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   Chapter 15 Chasing Mandy

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Hogan grabbed her hand. She was injured. Why should she chase Mandy?

Hogan scolded, "that's enough. Think about yourself when you care about others. Your waist is injured. Does it hurt? Do you want to go to the hospital? "

Maria held her waist with her hands. The wound on her waist was just a piece of cake. She used to work part-time and often got hurt. The most important thing now was to find out Mandy. If she lived alone, an accident would happen if she was not careful.

It would be better for a man to find a way to deal with an accident, but for a woman, an accident could become a scar for her whole life.

Maria said worriedly, "I'm fine. I'm very worried about Mandy. What if she meets some bad guys outside alone? "

It was the first time for Hogan to see such a woman. Her family didn't like her at all. Why did she have to be so good to them. Hogan couldn't bear it anymore. He grabbed Maria's hand and roared, "Maria, wake up. The woman just said that she is not your family, and you are not a member of the Xue family. It's none of your business. Even if someone meddles in her business, it would be the one of the Xue family. What does it have to do with you? "

Maria was frightened by Hogan's sudden anger. She stood still and said by instinct, "but I'm her sister, and I'm also the daughter of the Xue family. I..."

Hogan sneered. What did she say? She was the daughter of the Xue family? If the Xue family really treated her as their daughter, would they treat her like this?

Hogan asked, "do you really think they treat you as a member of the Xue family? Don't you remember that they pushed you in front of Henry yesterday? Did you forget how they threw your luggage out of your room yesterday? "

Of course, Maria still remembered what happened yesterday. Everything made her desperate about the Xue family and her father. But even if she hated the Xue family, she couldn't just watch a good girl wandering outside and being raped by some gangsters!

She took a deep breath and said to Hogan, "if I don't send Mandy back, I can't sleep or eat well."

Hogan took a deep look at Maria. It seemed that no matter how hard he tried to persuade her today, it wouldn't work. As a man, he couldn't watch Maria go out with wounds, so he had to carry Maria out.

He squatted down and said, "come on. I'll carry you to find Mandy."

Maria was completely sobered up. She looked at Hogan's broad back and hesitated.

When she was hesitating whether to let Hogan carry her or not, Hogan urged her again, "do you want to chase after her or not? If you don't come up, we won't be able to catch up with Mandy. "

It worked on Maria. Maria climbed on Hogan's back at once.

As expected, Hogan carried Maria on his back. He ran out quickly and didn't even have time to pay the bill.

The guests in the restaurant were all moved by their love when they saw this scene. Such a simple relationship was hard to find in this society full of reality. How could it not be envious.

Maria leaned on Hogan's back. It was the first time for her to feel his broad back. It seemed to be very safe and reliable.

If only this back could let her rely on for a lifetime!

Thinking of this, Maria suddenly came to her senses. How could she have such an idea? Hogan was the creditor. No matter how reliable his back was, it was impossible for them to be together.

Hogan chased after Mandy with all his attention and didn't notice that Maria was overthinking on his back. But she kept moving, which made it difficult for Hogan to catch up with Mandy.

Hogan shouted discontentedly, "Maria, do you want me to chase your sister? You have been moving since I carried you out. How can I chase her? "

Maria poked her head out and tried to look at Mandy, who had disappeared in front of them. She loosened Hogan's neck, pulled Hogan's arm and said, "there's no need to chase after Mandy. She has run away. Put me down. I can do it myself. "

Although Hogan was gasping for breath, as a well-educated gentleman, he would never let a lady walk by herself after she was injured. Hogan's breath calmed down and said, "you are injured now. If you walk randomly, aren't you afraid that you will have to sit on a wheelchair in the future?"

The shyness and gratitude on Maria's face disappeared. She pulled a long face and argued with Hogan, "what do you mean by saying that I will sit on a wheelchair in the future? It's not a big deal. Why should I sit on a wheelchair?"

It's not a big deal?

Hogan snorted as if he was trying to frighten Mandy. He said, "you don't know how many people have hurt their waist first. If they don't treat them in time, they will deteriorate to the bone and can't stand up at last."

Maria rolled her eyes and thought it was not so serious. If it was really so serious, she would have been in a wheelchair.

