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   Chapter 5 The Destroyed Apartment

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Noticing that Maria's face darkened, Austin asked in confusion, "Don't you want to have sex with our Mr. Yang? Do you think he is not handsome, or do you think he is too aloof and know nothing about romance?"

It was not the point that he was aloof or not. She couldn't even remember what he looked like! Now the problem was she destroyed his property, his house, his supreme wine and his works of art.

Noticing the pain on her temples again, Maria rubbed her temples, put down her hands and asked anxiously, "Does he know my phone number and address?"

Austin nodded. Why was she so nervous about this? This was the basic requirement of being hospitalized, and he must tell the hospital about this information.

Thinking of one thing, Austin said, "By the way, Mr. Yang is afraid that your father is angry about today's wedding, so Mr. Yang didn't go to look for him. Are you blaming our Mr. Yang for this? "

Maria closed her mouth and took a deep breath. Now that things had happened, even if they informed her father, he might not come to the hospital to see her.

In the past ten years, her father showed no concern about her. How could he want to talk to her now that she had made such a big mistake?

She shook her head and replied, "I won't blame him."

She was the one to be blamed. When she left this morning, she found that it was that man's home, so she destroyed it and smashed everything into pieces.

If she had known that the man would become her savior, she would never have done that.

What now?

Those things should be worth a lot. How much would she pay for them?

Seeing that her expression became more and more depressed, Austin thought that she was worried about the hospitalization fee. He patted her on the shoulder and comforted her, "In fact, you don't have to worry about the hospitalization fee so much. Mr. Yang is very rich. He can deal with tens of millions of business in a second. He won't haggle over this little money with you."

'Tens of millions of business in a second?'

Maria thought to herself, 'So he may not care about the things I broke in his house? They aren't worth one million, right?'

After comforting herself like this, Maria looked much better.

At the same time, in Hogan's apartment. Hogan roared angrily when he saw the destroyed apartment.

Was his house robbed? If it was robbed, how could everything in his house be smashed? And if it was robbed, the precious wine in the wine cabinet should be taken away instead of being smashed.

The carpet was full of red wine, and the aroma of the wine that had been made many years was still kept in the room.

Who the hell was that bastard?

Suddenly, Hogan noticed that the tea table in the living room was intact. Besides, there was a note on the tea table. Hogan picked it up.

The note said, "Three hundred is taken away. In addition, what I destroyed here will be used as the mental compensation. Goodbye! Never see you again."

Hogan's face turned dark. His eyes were burning with anger and the muscles at the corners of his mouth were twitching. Hogan held the note tightly in his hand.

'Maria, is this the way you repay me for helping you?

Never see me again, huh? I want you to see me every day until I have had enough fun with you.'

After swearing to himself that he would teach Maria a lesson, Hogan immediately took out his phone. He called Austin and asked him to tie up Maria.

When Austin walked out of the ward, he didn't expect to receive a call from Hogan. Was he still mad at the three hundred? He had left, but he still called back.

He coughed before answering the phone. "Mr. Yang, what can I do for you? Do you need to ask the hospital to hire a nurse for her or do you have any other instructions? "

There was indeed an order, but it was not to let him hire a nurse, but...

Hogan regained his composure, looked at the pieces of glass on the ground and the staggering things, restrained his anger and ordered, "You don't need to ask her to stay in the hospital, nor need her to do examination. Bring her to me right now. I have something to deal with her."

Have something to deal with?

Hearing Hogan's order, Austin couldn't help but look back at the ward. He didn't expect to see Maria running out of the ward. With quick moves, Austin immediately rushed up and caught Maria, so as not to let her escape.

He scolded, "Miss Xue, where are you going?"

Fortunately, he found it now. Otherwise, how could he explain it to Hogan if Maria ran away? What's more, Hogan's voice was weird, as if he was holding back his anger. What on earth happened that made him so tired?

Maria smiled awkwardly at Austin. She thought he had left, but she didn't expect to be caught right there.

Why did he turn around?

She just wanted to leave quietly and didn't want to make a huge compensation when her savior came to her.

