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   Chapter 7 Being Driven Out

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Looking at Maria's expression, Hogan guessed what had happened. The Xue family was so angry that they even threw out Maria's luggage.

Hogan took a deep breath and pulled Maria up. He ordered, "Stand behind me."

Maria looked at Hogan in confusion. What did he want to do?

When Maria was still confused, Hogan raised his arm and knocked at the door. He looked like the Azrael, and there was darkness all over his body, which made Maria a little scared.

The man who opened the door was Ethan, Maria's half-brother. He was a student in Junior year and a black sheep.

Ethan recognized Hogan at the first sight. After all, he has a good memory. He just met Hogan at the wedding this morning. How could he forget it all at once.

However, Ethan didn't understand why such a rich man like him would stand up for this illegitimate daughter. Did he fall in love with her.

Ethan sneered, "So you two have an affair. No wonder you helped her when she was humiliated by Henry at the wedding."

Hogan's face darkened and his eyes were full of anger. He punched Ethan in the face rudely. Seeing that Ethan stepped back and bumped into the shoe cabinet at the door, he grabbed Ethan's collar and scolded, "Who do you think you are to laugh at others? What's more, you are laughing at your relatives, you're the ones who put her in an awkward position at the wedding, and you're the ones who let her become the vent of Henry's anger. How dare you throw out her luggage? I warn you, get out of her house right now, or I'll teach you a lesson! "

Ethan was careless just now, but it didn't mean that he was afraid of this person.

Fortunately, his mother asked him to bring two people here, otherwise he couldn't drive Maria away from here.

Ethan pushed Hogan away with a sneer and retorted, "Lesson? How rude do you think you can be to me? I'm afraid you are the one who will be sent to the hospital today. "

The muscles at the corners of Hogan's mouth twitched, and his fists were clenched tightly, as if he would hit Ethan's face again at any time.

Seeing this, Maria rushed to Ethan. She opened her arms and looked at Hogan, defending, "No matter what they have done to me, they are my family. I can't see any of them get hurt. No! "

'Silly woman, have they ever treated you as their family? If there have, they won't let you marry Henry instead of your sister.'

Although Hogan blamed Maria in his heart, he loosened his clenched fists because he was moved. They didn't want you to be their family then it's their lost .

Ethan didn't seem to appreciate Maria's kindness and pushed her away rudely. Maria fell heavily to the ground, with a big bruise on her forehead.

Hogan immediately stopped being moved. This family didn't deserve sympathy at all. Today, he was going to teach the family a good lesson on behalf of Maria.

Seeing that Hogan was about to beat him again, Ethan shouted, "come out!"

The brawny man who was cleaning up the rubbish rushed out and they immediately stood in front of Ethan to protect him. Obviously, they were the helpers brought by Ethan.

At the sight of these two men, Hogan looked scornfully at Ethan, who had a pair of eyes exposed, and said sarcastically, "your Xue family is really good at doing bad things. A woman deserves you to bring two men here? So? Do you want to beat Maria to death? "

Ethan replied in disgust, "Maria should have died a long time ago. If we really killed Maria this time, she deserves it. She is the daughter of a bitch. She ruined my father's plan. Now Henry not only doesn't give us money, but also wants to deal with my father. It's all done by Maria. Why is she still in my father's house? Even if I use it to raise a dog, I won't let this bitch's daughter live here easily. "

Hogan couldn't hold his fist any longer and punched him. Although he was strong, he was no match for the two brawny men. It was not easy for him not to lose miserably, and it was impossible for him to escape unscathed.

When Maria got up, she felt guilty when she saw that Hogan's face was beaten by two strong men. Unexpectedly, Ethan picked up a vase in the living room and was about to smash it at Hogan.

There was a voice in her heart telling her that she couldn't watch Hogan being hurt or watch her life rescuer die in front of her. So she rushed up and pushed Ethan away before Ethan noticed her.

Unexpectedly, Ethan's bottle directly hit his own forehead, bleeding a lot.

The two men quickly helped Ethan up, but Ethan covered the blood on his head and walked to Maria.

Maria's face was pale and at a loss.

