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   Chapter 13 One Hundred Thousand For A Glass Of Wine

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These old periodicals of Beautiful Girl had been placed on the desk for more than an hour, and only two copies had been read by Maria. The more she read these reports, the more depressed she felt.

Could she really do the job as an assistant with her own ability?

If she couldn't do this job well, would they gossip this about Hogan again?

Suddenly, Maria thought of giving up. But how could she break her promise?

Maria sighed deeply. Even if she had to hold on to the end, she had to try her best to do this job.

If she didn't have the determination to do this job well, she wouldn't be able to pay off the debt of forty million for the rest of her life.

She had been thinking about how to deal with this job, but she didn't hear the footsteps from afar.

It was not until a pair of expensive men's shoes appeared in front of her that she raised her head and found Hogan.

Hogan knocked two times on her office desk and asked, "are you reading these materials the whole morning?"

Maria stood up in a hurry and answered, "I haven't been back from the human resources department for long. The deputy editor in chief let me learn these materials and said that I would write the draft when everyone in a hurry in the future."

Hogan stopped beating, crossed his arms over his chest and nodded. He said, "yes, sometimes we have to interview a few drafts and finally draft them. The assistant is also responsible for the interview and writing. It's not as simple as serving tea and water. "

Maria couldn't help biting her lips. Was he guiding her or making fun of her?

It was her first day at work, and these colleagues asked her to buy water and food. Could she refuse? Then how could she survive in this company and continue to work in the future?

Putting away the logic that flashed through her mind, Maria replied sincerely, "I see, Mr. Yang. I will learn from now on. I won't only be an assistant who serves tea and water. "

As soon as she finished her words, Hogan suddenly held her hand. While walking, Hogan announced peremptorily, "let's go for lunch."

Dine out?

Although the people in the content department had finished their work earlier today and went out to celebrate, no one would find that they had lunch together. However, it was not good for them to be openly hand in hand go and out of the workplace.

She followed Hogan and wanted to get out of him, but Hogan took her into the elevator before she could do so.

Finally, Hogan let go of Maria's hand. Maria rubbed her wrist and said worriedly, "now the content department has begun to spread our relationship. I can't have lunch with you. If you want to have lunch, you can ask someone else for lunch. I heard that you have a lot of women around you, and there should be a lot of women who have slept with you. You can choose any of them to have lunch. "

Did she know that he had slept with many women?

It seemed that there was no secret in the office. A small matter could spread all over the city.

Hogan withdrew his cold aura, approached Maria naturally, and pushed Maria back to the wall of the elevator. His strong manly aura sprayed on Maria's face. He said, "I can indeed choose a woman who has slept with me to eat, and I'm doing it here now. Do you have any objection? "

His breath and words seemed to be teasing Maria. Maria blushed and even breathed heavily.

Maria took a deep breath and turned her face away. She told herself that she would be fine as long as she didn't look at Hogan and didn't listen to him deliberately.

"No," replied Maria weakly

That was to say, Hogan could do whatever he wanted. She was just an ordinary employee, and she was heavily in debt. How could she say no?

Hogan nodded with satisfaction. Since there was no objection, he would like to go to the restaurant where he often dined.

The Bugatti Veyron was really cool. Maria noticed that some people would show their heads and whistle on the way.

In fact, it was normal that not everyone could drive such a luxury car. Only people like Hogan could afford it. Maybe it was easier for him to buy a Bugatti Veyron than she to buy a bottle of limited edition perfume of Chanel.

While Maria was thinking about something new, Hogan's Bugatti Veyron was already stopped outside a well decorated restaurant.

Hogan unfastened his seat belt and reminded, "don't daydream anymore. It's already one o'clock. If you don't want to be late for work in the afternoon, go in and have lunch."

As expected, Maria's thoughts were awakened by Hogan. Seeing that Hogan got off the car, she quickly unfastened her seat belt and followed him.

A waiter in the restaurant warmly ushered them into the restaurant.

Maria didn't find anything special until she entered the restaurant. The decoration was very special. It was not the regular decoration, but the style was greatly improved.

The table was on a large page, and there were less than ten tables in the restaurant. It seemed that the consumption here was beyond her expectation.

Maria coughed and was about to pull up the chair cautiously. The waiter offered to help her, which made her feel very embarrassed.

Hogan sat down and took a look at Maria. His eyes were fixed on the menu.

Maria lowered her head and felt remorseful. She was here for meal. Why did she make it sound like she was a worker.

Although Hogan didn't show it, she was sure that he must be making fun of her in his heart.

After a while, Hogan ordered the dishes and the waiter turned to the kitchen.

Maria deliberately looked away from Hogan. She knew that if she looked at Hogan, Hogan would definitely try to teach her a lesson.

Hogan drank the red wine prepared by the waiter and asked, "don't you want to drink the red wine that has been stored for more than ten years?"

Maria's eyes finally fell on Hogan again, but she remembered the mistake of making by alcohol. No matter how delicious the wine was, she still couldn't have it again.

She said politely, "thank you. I'm not good at drinking. I'm not fit to drink when I have to go to work."

Hogan didn't seem to believe Maria's words. He pushed the glass in front of her forward and said, "one hundred thousand for one glass."

One hundred thousand?

Maria's eyes sparkled. Did he mean that if she drink a glass of wine, she could deduct one hundred thousand from her debt this noon?

Then she could deduct hundreds of thousands from forty million. That's a pretty good deal!

After weighing the pros and cons, Maria immediately picked up the cup in front of her. She didn't drink with a sense of drinking at all. She just wanted to pay off her debt.

One hundred thousand for one cup, two hundred thousand for two cups, then three cups...

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