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   Chapter 57 Henry's Following

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 9970

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C said, "Don't say that. Maria just graduated from high school and has no manners. She didn't know what love was. She was just a woman who would look for a man when she was lonely. She didn't care about what you said at all. She is much more shameless than you think. Do you understand what impudence means?"

Before the other women could say anything, Austin walked out of the bathroom. Austin heard what they said clearly. Austin walked up to them and scolded them angrily, "Are you really so bored? Or you don't want to do this job anymore. If you don't want the job, you can immediately submit your resignation letter to the human resources department. Believe it or not, submit your resignation letter today and then new colleagues will register tomorrow."

Hearing what Austin said, they immediately turned around and ran back to the editing department. They didn't expect that even without Mr. Yang's protection, Austin still had to protect this woman. What's her charm?

Seeing them leave, Maria felt better. Maria looked at Austin gratefully and said, "Thank you for helping me so much, Austin. You helped me with the house, and now you still help me out."

Austin said with a smile, "Don't be so formal with me. We have known each other for a long time. How can I not help you?"

She came to the magazine office and then left. It seemed that her relationship with Mr. Yang was not eased because of this meeting.

Hearing this, Maria was more grateful to him. Ever since she knew Hogan and came to this magazine office, no one had been good to her. Only Austin had always been kind to her. Thanks to his help, she could settle down for the time being. How could she not be grateful?

Suddenly, Maria thought of her phone. She took out the phone that Hogan gave her and looked at it reluctantly.

Taking a deep breath, Maria handed the phone to Austin. She said, "Hogan bought it for me a few hours before he went abroad. At that time, I was so silly and moved that I thought I would stay with him for the rest of my life. I didn't expect it to be a fraud. I planned to return the phone to him when I met him, but I forgot it. Now that I see you here, please give the phone back to him."

After saying that, Maria pressed the elevator button and entered it in less than two seconds. As soon as the elevator closed, she closed her eyes and leaned against the wall. As long as she sent her resignation to the human resources department, the whole thing would come to an end.

Austin returned to the editing department with this phone. He went to Mr. Yang's office and knocked on the door.

Hogan was still angry and didn't want to see anyone. Of course he lost his temper when he saw Austin break in. He shouted at Austin, "Who let you in? Get out!"

Austin had expected that Mr. Yang would have a bad temper, but he didn't expect him to be so bad-tempered. He took a look at the phone in his hand and then walked to Mr. Yang. He said, "Mr. Yang, this is what M

ay, when Hogan received a call from Austin, he went back to the hotel to pack up his things without saying goodbye. If there wasn't something wrong with the magazine office, Hogan must have come back for that woman."

Hearing her words, Michelle immediately laughed. She smiled lightly and said, "You think too much. What kind of woman are you? 'How could I lose to such an ordinary woman? Hogan is not blind. Don't scare myself. If I were a man, I would choose you instead of that woman."

After hearing her talk so much nonsense, Sally was satisfied with these words just now.

She thought the same way. She was such an excellent and beautiful woman, so how could she lose to an ordinary woman?

Therefore, Hogan still belonged to her in the end. But she had to take precautions. This woman could never stay with Hogan.

Four days had passed, and there were still six days left. What should she do to get thirty million? Even if she sold her organs, she couldn't get so much money!

She began to look for information on the Internet. She had a high school education, but she didn't have ID card and many certificates. So she couldn't find a good job, let alone making money.

Suddenly, she regretted. Why did she leave the magazine office on impulse?

Even if she was forced to stay with Hogan, she could leave after the debt was paid. Why was she so impulsive?

If she hadn't paid off his debt ten days later, she had to go back and be the one to vent his anger.

Suddenly, the phone on the tea table in the living room rang. She picked up the phone and found it was from [张妈].

She immediately answered the phone and said in a relaxed voice, "Mother, why did you call me?" (TN: Here "mother" mean "sworn mother')

Linda didn't know what had happened between them. She called Maria just to care about her.

She asked lovingly, "Nothing. I want to know how you are doing recently, so I call you. How are you and Mr. Yang doing now? Did Mr. Yang treat you badly?"

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