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   Chapter 55 Being Driven Out Of The Hospital

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 9724

Updated: 2020-09-21 01:28

Hearing the footsteps, Maria turned around and saw Hogan walking towards her. She threw away her clothes, rushed to Hogan, slapped on Hogan's face and scolded, "Hogan, why did you beat Kirk? He has nothing to do with our business. Do you know how serious you have done?"

Hogan didn't seem to hear it at all. He held Maria tightly and begged drunkenly, "Maria, don't leave me. I like you so much."

Maria bit her lips and struggled, but she couldn't get rid of Hogan. Finally, Maria gave up struggling. She leaned on Hogan's shoulder and shouted, "You just like me. It's just like. But you love that woman, so you went to Paris with Sally."

Hogan didn't seem to hear Maria's painful voice. He raised his head, held her face in his hands and kissed her gently.

Maria was drunk by the strong smell of alcohol, which made her lose her mind for a moment. But soon Maria pushed Hogan away.

Hogan sat heavily on the ground. Maria really wanted to help him up, but at the thought of his deception and what he had done to Kirk, Maria couldn't take another step forward.

Maria quickly turned around and continued to pack up her clothes. Maria took all the things to the suitcase. When she looked at Hogan again, Hogan had already fallen asleep on the ground.

Maria made up her mind and left Hogan's apartment at once.

Maria took out one thousand from her account book. 'Fortunately, I put my bank card in the apartment, or I would have to go back to the company to have the money. Now I could take a taxi to the hospital to visit Kirk, hoping that he had woken up.'

The taxi arrived at the hospital soon. Maria got off with her luggage. The way Maria walked into the hospital with her luggage attracted many people's attention. Maria was not in the mood to care about what they thought of her at all. She dragged her luggage and quickly walked into the elevator.

A few seconds later, Maria came to the ward. But before Maria entered, Kirk's mother had already come to Maria.

It had been nine years since Kirk's mother last saw her son. She couldn't calm down when such a thing happened as soon as her son came back. What's more, Kirk's mother always hated Maria. Of course, she would blame Maria for her son's injury.

Kirk's mother said to Maria bitterly, "It's you, an unlucky woman, who made my son like this, right? You know you are an unlucky person and you have killed your mother. You shouldn't have appeared by my son's side. It's been nine years. Why do you still cling to my son? What did my son do to you? Why did you do this to him?"

Maria apologized to Kirk's mother. She knew that it was all her fault this time. She bowed and said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have called Kirk. If I hadn't called Kirk this time, maybe Kirk wouldn't have argued with my boyfriend and Kirk wouldn't have ended up like this. Please let me stay here to take care of Kirk and make me atone for my sin

ight, so I came to take care of you."

Hogan rubbed his hair irritably. 'What's the use of him taking care of me here?' Hogan ordered, "I'm fine now. You can go back."

Austin looked at Hogan hesitantly. He had to tell Hogan that Maria lived in his house. Austin said, "Mr. Yang, I can't go back now. I let Maria live in my home."

Hogan lost his temper when he heard Austin's words. Hogan picked up the collar of Austin and roared angrily, "Austin, what did you just say? What do you mean by letting Maria live in your house? Do you have any intention on Maria? When did you start to like Maria? Tell me!"

Austin was about to surrender. 'How could Mr. Yang think that I like Maria? She is the woman of Mr. Yang. I didn't dare to grab a woman from Mr. Yang!'

Austin explained, "Please trust me, Mr. Yang. I didn't mean that. Today, you hurt Maria's friend badly, and that man's family vented their anger on Maria. Maria didn't know where to go now, so I took Maria in."

Hogan loosened his grip, 'What Austin meant is indicating that she is alone now.'

Seeing that Hogan also cared about Maria, in order to give him an excuse to see Maria again, Austin reminded him, "Mr. Yang, Maria's bag is still in the company."

'Her bag is still in the company. All her important things are in the company. How could she live?'

Hogan turned around and sat down on the sofa. 'She has already chosen that man. What does her matter have to do with me?'

Hogan pretended not to care and asked, "Since you know that Maria's bag is still in the magazine office, why don't you bring it to her? Didn't you know that she was going to resign?"

Austin answered hurriedly, "I came here in a hurry to report the result to you. I was too anxious to remember it. But think about it later. Maria is so angry because of the photo of you and Sally, and she still wants to resign. It means that you have a very important position in her heart."

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