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   Chapter 8 Her Hero

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Maria didn't trust him and immediately exposed him. Maria said, "When you fastened the seat belt for me just now, I saw you frown. You must have hurt your wound. In fact, admitting in front of me that the pain in your wound is not cowardice. You helped me, you should be the hero in my heart. "


I'm the editor in chief and the developer of the Beautiful Girl, and the future successor of the Yang Group's real estate. Do I need to be such a worthless hero?'

Hogan glared at her and said, "Who wants to be the hero in your heart? I just stood out because I didn't like your family's attitude. You were family, but you acted like enemies. You'd better not want such kind of family. You should cheer up and start a new life. "


At the mention of the Xue family, Maria's face darkened.

Ethan was the son of Chelsea. He had never regarded her as a family member? He had never treated her as his elder sister, or he wouldn't have said those sarcastic words to her just now.

She suddenly asked, "Do you think Ethan is seriously injured?"

Hogan stared at her in disbelief. She had been kicked out of the house by the Xue family. Why was she still worried about them? Can't she cheer up and live like a normal person?

The next second, Hogan said sulkily, "He was full of energy when he spoke. I don't think he was seriously injured. It's only a few stitches at most. After a while, the wound will be out of sight. "

The advertisement in the magazine said that this kind of operation would not leave scars, but could it really be as if it had never been hurt?

Thinking of this, Maria laughed at herself.

Even if Ethan's wound could be healed, it was impossible for her to heal wound between her and the Xue family . It was impossible for her to fulfill her mother's last wish in her life and return to the Xue family.

Hogan kept an eye on her expression while driving. She still had hope for the Xue family, but she was clear that she couldn't go back to Xue family. Hogan didn't say a word to her. If he continued, she would burst into tears.

In the evening, Hogan's car arrived at the garage of a villa.

Maria had fallen asleep. Hearing Hogan's voice, Maria opened her eyes. She vaguely saw many cars.

When the focus was focused, Maria found that it was a large garage. Not only was it large, but there were also twenty or thirty cars in it!

Maria asked in shock, "Is this your home?"

Hogan unfastened the safety belt and got off the car. He looked at Maria with a surprised expression. He said, "If this is not my home. Is it yours?"

Maria came to Hogan's side in a hurry. She pointed at the famous cars in the garage and couldn't believe that she could see so many cars on the same day. She shouted in shock, "no, there are so many famous cars here. Are they all yours? Are you really that rich? "

These cars worth tens of millions in total, and the things in his apartment were worth tens of millions. He was a real rich man!

Hogan knew what Maria meant at once. He corrected, "No matter how much I have, I won't let you go. Besides, you have to work hard for me from now on! Maybe you can pay your debt when you die. "


A cold air surged up from the soles of her feet. Why did she feel a chill all over her body?

If she really had to pay the debt when she die, she would rather die tomorrow, so as not to suffer so many years.

Seeing her in a daze, Hogan shook her arm and shouted, "Go get your luggage. Are you going to sleep in the garage tonight?"

Maria immediately ran to the trunk and took out the bag.

Hogan didn't help her again when they went through the community. It had been almost an hour since he came out of the garage to the villa's main building, but Hogan didn't even helped Maria.

When they arrived at the living room, Maria's arm was almost broken. Hogan didn't notice her until her things finally fell to the ground.

Hogan looked around the living room. The light was still on, so they couldn't go to sleep. Hogan shouted, "Where is the person? I'm here. Are you still hiding from me? "

As soon as his deep voice came out, Aunt Zhang, who was busy in the kitchen, ran out.

Aunt Zhang was very happy to see him. She hadn't seen him for more than half a year, so of course she would be happy. Aunt Zhang clapped her hands and came to him. She asked excitedly, "Mr. Yang, why are you here? You should have made a phone call when you came here at this time! If we all sleep, no one will take care of you. "

Hogan didn't ask people to come out for greeting. He used the power of the Mr. Yang and ordered, "take this lady's luggage upstairs and put it next to my room."

Aunt Zhang couldn't help but look at Maria carefully, which made Maria feel embarrassed. When Aunt Zhang's eyes fell on Hogan's face again, she found that Hogan had bruises on his face.

Aunt Zhang screamed, "Mr. Yang, the wound on your face What happened? Why did you get hurt? They will be sad if your m

om and dad know it. "

Hogan's face turned red all of a sudden. He turned to look at Maria uneasily.

