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   Chapter 4 The Same Woman

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Hogan, who had always been hard-hearted and rational, exposed his sympathy in front of others for the first time. He stared at Henry and scolded, "Even if she is not your bride, you don't have to humiliate her in front of so many people. Maybe she doesn't want to do that, or maybe she is also an innocent person. "


Did Hogan come to my wedding for this woman? Did he know that the woman would be a substitute, so he came out to save her at the right time?'

Henry didn't get what he wanted. He seemed to have become a hedgehog covered with spines. He would think anyone who came out to help had betray him. His eyes darkened and he roared out of his mind, "Hogan Yang, if you leave now, I'll think that you have nothing to do with this woman. I can still treat you as my friend. If you continue to stay here, our relationship will end now. "

Today, Hogan was full of sympathy. Instead of listening to Henry's words to let go of Maria, he held Maria more tightly. It seemed that he was telling everyone at the wedding that he had protected this woman.

He said, "It's impossible. I can't let you bully an innocent woman."

Henry's face darkened. Henry thought Hogan was trampling their friendship on the ground. Their friendship was not as good as a woman, a substitute.

Henry roared excitedly, "Hogan Yang, you'd better figure it out who is innocent. They are all scammers. In order to marry Mandy, I promised to give Davis fifty million. But what did they give me? A substitute. I don't even know where they got her."

Although Maria was dizzy now, she could still hear what Henry said clearly. She looked at Henry sadly and said intermittently, "It's not true. My father said he owed you a sum of money. He said that you would sue him for no bride marrying you. He..."

Speaking of the last few words, Maria had lost her last consciousness and fainted in Hogan's arms.

Hogan took a look at Davis, who was sitting in the first row of guests. She had almost told the truth, and Henry should have heard it clearly.

Hogan looked at Henry again and reminded him, "She is innocent. She was used by an inhuman father. If you want to get even with someone, you should find the one who started this, not this sick woman."

As soon as he finished his words, Hogan picked up Maria and took her away from the central garden.

At the entrance of the hotel, Hogan asked Austin to drive over. As soon as Austin's car arrived at the door, he saw Hogan get in the car with a woman in his arms.

Austin turned to look at Hogan in shock. Hogan had never run around with a woman in his arms, let alone a woman in a wedding dress.

Suddenly, Austin thought of Henry, who was going to get married today.

Was this bride Henry's bride? Henry's bride fainted. Why did Hogan send her to the hospital? Or did Hogan snatch her away? What the hell was going on with Hogan?

Wasn't he Henry's friend? They had attended a lot of activities together, and everyone in the business circle knew that. Was he going to compete with Henry for a woman?

'Mr. Yang has already had Miss Wan. Is it appropriate to grab a woman from his good friend?'

Austin was worried. "Mr. Yang, will Henry give up if you take his bride away like this?"

Sitting in the back seat, Hogan looked at the unconscious woman in his arms. He murmured, "She is not Mandy. She should be Mandy's sister. At the wedding, she said that her father cheated her into getting married."

Cheating her into getting married?

When Austin started the car, a surprised look appeared on his face. He turned the steering wheel and asked in confusion, "Why did the bride's father deceive her to get married? Where is the bride?"


Henry was not ugly, and it could be said that he was a handsome man. It was impossible for that woman to run away because of Henry's appearance or his family. The only explanation was that she had her lover and didn't want to hold a wedding ceremony with Henry and ran away.

Thinking of this, Hogan said, "Maybe she ran away, and the Xue family planned to use her as a substitute. They might think that Henry didn't see Mandy before, so they came up with this idea."

Austin was amused by this and shook his head. How stupid the Xue family was? If Henry hadn't met Mandy, how could he marry Mandy?

The Zhao family was a famous family. It was impossible to marry a woman casually. The Xue family had neither financial resources nor background. It was impossible that the reason why their daughter married into the Xue family was not for financial resources or family background.

Austin said, "Haven't they ever thought that Mr. Zhao has met Mandy? Using this method to get close to Zhao family and being exposed in public, how can they get along with others in the future?"

