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   Chapter 12 Gossip In The Bathroom

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 3857

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There was no accident. If it weren't for the debt of forty million, Hogan would have kicked her out.

Austin did choose some green dresses and suits, but Maria felt that she looked like a plant in these clothes. She was green, but she seemed to be alive.

Hogan suddenly called Austin, as if he had something to deal with. Maria asked Austin to bring the clothes back to the office, and then she went to the bathroom.

She hadn't gone to the bathroom yet this morning. She had to go to the bathroom first, otherwise how could she spend the whole day.

As soon as she entered the fourth room, she heard the sound of high-heeled shoes stepping on the ground. It was not the sound of one person, but two people or three people. The sound of their high heels stepping on the ground was different. Maybe it was because of the different brands!

A said, "do you think the new assistant editor really has an affair with Mr. Yang?"

B replied, "so what? There are still many women around Mr. Yang! Some time ago, I saw Mr. Yang having dinner with the movie queen, Sally Wan. Mr. Yang could even get that kind of woman. There was no woman Mr. Yang couldn't get. How long can a simple assistant editor stayed around Mr. Yang? "

C echoed, "yes. What kind of man Mr. Yang is! Can an ordinary woman help him? But to be honest, it was not bad to be with Mr. Yang. He was not bad looking, with strong momentum and strong body. I really want to be with Mr. Yang, even for one day! "

B teased, "you know Mr. Yang has the strong body. Have you experienced it?"

C nudged her with her elbow and scolded, "how can you say that? I'm just telling the truth! Everyone knows that Mr. Yang is in good health. Otherwise, how could he be able to endure more than the staff of the company? He can work overtime for several days. "

Both A and B nodded in agreement. In today's society, few people would have such strength.

C washed

her hands, took out the powder from the handbag and put it on her face. While fixing her makeup, she reminded, "now everyone knows that Maria is Mr. Yang's woman. Don't be too rude to her. The Beautiful Girl pays well. Don't lose your job because of Maria. "

The other two replied perfunctorily and took out their cosmetics to fix their makeup.

Hearing what they said, Maria, who stayed in the bathroom, immediately put on a sad look.

Now they must think of herself as the kind of woman who relied on her body to get the position. She met Hogan by chance the night before yesterday and became Hogan's woman by chance. But after hearing what they said, she felt herself was so cheap.

Should she explain it to them? If she explained, would she expose what she had sex with Hogan.

'No, I won't. I just need to explain to them what happened in the office.'?

Having made up her mind, Maria stood up quickly and was about to explain to her colleagues outside. But when she just tidied herself up, she heard the sound of high heels stepping on the ground outside. A few seconds later, the sound became lower and lower, and she couldn't even hear it.

Maria frowned and opened the door immediately. There was no one in the bathroom. Sure enough, they left.

She sighed dejectedly. It seemed that she couldn't explain it clearly.

Maria walked to the washing table and touched her make-up face. Was she still herself? She was just a monkey. She couldn't understand why women abused their skin like this.

She couldn't help but murmur to herself, "Maria, you still have a huge debt of forty million to pay. You don't have so much time to care about what others think of you. Come on!"

After encouraging herself, Maria patted her face and walked out of the bathroom.

A woman with long curly hair walked out from another room. She raised her thick lips and sneered, "a huge debt of forty million, right?"

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