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   Chapter 31 A Dispute In The Bar

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 9705

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Because of the art editor's matter, Maria was completely isolated.

In the evening, Maria wanted to go back alone. As soon as she finished her work, Maria packed her bags.

But contrary to her wishes, Hogan walked out of his office at this time. He walked to Maria expressionlessly, raised his eyebrows and asked, "have you finished your work?"

At the sight of him, Maria thought of his ruthless look in the day.

He could be considerate and patient to her, but why was he so ruthless and cold-blooded to an employee working in magazine office?

Maria said, "I have an appointment with a friend. I may not be able to go back to the villa with you today."

After saying that, Maria walked around the desk and was about to leave the office.

Hogan grabbed Maria and narrowed his eyes into slits. What's wrong with her attitude? Did she forget that she had something to ask for?

Maria looked at her hand in surprise. Why did he hold her? And it hurt so much. Did he want to break her hand?

Maria shouted, "Hogan, let go of me. I do owe you money, but I have done what you said. You should give me some personal space. I want to meet my friend and take a breath. Can't I? "

Hearing this, Hogan did let go of her hand.

If she really wanted to catch her breath, then she had to do it all at once!

Hogan pretended to be helpless. He shrugged and said, "since you are going to have a meet with your friends, then you go! I'll give you a day off, but it's not easy for me to meet Henry. It seems that we have to change the date. Since Henry had such a tight schedule, it should be at the beginning of the year. I wonder if your father's company was still there at that time? Or it has become the company that Henry purchased. "

Maria, who was rubbing the scratches, widened her eyes at Hogan's words. She pulled Hogan's shirt in shock and asked, "really? Have you made an appointment with Henry? "

Hogan raised his eyebrows and looked at the small hand on his arm, which was full of calluses. After calming himself down, Hogan said provocatively, "why do you ask me this question? Don't you want me to meet Henry? If you don't want to go, I will call to cancel the meeting immediately. "

When he took out his phone, Maria immediately covered the phone with her hand and didn't let him call Henry.

Maria looked at him and explained, "Mr. Yang, I didn't mean that. You trust me, I just can't believe it. I'm so happy. Thank you. "

Hogan put away his phone and stopped teasing her. He immediately took her hand and drove her to the appointed place.

He had been driving for twenty minutes and hadn't arrived yet?

Noticing that Maria was in a hurry, Hogan said, "We will be here soon. He won't run away."

Although his tone was a little rash, it comforted her. Maria was really not so nervous.

Hogan glanced at her again, turned the steering wheel with his hands, and sh

between him and Henry had changed since he helped Maria at the wedding last time. They used to be good friends, but now they hadn't contacted each other for a long time.

If Hogan hadn't looked for him several times, he wouldn't have shown up.

The next second, Hogan pulled Maria to his side. He looked at Henry and said, "It's not me want to see you. It's Maria Xue who wants to see you. Mandy's sister, on the wedding... "

As soon as he recognized Maria, Henry stood up. His face was full of anger, which scared all the young models present.

Henry vented all his anger accumulated these days on Maria. He grabbed Maria's hand and scolded angrily, "how dare you appear in front of me again? Without you, I can still find Mandy and make her my wife. Why did you pretend to be Mandy? What's your purpose of showing up in front of me? "

Maria felt guilty for him. But now Maria felt more pain. Her wrist was about to be crushed by him.

Maria begged in pain, "please, let me go. My hand hurts. It's really broken. "

Henry had been venting his anger for so many days. How could they let her go as she wished.

Seeing this, Hogan quickly held Henry's hand and once again had a conflict with Henry regardless of the occasion.

He explained, "Henry, let go of her. Maria didn't mean to do that. She didn't know what had happened at that time. Didn't Maria make it clear to you at that time? Don't do this to a woman. You are a gentleman. "

Staring at Hogan, Henry sneered, "my wife has run away. What a gentleman. Why do I need the title of a gentleman? "

Maria seemed to be very sad from his tone. Didn't he meet with Mandy before? How could he be so sad? How could he be so heartbroken?

It was like a betrayed man trying his best to find the one he loved.

Resisting the pain, Maria asked, "Do you love Mandy? Do you really love Mandy? "

With the noisy music, perhaps only they could hear Maria's words.

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