Hogan didn't care abo

ut the Xue family at all. He just wanted to send this woman to the hospital. This woman didn't look well. He didn't know why she fainted at the wedding.

He raised his head, looked at Austin and ordered, "Don't talk so much nonsense. Send her to the hospital as soon as possible."

From the mirror on the driver's seat, Austin saw the nervous expression on Hogan's face. He had never seen him so nervous before. No matter which woman he was entangled with, Hogan wouldn't be like this. Why was he so nervous?

Thinking of this, Austin couldn't help but ask carefully, "Mr. Yang, why are you so nervous about this woman? I didn't mean anything else. It's just that I have never seen you care about a woman so much. You... Do you fall in love with this woman?"

Hogan glanced at Austin and then fixed his eyes on Maria's face. He took the strange behavior now as a compensation of the three hundred, so his answer was also related to the money.

He replied, "Because three hundred is too little. I think I should do something more."

Austin became more curious when he heard Hogan say three hundred.

What the hell was three hundred? Why did he mention three hundred for no reason? Three hundred could do a lot of things.

All of a sudden, Austin remembered that Hogan didn't say anything in the garden.

Did the three hundred mean the three hundred given by Hogan to that woman? So this woman was the one who had sex yesterday with him?

What a complicated relationship! How could the woman who had slept with Hogan be married to Henry?

If they really got married today, Hogan and Henry's relationship would go from friendship to awkwardness.

He asked, "Mr. Yang, is the woman you talked about this morning?"

Hogan turned his eyes to Austin again and glared at him.

From the mirror, Austin saw the impatience in Hogan's eyes. Austin felt Hogan was so impatient, and Hogan wanted to kill someone at any time.

It's horrible!

Austin had to shut his mouth and focus all his attention on the steering wheel. Although his boss wouldn't fire him for this kind of thing, he still had to be careful.

After all, it was hard to find a job with high salary and zero difficulty in the business.

If he was fired, he would have a hard time in the future.

An hour later, Maria woke up in the ward full of the smell of medicine. She had been used to this kind of smell since she was a child. Of course, the moment she smelled it, she knew that she was in the hospital.

She frowned and stood up with a pale face.

Before she could see who was in the room, a voice came from the right.

Austin said, "Our Mr. Yang sent you to the hospital. The doctor said that you couldn't be checked out where is wrong."

Hearing his voice, Maria suddenly looked up at Austin. Maria looked at him in surprise and asked, "Who are you? Who is Mr. Yang?"

Austin wondered why she couldn't remember anything?

The next second, Austin walked to the bedside, stretched out his arm and was about to test the temperature of Maria's forehead with the back of his hand to see if she had a fever.

Seeing his hand approaching her, Maria dodged vigilantly like a hedgehog.

Maria asked vigilantly, "What do you want to do? Don't think that no one will know what you have done in this ward."

Austin's hand hung in the air stiffly. What she said really amused him.

She also knew that this was a ward and a hospital. How could he do something inappropriate on her? Even if he had to do it, he would do it in a secluded wild place.

Taking a deep breath, Austin put down his hand and explained, "Miss Xue, I just wanted to see if you were having a fever. You don't seem to remember what happened in the central garden."

Central garden? It was... In the central garden of the Vast Hotel.

It suddenly occurred to Maria that she was found by Henry at the wedding, and then a man appeared and stood up for her. She seemed to... She seemed to pass out.

Was the Mr. Yang he referred to the one who helped her out at the wedding?

Maria suddenly grabbed Austin's hand and asked excitedly, "the man who saved me at the wedding sent me to the hospital, didn't he?"

Seeing that Maria was so excited that her fingernails almost pierced into his arms, Austin quickly pushed away Maria's hand and nodded, "yes, yes, it's our Mr. Yang who sent you here. If Mr. Hogan hadn't had sex with you last night, he wouldn't have sent you here so kindly."

Had sex?

Maria only felt a loud bang in her head. Did he mean the man who had sex with her last night and gave her three hundred?


How unlucky I was to meet this man. How unlucky I was to be sent to the hospital by him.

Wait, it was him who sent me to the hospital. Did he already know everything about me.

Such as address and phone number.'

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