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   Chapter 2 The Wedding (Part Two)

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For the first time in his life, Hogan regretted his decision when he saw Austin's apprehensive expression. Shoving the remorse aside, Hogan went back to being the tough, stoic boss that he was. "I asked you to pick up Sally this morning. Why haven't I seen her since I've arrived?"

Austin was busy parking Hogan's car moments ago and then his boss joked with him about the money. So he was unable to keep track of Sally's whereabouts for some time.

"When I went to pick her up, she told me that she had to meet someone important, so she would come here after that. Then I was waiting for you, Mr. Yang," he explained.

'Who is this important person?' Hogan wondered.

He sighed inwardly. Admittedly, today's wedding was not particularly important and it didn't matter if Sally couldn't arrive at the beginning of the wedding ceremony. She had her own business to take care of and he respected her.

For now, Hogan just wanted Austin to leave him alone.

Thinking of a way to get rid of him, Hogan ordered, "All right, go out and wait for Sally. Otherwise, she will get lost when she comes and might disturb the ceremony."

Austin sprung to action as soon as his boss gave him instructions.

But he knew that Hogan didn't give him this task because he was worried about Sally. He was certain it was because of the embarrassing secret that he had accidentally revealed.

Austin stopped smiling at this thought, which made Hogan feel better.

At the same time, Maria was rushing to the same venue by taxi. She could have reached earlier, but when she found out that the place at which she stayed last night was that man's home, she left a small gift for him. Then she had to buy some clothes and that delayed her further.

She strode into the central garden in a hurry as she couldn't be late. Thankfully, the wedding hadn't begun yet.

Standing at the entrance of the garden, she scanned the crowd, looking for her father. As the father of the bride and the host, he would surely be entertaining the guests.

When Maria couldn't locate her father, it made her anxious. As she looked around, her old illness returned making her uncomfortable. With so many people present, her head started throbbing and she began to feel dizzy.

All of a sudden, the glass of champagne that was in Hogan's hand was knocked down rudely and the drink spilled all over his suit.

Hogan stared at his limited edition, custom-made suit, now soaked in champagne. He was aghast.

Raising his head, he yelled, "Hey, do you know how much my suit is worth? You..."

His anger vanished when he saw that the clumsy woman was none other than Maria.

He was astounded. It was the same woman who had sex with him last night! What was she doing here?

Was she irked by the three hundred dollars that he left for her? Did she come here to ask him for more money?

Hogan's eyes darkened, but he figured out that couldn't be the case. Henry Zhao's invitation was in his office, so she couldn't have seen it.

Maria's face turned pale when she saw Hogan's stained clothes.

She apologized hurriedly, "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean it. I'll pay for your suit. Take my number and call me. I'll compensate you."

She was going to compensate him?

Could she afford to pay for this expensive suit? Looking at her dress, which seemed to be worth a mere thousand dollars, he thought it was highly unlikely.

'It doesn't look like the one she wore last night. Is it a new one? Did she buy it with the money I left for her or with her own money?'

Hogan rebuked himself for letting his mind wander unnecessarily.

Whose money she used to buy the dress was irrelevant. It had nothing to do with him.

Hogan stared at Maria and said, "You can't afford to buy my suit."

When her mother passed away and her father abandoned her, she swore to herself that she would not owe anyone money. She ruined this man's suit so she was determined to compensate him.

Maria insisted, "Tell me how much it is. I'll buy it for you tomorrow."

Hogan replied reluctantly, "Three hundred and sixty thousand."

For a moment, Maria thought she didn't hear him correctly.

Her eyes widened in surprise.

'Is he kidding?

Three hundred and sixty thousand?!

I can buy a thirty-square-meter house or a decent cake shop or an ice cream shop, ' she thought incredulously.

Hogan could guess what was going on in her mind, judging by her astonished expression. Interrupted her thoughts, he said, "I'm not kidding, nor am I trying to scare you. My suit is worth three hundred and sixty thousand. Now it's ruined because of the champagne."

Maria was so scared that she bowed low to apologize. She cried, "I'm sorry, I'm really sorry. I'll definitely pay you back three hundred and sixty th

ousand, but I only have one hundred thousand right now. I..."

Before she could finish her sentence, someone came up behind her and grabbed her arm. "Maria, why are you here? Dad is sick. Come with me," bellowed the man.

She had suffered so many blows today that her breath became more rapid.

How could her father be sick? He was fine when she spoke to him yesterday. He had insisted that she should come to the wedding. How could he fall ill so soon?

She didn't dare to dwell on it too much until she saw him because she was afraid that her father would die suddenly just like her mother. She didn't want to become an orphan.

Maria followed the man closely until she arrived at the lounge prepared for the bride.

When she spotted her father resting on the sofa, she rushed to him. She was nervous and scared. "Dad, Ethan said you were sick. Please, tell me you are fine," she pleaded.

When Chelsea Lu saw the wretched girl, all her pent-up anger burst forth. Ignoring her husband's condition, she went over to Maria and slapped her hard.

"You ungrateful bastard! I told you to come here earlier, but you didn't listen to me. Do you know that you are the cause for your father's illness? If something happens to him, you will have hell to pay," she snarled.

Although Maria hoped to reunite with the Xue family, she was not going to let anybody call her a bastard, least of all Chelsea Lu. Grimacing inwardly due to the dull pain in her face, Maria retorted, "I'm not a bastard! I'm my mother's precious daughter. I will tolerate anything, but I won't stand you humiliating me and my mother like this."

Chelsea Lu didn't expect her to lash out like this. After all, she had not resisted when she was kicked out of the house years ago. But today in order to protect her bitchy mother, her claws were out. But Maria's attempt was futile. It didn't change the fact that her mother was a home-breaker.

Chelsea Lu was already furious, but when she was reminded of the fact that Yilia Xiao had seduced her husband, her anger rose to another level. "Why shouldn't I humiliate your mother? Your mother was the third wheel in my marriage. She destroyed my family and gave birth to a bastard like you. I should have killed you when you were born."

Davis Xue knew that his eldest daughter was the only one who could pull him out of his current dilemma. He clutched his chest and pretended to have heart pain. Standing up, he said weakly, "Stop quarreling, you two! