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   Chapter 10 An Unfriendly Office

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Maria thought there would be an interview in the human resources department, but she didn't expect that she would go through the entry formalities immediately. She saw the assistant editor on the entry form. It must be arranged by Hogan!

When she left the human resources department, Maria saw that people there were speaking about her.

In fact, it was not their fault. As long as she came in without an interview, they would be curious. What's more, Hogan Yang, the chief editor, personally assigned her to do this. She wondered if they would regard her as a spy?

According to the instructions of human resources department's colleagues, Maria came to the editing department on the 5th floor, where there were two large offices. Maria paid close attention to the logo on the top. One of them was made of iron with GIRL and the other was with MAN.

She vaguely remembered the assistant editor of the Beautiful Girl on her duty table. It should be Girl.

She took a deep breath and walked into the company with a smile.

The office was very busy now. Everyone was busy with their work. Some were delivering documents, and some were printing drafts in front of the computer. They didn't stop at all.

Maria was frightened by this scene. She didn't expect that the editing department would be like this.

'They are all very busy. It's my first day here. What can I do for them? '?

Suddenly, a woman walked up to Maria. With the draft in her hand, she had no time to talk nonsense with Maria. She asked straightforwardly, "Are you here for work?"

Maria nodded vigorously and introduced herself, "I'm the new assistant editor, Maria Xue. Nice to meet you."

The woman looked at Maria up and down and then ordered, "No one has time to have lunch in the staff canteen this noon. You buy 7 cups of coffee and 7 lunches this afternoon. Half an hour should be enough. Remember not to add sugar in coffee. All of us may be busy until we get off work. The purity of the coffee must be one hundred percent. "

Maria nodded and looked around in panic. She had bought so many lunches that she couldn't carry her bag.

The woman seemed to understand what she was looking at. She immediately raised her arm and pointed at the table in the corner. She said, "Put your bag there. It's for the new assistant."

Maria immediately ran over, took her wallet and left the office.

As soon as she left, Hogan and his assistant Austin walked out of the elevator. Without looking at Austin, Hogan asked as if he was asking the business, "Has Maria come to work?"

Austin said, "When you went to the bathroom, the human resources department called. Maria has come to the human resources department. She should be working in the office now. "

Hogan nodded and stopped outside the GIRL office. He put his hands in his trouser pockets and walked into the office. He was the chief editor and the distribution of Girl magazine. As for the other magazines of the company, he didn't work for them. He was just the distribution.

As soon as he entered the office, he quickly scanned the office. Maria was not working here at all.

What a damn girl! Did she take his words seriously?

She was lazy on the first day of work. It seemed that she didn't know what to do during working hours without giving her a lesson.

He glanced at Austin and entered the office.

Austin certainly knew what Mr. Yang meant, but Mr. Yang seldom paid so much attention to a woman. Was Maria lucky or not?

Normally, office romance was either sweet or tortured to death, and it was difficult to have a good life with Sally Wan in the middle.

Maria bought the lunch and carefully took it upstairs. As soon as she entered the office, she carefully put the lunch on everyone's table.

Suddenly, a colleague knocked over the coffee on the table. She stood up abruptly, with her eyes red, and scolded her angrily, "Could you do something well? Do you know that I spent the whole night writing this? I have to input this into computer for Mr. Yang. Are you making trouble for me on purpose? "

Maria didn't expect this to happen. She bowed with guilt and apologized, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I shouldn't have put the coffee on your table. I'm really sorry. "

The colleague continued to reprimand, "Sorry? What's the point of apologizing? Can you change my draft back? If you don't come out to work seriously, then don't come. Our magazine office doesn't need a useless person like you. You come to drag us down on purpose, don't you? "

Maria always apologized. She didn't want to make enemies in the company on the first day of work and make her colleagues unhappy.

Austin was checking the time for the printing factory, but as soon as he entered the office, he saw that Maria was bullied. He frowned and walked behind Maria. How dare these people scold Mr. Yang's lover.

It was Mr. Yang's turn to scold her. When was it their turn?

When the staff of the editing department reprimanded Maria, he finally said, "Why don't you think about what you did wrong when you are complaining about others? Now that you know that you have to hand it over to Mr. Yang for the final design during today's meeting,

you should have done it earlier. You shouldn't wait till now. Rewrite it when the draft was gone. The new colleague doesn't know anything. It's not suitable for you to vent your anger on her. "

Everyone in the office looked at Austin. This special assistant of Mr. Yang never interfered in the affairs of the editorial department. The reason why he suddenly intervened must be because of this new employee.