She retorted, "Mr. Yang, are you cursing me? You should know that I still owe you tens of millions of debt. If your curse succeeds, I will never be able to pay that huge debt in my life. "

Hogan sneered,

turned around and walked towards the car with her on his back. While walking, he said, "don't worry. It's hands, not legs that write the interview draft. Even if you are disabled in a wheelchair, you can still work to pay off your debts. "

As soon as he finished his words, Hogan came to the driver's seat.

He put Maria on the passenger seat and then sat on the driver's seat. When he fastened his seat belt, he found that Maria was holding her phone. He frowned and looked at Maria, "who are you calling?"

Maria put the phone near her ear and answered, "call my father. Whether I can stop Mandy or not, I should call them to let them know."

Hogan pulled a long face and grabbed her phone.

She not only meddled in Mandy's business, but now she even wanted to call Davis. She really didn't remember how Davis betrayed her and cheated her?

Maria didn't expect that Hogan would take away her phone, so she reflexively stretched out her arm to take it back. She sprained her waist again by accident. She screamed in pain, "ah, it hurts!"

Hearing her cry, Hogan put the phone aside and asked anxiously, "does it hurt in the place you just hit? I'll drive you to the hospital right away. You must have a check-up. "

Maria covered her waist with her hands. It really hurt, but now it seems to be better. She saw the phone on the side and quickly took it back.

Hogan, who started the engine, widened his eyes when he saw this. He asked angrily, "Maria, how dare you lie to me? Do you know how worried I was when you shouted just now? "

Maria shook her head. She didn't want Hogan to think that she was a liar. She explained in a hurry, "no, I really sprained my waist just now. But it's better now. I didn't take it back until I put it here. "

Judging from her serious expression, he guessed that she really twisted her waist just now.

Hogan took a deep breath, turned the reverse disk and sent her to the hospital.

Why didn't she care about herself first, and then care about those who couldn't be called her family members.

Hogan drove the door for two seconds and said coldly, "let's go to the hospital for a check-up first and go back to work after making sure there is nothing wrong."

Today's colleagues had already held a grudge against her. If she was late this afternoon because she was with Mr. Yang, they would definitely say something worse.

Maria said worriedly, "I'm afraid that our colleagues will gossip when we arrive at the company in the afternoon."

Hogan frowned and asked, "do you hear any gossip in the company?"

Maria shook her head. She didn't want to have a relationship with her colleagues as soon as she came to the company. If she told Hogan what they said secretly, Hogan would definitely teach them a lesson in the office.

In that case, everyone would think that they really had that kind of relationship with Hogan, and all of them would avoid her, wouldn't they?

She said perfunctorily, "I'm just afraid that my colleagues will think too much. After all, I came to your office today and said something wrong. It's normal for them to misunderstand our relationship. "

Hogan withdrew his sight and continued to drive. He said, "those people are not as bored as you are. They won't associate your crazy behavior with our going out."

Maria looked at his pretended cold face, and his worried face suddenly became so cold. Why did he pretend to be so cold to her? Obviously, he cared about her!

"Hogan, why are you so cared about me?" Maria asked in confusion

Hearing her words, Hogan was stunned. This question became a question in Hogan's mind. Hogan had always been indifferent to women. He only treated Sally a little better, but he didn't care about Sally so much as about Maria.


Hogan's answer made Maria very unhappy. He said, "because you are the woman I have slept with."

Her warmth came from his care was instantly extinguished by a basin of ice water. A man like him would only care about the woman he had slept with. She was definitely not the only woman he cared about. If the woman he had slept with before called him, he would help her without hesitation.

A gentleman who pretended to be affectionate had to pay the price, let alone him.

Maria finally endured her waist injury and sat in the office for three hours. At six o'clock, she left the office. As soon as she walked out of the company, she found that the employees she didn't know were pointing at her.

Now she was not in the mood to care about what they thought of her. She had no chance to call her father in the afternoon. Now that she was off duty, she could call her father back and tell him that Mandy was still in this city.

She pressed her waist with one hand and slid the screen with the other. She found Davis's phone number and called him immediately.

After a while, Davis roared angrily on the other end of the phone, "you bitch, how dare you call me? Don't you know that our Xue family is in trouble because of you? You are really a jinx. You have done a lot of harm to us. "

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