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   Chapter 59 Throw A Tantrum On Maria On Purpose!

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 9436

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There were so many shops in the city that no one could see them in short time. But Maria didn't understand. 'Yesterday she said that she couldn't pay the usury, and now she could come to this kind of place again. Did she pay money?'

Sylvia was excited to see this scene, but when she turned around, she saw Maria looking at her with a puzzled expression. Sylvia knew what she was thinking. Sylvia lifted the chain bag on her shoulder and said, "Do you think you can't believe what I said? I just said such pitiful words yesterday, and today I come to shopping."

Maria smiled and followed Sylvia. In fact, it was Sylvia's own business, and Maria had no right to ask.

Sylvia sighed and said, "What can support a person like me? Except for these things, nothing can be my motivation to make money. Every time I think that I want to make money and become a different woman, I don't want to live to be a woman who is afraid of returning money all day long. I have the motivation to continue to work now. "

Maria didn't expect to mention Sylvia's sadness. She apologized, "Sylvia, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have looked at you with my guess. Everyone has unspeakable reasons."

Sylvia relaxed and took Maria into the shopping mall. While walking, Sylvia asked curiously, "Since you said that just now, do you have something that you can't tell others?"

'She knew it was something I couldn't tell others, so how could I say it.'

Maria deliberately changed the topic and said, "I want to eat something. Would you like to go with me?"

Sylvia knew that Maria didn't want to talk about it, so she raised her arm cooperatively. 'Looking at the indicator of the watch, it is almost time to eat something.'

Sylvia nodded and asked with a smile, "I'm a little hungry, too. But which restaurant are we going to eat?"

'There are expensive and cheap restaurant in this shopping mall. A meal may cost thousands of dollars. We probably couldn't eat it.'

Maria didn't know where to go. 'The only time I went shopping with Hogan these days was not in the shopping mall here. I am not familiar with this place and don't know which special restaurants there are.'

Maria shook her head, looked at Sylvia and said, "I don't know. Let's look around and maybe find a good restaurant."

Sylvia held Maria's arm more closely and walked inside.

In fact, Maria was easy to be satisfied. As long as anyone was good to her, she would be satisfied and grateful. Now there was no exception. Maria didn't care who Sylvia was, but she really liked to get along with this woman.

In the following half an hour, Maria and Sylvia were looking for a restaurant. Maria seemed to be suffering from severe obsession. Many restaurants were good, but she didn't know which one to choose.

Maria suddenly felt a headache. She rubbed her te

iedly took Maria's hand and left. 'We couldn't afford to offend such a big shot. How did she owe him thirty million?'

Without a word before, Sally suddenly asked, "What's going on with thirty million? What's your relationship with this woman? An illicit romantic relationship?"

It was not until today that Sally realized how much this woman had affected Hogan. 'Even if he looked at me and treated me before, he would not act like a child. He was always the superior CEO.

But now it is not the case with Maria. It seems that Maria has a special meaning to him. If not, why was he so absent-minded on the date today? Why didn't he praise my latest dress?

After Maria appeared, he was completely attracted by Maria. If he hadn't been angry with Maria, he wouldn't have said those childish words!

Only Maria is left in Hogan's heart. He couldn't care about other women, let alone understanding other women's feelings.' Hogan wiped the wine on his body with a clean tablecloth and smiled coldly, "Sally, do you think I should be loyal to you just because you are the best actress? You know me better than anyone else. You know how many women I had before, and how many women I would have after you. If you are smart, be my woman. If you are not smart enough, you should leave earlier. Now I can still make it up to you. I won't be so easy to talk to you when we are angry."

Sally loved Hogan with all her heart. She was sad after hearing what he said.

With a pale face, Sally looked at Hogan and asked, "Do you also think I'm the same as those women? In your heart, am I the same....? That kind woman..."

Seeing that Sally was hesitating and couldn't say a word, Hogan added it for her and asked with a sneer, "Do you want to ask me if you are the kind of woman for me just to vent lust?"

Sally closed her mouth and stared at Hogan, waiting for Hogan's answer.

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