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   Chapter 54 Get Even With Hogan

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 9461

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Hogan breathed heavily and his aura was much lower. He ordered, "Drive her to the hospital. I don't want this dirty guy to die in my apartment."

Austin could tell that Mr. Yang was very angry. 'I don't want to provoke Mr. Yang again. This man provoked Mr. Yang and had been like this. If it were me, I would not have a good end.

But this man is Maria's good friend. Should we inform Maria?'

'It feels so long!'

When Maria woke up, she felt dizzy. She lifted the quilt and got out of bed. Maria went to the bedroom and came to the living room, but she didn't see Kirk. She went to the kitchen again, but still couldn't see Kirk.

A bad feeling rose in Maria's heart, as if something bad was about to happen.

Suddenly, Maria's phone rang. She hurried to look for her cell phone and found it on the bedside table. She picked up the phone in a hurry. It was from Austin.

'Why did Austin call? Did Hogan ask him to call?'

Maria suddenly sneered at herself. 'Why am I so naive?

Now Hogan is flirting with other woman happily. How could he let Austin contact me?'

When Maria came back to her sense, her phone was still ringing, so she had to answer it.

She asked politely, "Are you looking for me, Austin?"

A calm voice came from the other end of the phone. Austin said, "Miss. Maria, your friend is in the hospital now. He.... He suffered serious injuries. If it's convenient for you now, you can come to the hospital."

'Friend? Hospital?'

The first person Maria thought of was Kirk. 'How did Austin know that Kirk was in the hospital? Besides, Kirk was fine before I went to bed?'

There was no time for Maria to think too much. She went to get the thing at once. As she walked, she asked, "Where are you now? Tell me, I'll be right there."

Austin replied, "FL Hospital."

Hearing what Austin said, Maria immediately hung up the phone. 'I must go to the hospital right now. But I don't have money with me. Should I walk there?'

Although it took a long time to walk, Maria had no choice but to run over quickly.

It would take more than half an hour to go to any hospital by car, not to mention to run there now. It took Maria a full hour to run there, and her shoes were also worn out. However, Maria still endured the pain and walked into the FL Hospital.

She checked with Austin and found the ward. She stopped when she saw Austin outside the ward. She took a deep breath and asked, "What happened, Austin? Why did Kirk get hurt?"

Austin was in a dilemma. 'If I tell Maria the whole story, I will be against Mr. Yang, won't I? At that time, Mr. Yang will be so angry that he couldn't bear to start a fight with me.'

Austin took a deep breath and persuaded, "Miss. Maria, I think you'd better go in and visit your friend first! He is badly injured and needs you to take good care

gan a push. But Hogan was so drunk that he didn't move at all.

She was even angrier when she saw Hogan like this. 'Why could Hogan drink and sleep at ease after beating someone? Why should Kirk be sent to the hospital for treatment after being beaten?'

She struggled to lift Hogan's collar and shouted, "Hogan, wake up. I don't allow you to sleep. Do you hear me? Get up!"

Hearing the noise, Austin rushed to the door of the bedroom and saw Maria shaking Mr. Yang's clothes.

Austin's face changed dramatically and he rushed to Maria. He took Maria's hand and stopped Maria from treating Mr. Yang so rudely. Austin shouted, "Enough, Maria. If you do this, you will hurt Mr. Yang."

Tired of shaking, Maria collapsed on the bed.

Austin put down Mr. Yang in a hurry and advised, "Maria, I advise you to go back to take care of your friend as soon as possible. Now the most important thing is your friend, not to get even with Mr. Yang, right?"

Maria sighed. 'Austin is right. Now that Kirk need my care, I couldn't stay here and waste time to get even with Hogan.'

She looked at Austin and pleaded, "Austin, I hope you can promise me one thing. Tell Kirk's parents to go to the hospital to visit Kirk as soon as possible."

Austin nodded and said, "No problem. Give me the address and I'll be there soon."

Maria sent the address to Austin through text. 'In this way, he wouldn't forget or find the wrong place.'

Austin left as soon as he got the address. Maria stood up and walked to the wardrobe to pack up her clothes. 'It is time to leave here, completely from Hogan's life.'

Hogan, who was lying on the bed, suddenly turned over. When he opened his eyes, he vaguely saw a person standing in front of the wardrobe and moving about. Even though Hogan was drunk, he still recognized this figure.

Hogan staggered out of bed and tried to walk up to Maria.

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