As she said so, he had become mammy baby, who always rely on mammy Was he such a useless man? What did it mean that a little injury would make parents sad.

As a man, it didn't matter if he was injured slightly. Every man would be hurt, OK?

Hogan immediately scolded, "Aunt Zhang, shut up. You can just move the things upstairs. Don't say anything that you shouldn't say. "

It was rare for Aunt Zhang to see Hogan get angry, so she had to shut up. He was always calm and seldom lost his temper. But now he was angry with this lady. This lady should be very important to Mr. Yang!

But Maria looked at Hogan as if he was a impolite man. He was too disrespectful about others. Even if she was just a female worker of his family, he didn't have to treat her like this!

Seeing that the woman called Aunt Zhang was going to help her with her luggage, she picked up the luggage first and carried it on her shoulder.

Maria said politely, "No, thanks. I can do it myself."

Aunt Zhang had a good impression of her. She was good-looking and polite. If she wasn't for the double faced woman, it would be a good choice for Mr. Yang.

The next second, Aunt Zhang led the way and took her upstairs.

As soon as Maria entered the guest room next to Hogan, her luggage fell to the ground with a bang. It turned out that she had never lived in such a big room before. The presidential suite in the hotel was just so so!

Hearing the voice, Aunt Zhang turned around and saw her shocked expression. Aunt Zhang hurried to pick up her luggage. Aunt Zhang smiled kindly and said, "Lady, don't be surprised. It was a large house, so each room was designed to be spacious. This was a bedroom, and there was a bathtub in the bathroom. If you want to take a bath, I can run some water right away. "


The big room here was equipped with a bathtub. How big was this villa?

She suddenly felt so regretful. She shouldn't have fallen asleep when Hogan drove here just now. If she didn't fall asleep, she could see how big it was.

Maria regained her composure and shook her head at Aunt Zhang, "No, thanks! It's late today. I have to go to work in Hogan's company tomorrow, so I have to go to bed early. "

Aunt Zhang widened her eyes in shock.

Mr. Yang never allowed any woman to come to the magazine office. It was a place where Lord Yang and Lady Yang started from scratch. Mr. Yang attached great importance to it and did not allow any bad habits and ugliness there. She didn't expect he would take this lady to work in the magazine office after he knew her.

Seeing Aunt Zhang's surprised expression, Maria felt something was wrong. She asked curiously, "Aunt Zhang, is there anything wrong?"

Aunt Zhang shook her head immediately. She didn't like to gossip behind Hogan. It suddenly occurred to her that she didn't know Maria's name yet. She quickly asked, "By the way, what's your name? I think you will stay here for a long time since you have brought your luggage here. Tell me your name. It's suitable to call you in the future. "

Maria blushed with embarrassment. It was the basic courtesy to introduce herself when they met. She was just attracted by everything here and lost her politeness.

She introduced herself, "My name is Maria Xue. I'm a woman who was driven out by my family. Hogan took me here out of kindness. "

Being driven out by her family?

Aunt Zhang couldn't help but stretch out her hand and gently smoothed the bangs on her forehead. Aunt Zhang asked with sympathy, "Are you sad to be kicked out by your close family? It doesn't matter. Just stay here. I and Mr. Yang are here. "

It was just a small movement, but it was enough to make Maria shed tears of gratitude.

Since her mother died of illness at the age of 17, she had never enjoyed such warmth.

Seeing her cry, Aunt Zhang was at a loss. Did she say something wrong? Aunt Zhang hurried to get a tissue to wipe her tears. There was no tissue in the room, so she went out to get it right away.

Few people came to the villa, so the guest room is not fully furnished. It seemed that she had to bring more things here. Bathrobes, towels, paper towels and other living goods needed to be prepared more.

As soon as Aunt Zhang walked out, Hogan walked into the room with his arms crossed over his chest. He looked at Maria expressionlessly and asked, "You seem to like crying very much? Do you think crying can solve the problem? "

Thinking of her mother all of a sudden, Maria was already very sad, but when she saw his superior appearance and heard his sarcastic words, a flame of angr suddenly rose in her heart.

Maria's emotion was out of control and she scolded, "It's useless to cry, but people will always cry when they are sad. How can a happy person like you feel others' feelings? You wouldn't feel sad at all. You wouldn't have the sad sometimes. "

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