"I didn't expect Miss. Belle, the elder daughter of Bei family, to be so eager for love" Harris took the lead in taunting, "Even if you throw yourself into my arms, I'm not interested in you at all."

Belle pressed down a trace of panic in her heart, and smiled, "Mr. Harris, the elder son of Ning family, you are really funny. I don't know what you are going to do in my room. Is it because your family has declined and you have to sleep with different women to make money?"

As Belle spoke, she grabbed her bag on the table next to her, took out a black card and threw it to Harris.

"But Mr. Harris is not good at making love. Go and practice more."

Harris clenched his teeth, glanced at the crimson blood on the bed sheet, and then smiled, "I think your family is going bankrupt. Take your virginity as a gift and I buy it."

Harris threw back the card of Belle and threw his own card. "Spend money as you like."

"Obscene!" Belle gritted her teeth, threw the card of Harris to the ground in disgust, turned around and began to put on her clothes.

Harris also put on his clothes as soon as possible and left first.

Belle cursed in a low voice and then walked out of the room.

"What do you mean by following me?" Standing in front of the elevator, Harris asked coldly, "Do you want money?"

"Do your Ning family all think so highly of their selves?" Belle glared at Harris and sneered, "Just keep your money and find a woman."


The elevator stopped.

This time, Belle pulled Harris away and entered the elevator first.

Belle raised her eyebrows proudly to Harris and waved her hand, saying, "Bye."

Harris frowned and turned his face away. He didn't want to see Belle's complacent face.

The elevator door was closed, and the face of Belle instantly darkened.

The virginity was gone.

A few minutes later, the two of them, Belle and Harris left the hotel one after another.

The two of them leaving in the opposite direction didn't notice that at the corner outside the hotel, a man was taking photos of the two with a camera.

They had thought that the two of them would have no contact in the future, but Belle was pregnant after more than a month.

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