Her savings were only one hundred thousand, and the things in that roo

m were definitely more than one hundred thousand in total. Maybe five or six times, maybe one hundred times, or...

The more Maria thought about it, the more horrible it became. She couldn't continue thinking about it. She grabbed Austin and pleaded, "Let me go, okay? I have something to deal with at home. I have to go back right away. "

Austin didn't believe what Maria said at all. Just now Hogan called, and Maria ran out of the ward. How could it be such a coincidence?

He was not a fool. Did she really think that he would believe such a far-fetched explanation?

The next second, Austin shook his head and said firmly, "No, our Mr. Yang wants to see you. And now, you must go with me right away."

To see that man?

Did he go home now? Did he see the devastated ruined look of the house.

'Oh my God!' She was right. He was not the kind of person who would let it go.

What should she do now? How should she compensate for those losses.

She got angry this morning when she saw the three hundred, so she destroyed those. She didn't mean to destroy his home.

An idea flashed through Maria's mind. If she pleaded with that man, would he forgive her and let her find a way to compensate him?

Now she had no relatives to rely on. Even if she told them, no one would be willing to pay tens of thousands of dollars for her.

If he called the police, she might have to pay more.

After summoning up her courage, Maria no longer resisted and decided to plead that man with all her might. The worst result was to pay in installments, which was better than being taken back by the police.

"Okay, I'll go with you to see Mr. Yang"

Austin couldn't help but feel strange that her attitude had changed totally. But no matter how confused he was, he didn't want to ask at this time. All he wanted to do now was to take Maria to Hogan's house. Otherwise, it would be difficult to deal with Hogan if he lost his temper.

Austin led the way and said, "Let's go. We should be there in half an hour without the traffic jam."

Maria nodded and left with him immediately.

Just like what Austin said, there was no traffic jam on the road and it would only take half an hour. But now there was a traffic jam. They didn't arrive at the apartment until about four o'clock.

When they walked out of the elevator, Maria stopped Austin. She took a deep breath and said to Austin, "let me be mentally prepared The situation inside is a little horrible. "


Austin couldn't figure out why she changed her attitude so fast along the way. Now he was even more curious when he heard her words.

What happened between her and Hogan?

Glancing at the apartment door in the distance, Austin comforted her with a smile, "Don't be afraid. Mr. Yang won't lose his temper for no reason, as long as you don't do anything wrong."

'Don't do anything wrong?

It was a big mistake now. If I were the victim, I might skin him alive.'

Maria couldn't imagine what would happen later. She grabbed Austin's arm.

Austin lowered his head and looked at the woman who was holding his arm. Was she afraid? Why were her hands trembling?

What was she afraid of?

Hogan walked out of his apartment and put on a grey sportswear before Austin knew what really happened inside. He put his hands on his chest and looked at Maria who was holding Austin's hand.

Was she afraid? She should be really afraid now that she had destroy his own place, his works of art, his wine, and even his past memory.

If he didn't punish this woman well, he wouldn't be Hogan Yang.

With a cold face, he waited for Maria and asked, "Why don't you come in? Don't you want to know why I asked you to come here? "

Maria smiled awkwardly and walked out of Austin's side.

She knew why he asked her to come here! Now was no time for her to hide, and she could only face it calmly.

She nodded and walked up to him.

The three walked into the apartment one after another. Maria looked at the messy things in the apartment with guilt.

Except for the tea table in the living room, everything was almost destroyed. The shoe cabinet, sofa, bookshelf, fish tank and wine cabinet were all destroyed.

Sitting on the broken leather sofa made in Italy, Hogan finally burst into anger. He growled, "Maria, is this what you have done?"

Austin looked at Maria in shock, but Maria gritted her teeth and explained, "Because you think of me as that kind of woman, and I find that this is actually your house. I was so angry that I destroyed your house. I know I made a mistake. "

It was more than a mistake. It was a huge mistake.

He was not only the man who spent a wild night with her yesterday, but also the man who she bumped into in the hotel today. That coat was worth 360 thousand. 360 thousand plus the loss here would probably cost her 400 thousand to pay off.

It would take so long to pay off even if she didn't eat or drink. Was she asking for death?

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