She just didn't want Ethan to attack Hogan, but she didn't expect Ethan to be injured.

She reached out her ha

nd and apologized, "I'm sorry, Ethan . I..."

Ethan didn't appreciate it at all. He shook off Maria's arm and shouted in disgust, "Maria, don't shed crocodile tears in front of me. You broke my head because of this man. I will tell Dad that you will never be able to go back to the Xue family for the rest of your life. "

Enduring the pain, Hogan walked to Maria and put his hand on Maria's shoulder.

He said, " Your Xue family needn't worry about her, then Maria won't live here anymore. Remember! If you Xue family drive Maria out now, you will have no connection with her. Don't turn to ask her to come back. "

As soon as he finished his words, Maria was pulled out by Hogan.

Looking at the injured Hogan, Maria really didn't want to lose her temper at this time, but where should she go now?

She asked, "Where are we going now? I still have so many things to pack. "

Although Hogan was injured, he carried two bags on his shoulders. He gave a small bag to Maria and said, "Go to my house. It's one thousand times better than this damned place. Let's go!"

Seeing him striding away, Maria hurriedly followed him with the small bag in front of her. Maria wanted to catch up with him and make it clear, but he walked very fast with two big bags on his shoulders like a strong man.

It was not until they left the building that Maria caught up with him. Maria put down the bag and grabbed his hand. Gasping for breath, Maria asked, "Your house... Didn't I destroy your house? "

Hogan was injured, and with two bags of things, he couldn't stand it anymore. The things fell to the ground with a bang. Hogan took a deep breath and said to Maria, "I have a lot of houses, so don't talk nonsense. Carry your things into the car. Besides, this car is very expensive. Don't scratch it. Otherwise, your life, and your next life are not enough to pay for it. "

In this case, how dare she put the things in the car?

Maria bit her lips. In fact, many things could be abandoned. As long as she keep the important things, she can buy daily necessities slowly in the future.

The point was that she couldn't scratch his car. There was no good time for her in this life. She couldn't lose her next life.

The next second, Maria opened the bag and threw out all the unimportant things, leaving only a few clothes and things needed for her body.

When Hogan saw the things thrown out, there were less than half a bag of things, and he was almost out of control.

Did she know how tired it was to carry two bags when he was injured? She knew how painful it was to go down the 7 floors with his wound?

Hogan stared at Maria and asked, "Why didn't you tell me earlier that these messy things are useless?"

Looking at the pile of garbage on the ground, Maria replied innocently, "You didn't ask me what I wanted and what I didn't want. You came down with the bags just now. I wanted to chase you, but I couldn't. And I don't want to ruin your car because of these messy things. In that case, I won't pay it for the rest of my life. "

She meant he deserved it!

Looking at Maria, Hogan swore to himself that no matter how pitiful this woman was, he would teach her a good lesson.

The next second, Hogan adjusted his mood, walked to the driver's seat and opened the trunk from the front.

Seeing that the trunk was opened, Maria immediately put the small bag in the trunk. After putting the things away, Maria was about to clean them, but Hogan ordered.

He was giving an order, "get in the car!"

Maria came to the driver's seat where Hogan sat and said, "There are so many things on the ground that haven't been thrown into the trash can. I'd better throw them away before leaving."

Hogan opened the door impatiently and got off the driver's seat. He had never seen such a troublesome woman. Who would care who threw the rubbish in this damn place?

Besides, she wouldn't come back after she left here today. Why did she care about these details?

After getting off the car, Hogan took Maria's arm, bypassed the car and directly threw her on the passenger seat.

Maria struggled to get out, but Hogan glared at Maria with murderous eyes. Maria didn't move this time.

Hogan helped her fasten the seat belt when he saw her calm down. But Hogan's wound would hurt.

Seeing that, Maria asked Hogan concernedly, "Is it hurt? Is it serious? Do you need to go to the hospital first? "

Hogan started the engine, glanced at her while turning the steering wheel, and then continued to drive. As he drove the Bugatti Veyron out of the community, he answered, "If I feel pain, I can't take those things from the seventh floor. They are nothing to me, who stays in the gym every day."

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