Who was she? Why did the special assistant help her?

Noticing that everyone was looking at Maria in shock, Austin said to Maria, "Mr. Yang wants to see you. Let's go inside!"

Wasn't he saying that she was Mr. Yang's lover?

Maria didn't notice the look in everyone's eyes. She quickly followed the direction that Austin pointed to and walked into the office inside. When she arrived at the door of the office, Maria saw the nameplate on the wall.

This was the Chief Editor's Office.

Maria tidied up her clothes, stretched out her little hand and knocked on the door with her finger.

Hogan leaned against the chair. He had heard the quarrel outside.

Maria was really 'capable' of getting along so well with each other on her first day to work in the magazine office. It seemed that she would have a hard time in the company in the future.

After two minutes of silence, Hogan ordered while playing with the limited edition pen, "come in."

Maria opened the door and walked into the office. She began to feel uncomfortable the moment she saw Hogan. Walking in front of Hogan, she coughed and asked, "your special assistant said you wanted to see me just now. What can I do for you?"

Hogan looked up at Maria and stood up immediately. He walked to Maria and looked at Maria's dress up and down.

Maria also noticed that he kept looking at her dress. The dress cost thousands of dollars. Would he say that there was something wrong with it?

She swore that if he said this dress didn't nice, she would definitely cripple him here.

Maria stepped back and vigilantly let Hogan go, as if he were a lecher. She said warily, "Mr. Yang, have you seen enough? Do you know that it's enough to harass your female subordinate by looking at me like this? "

Hogan crossed his arms over his chest and asked with a straight face, "Did you come out this morning to buy this kind of clothes?"

This kind of clothes?

Maria's mouth was wide open. God knew how hard she had to work to control her temper in front of Hogan.

She closed her eyes and emphasized, "Mr. Yang, I spent nearly ten thousand on my clothes today."

It was all for the sake of her Mr. Yang, who was so picky. 'If you have the ability, just buy famous brands for me. In this way, I don't have to worry about how to match them.

For a person who seldom dressed up, it was extremely troublesome to match clothes, OK?'

Ten thousand?

Was the problem about money? The problem was that the dress itself was not well cut and designed, and the hemline was so short, and then she bent down. The scenery behind her buttocks was seen. Was there nothing wrong with her?

Maria, you have no bottom line!

Hogan didn't know why he was unhappy, but he said unhappily, "Do you usually come to the company in such a dress? Do you like others to see what kind of underwear you are wearing? "

Maria screamed and pressed the hem of her dress in a panic. She roared, "Lecher."

The word "lecher" should be too sharp, because everyone in the editing department outside had heard them. The two of them looked at the Chief Editor's Office in shock. Mr. Yang never did these things in the office. What was going on!

Austin was also embarrassed by Mr. Yang. He guessed that all the people in the editing department were thinking about something!

The next second, Austin coughed. He didn't want any rumor to spread in the company. If it came out, it would only make Mr. Yang think that he was useless.

Hogan's face darkened when he heard her scream.

What was she doing? Didn't she know that people outside will misunderstand them if she call him like this? Was she going to make everyone think he was a lecher?

The corners of Hogan's mouth twitched for two times, and he asked with a smile, "Maria, do you think it's appropriate to scream in the office like this? Who do you think I am? Am I a person who would do such a thing in public at will? "

Maria hurriedly waved her hand. She didn't mean that. She really didn't

Hogan approached her, grabbed her chin, forced her to look at him and asked, "you don't mean that? Well, then tell me why you screamed in my office and let the people outside misunderstand our relationship. "

Outside Did everyone outside hear it?

Maria looked at the closed window in a hurry and realized what a stupid thing she had just done.

'Oh my God! Was I insane? How could I provoke him on the first day of work? Life was not easy for me. As we lived under the same roof in the future, it would only be sadder.'

Maria had forgotten everything. She was busy apologizing to Hogan and forgot how short her dress was.

She kept chattering, "I'm sorry, Mr. Yang... I'm really sorry. It's all my fault. I shouldn't have called you like this. I'm sorry... "

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