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   Chapter 58 Neighbors

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Chang Du Characters: 9889

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Maria bit her lip. Her sworn mother didn't know that she had broken up with Hogan.

With an unadulterated relationship, it seemed that Maria had warmed up her body and was not afraid of what would happen in the future.

Maria said bitterly, "I have broken up with Hogan. He has already had a girlfriend. So I... "

Linda was shocked by the news. She had never heard that Mr. Yang had a regular girlfriend. If she had known it earlier, she would not have encouraged Maria to be with Mr. Yang.

Linda asked worriedly, "You have broken up with Mr. Yang. Are you okay?"

Maria took a deep breath and said, "Mother, don't worry. I'm fine. I'll getting better and better. Don't worry about me. I'll go to the villa to see you when I'm free."

It took her so long to go back to the villa. Now that she had left Mr. Yang, she should spend a lot of time on work. How could she have time to go back to the villa?

Linda said considerately, "Don't waste your time. Tell me your current address and I'll go to see you when I'm free."

In fact, Maria didn't know the specific address here. She had just moved here for a few days and couldn't remember the specific address.

Maria said, "Mother, I don't know the address here now. I'll go out and ask about it. Then I'll call you."

Linda nodded and then said, "Maria, you must take good care of yourself. Don't be too tired."

It had been a long time since she was cared by the elders like this. She had always hoped that someone would care about her and show the utmost solicitude. She was satisfied to have such a sworn mother by her side.

Maria was so moved that she almost cried. She sniffed and said, "Mother, I know. I will take good care of myself."

Linda hung up the phone with relief, and Maria also put away her phone to continue to look for the recruitment information.

Suddenly, she heard someone arguing outside.

Maria stood up and walked slowly to the door. Looking outside through the fish-eye on the security door, she was shocked to see two men dragging a woman's hair, cursing and pulling her out of the stairs mercilessly.

Maria's chest tightened. She immediately turned around and leaned against the security door. 'How should I deal with this matter? These two men seems to come with bad intentions. If they can't be driven away, I may be the one to be unlucky.

But... If I don't save this woman, she will probably be killed by them. Am I really going to refuse to save her?'

Maria shook her head. She had never been such a heartless person.

The next second, Maria rushed into the kitchen. She saw the kitchen knife on the chopping board at a glance. It was bought the second day after she moved in, and it was extremely sharp. Killing a pig might not be a problem, let alone killing a person.

She made up her mind and then rushed out with a kitchen knife. At the door, she didn't notice the two men and a woman who had just passed by, but their voice came fro

t of money. He died in an accident, so the usury lenders put this account on me. As you know, usury is not affordable. Although I work hard to make money, I don't know when I can pay it off. "

After saying so much, the woman realized that she had said too much. Then she immediately stood up. How could she say so much in front of a stranger?

The woman reached out her hand and said, "My name is Sylvia, and I live in the second room next door. If you need, I can introduce you to our circle. Bye."

Maria took the medicine. Sylvia's medicine hadn't been applied yet, could she go to work in this way?

Maria spent all day looking at the computer yesterday. Today she had a headache.

Maria got up from the bed and was about to go out for a walk. It had just rained last night. It should be cool and comfortable outside today.

After packing up, Maria left the house with her new bag. As soon as the security door was locked, Maria turned around and saw Sylvia who she saved yesterday.

Maria smiled shyly and asked, "How is the wound on your face?"

Looking at the fading bruises on her body, Sylvia walked up to Maria and said generously, "Of course it has to get better. Otherwise, I can't work these days and can't pay the money back. Then I'll die."

Maria nodded, pointed at the elevator and said, "I want to go out, then... We can talk next time."

Sylvia grabbed Maria's arm and didn't feel strange about her at all. She naturally engaged with everyone. She said, "I'm going shopping today, and so should you. How about we go shopping together? Anyway, we are neighbors. It's a good chance to get familiar with each other."

Maria chuckled and didn't refuse. Since Sylvia said so, she would be embarrassed if she refused.

Soon, the two got into a taxi. Sylvia asked the taxi driver to take them to the downtown. It was a great place for a change of mood, with lots of food and shops there.

After a while, Maria got off the car with her.

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