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   Chapter 53 Kirk's Provocation

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Chang Du Characters: 9624

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Hogan looked at Maria, who was standing in front of him. Was she going to quarrel with him and go against him for the sake of an outsider?

He roared, "Why can't I do this to this man? He came to my home and slept there for a whole night. He touched my woman, why can't I beat him? I can not only beat him, but also kill him!"

Tears streamed down Maria's face. She asked in a heartbroken voice, "Hogan, what did you say just now? Did you say I slept with him?"

Hogan was so angry that he said anything. He roared excitedly again, "You know what I mean. You asked a man to have dinner in the middle of the night and didn't let him leave until today. Do you want to tell me that you are just sleeping together and not doing anything else? Are you lying to a three year old child?"

Maria slapped hard on Hogan's face. How could he humiliate her like this? How could he think of her as such a shameless woman?

It suddenly occurred to her that she had sex with Hogan for the first time. At that time, didn't she get drunk and have sex with a man casually?

Now in his mind, it was normal for her to have sex with other men, wasn't it?

The next second, Maria heartbreakingly pulled Kirk up from the ground. She roared, "Yes! I slept with Kirk last night. I've been waiting for him for 9 years. Now he came back, of course I chose to be with him. Do I still choose to be with an abominable man full of lies like you?"

Was he a liar? Was he abominable?

Not only Maria, but also Hogan felt heartbroken. But the strong hatred suppressed the heartache. He wished he could kill the man who had stolen Maria and settle this score with Maria severely.

With a darkened face, Hogan stared at Maria and threatened, "Since you want to be with this man so much, I'll satisfy you. But before you leave, you have to pay off your debt of about thirty million. I've slept with you for so many days. Just take it as a sex trade. I'll give you a discount. Thirty million. Send thirty million to the magazine office within ten days. Otherwise, don't blame me for being rude to the people around you."

Hogan left, looking handsome on the surface. But when he turned around, he was too painful to breathe.

He had never had such a feeling. It was just a woman. Why did he have such a feeling?

There were all kinds of women around him. Without Maria, other women would come.

Hogan immediately took out his phone and made a call in the rain, looking for the female companions who had been his mistress.

Although Kirk was in a difficult position, Maria was even more embarrassed at this time. Holding Maria's arms, Kirk said painfully, "It doesn't matter. I'll help you pay off thirty million. You don't have a place to live now. Come to my place first."

Maria nodded. She had nowhere to go now, so she had to leave with Kirk.

The taxi took them to a high-end neighborho

will never come back to you if you don't allow me to take her luggage with me. Don't worry. She won't come back. A man who cheated her came back with a woman for fun on the first day she left home. She would definitely not come back to you."

Hearing this, Hogan was so angry that he rushed in front of Kirk. He picked up his collar and threatened, "If you dare to do so, don't blame me for being rude to you."

The smile on Kirk's face and the pizzazz on his body disappeared for a moment. He raised his fist and punched hard at Hogan's face.


Hogan was attacked. He was caught off guard and stepped back. He hit the table hard and then fell on the sofa.

After taking a few steps forward, Kirk grasped Hogan's collar tightly and said angrily, "You got Maria, but you didn't cherish her. I won't let you continue to hurt her. I am the knight guarding Maria. You are nothing."

Hogan was completely irritated by Kirk. He turned over the sofa with all his strength, pressed Kirk on the ground and gave him a good beating.

One punch, two punches, three punches, each punch hit hard on Kirk's handsome face, not withdrawing his strength.

While he was beating, he roared, "Maria is mine. I should protect her. Who do you think you are? How dare you steal my things?"

Although Kirk had just given Hogan a punch, now he didn't even have the strength to fight back. He could only be pressed on the ground by Hogan.

Hogan beat Kirk for a long time. It was not until Kirk lost consciousness that Hogan calmed down and sat beside him.

When Austin arrived at the apartment and saw this scene, he immediately rushed to Mr. Yang. He asked in shock, "Mr. Yang, what happened? Isn't he the man who stayed with Maria the whole night?"

Hogan raised his head and glared at Austin. How dare he mention it in front of him! If it weren't for his disadvantageous custody, would Maria choose such a person?

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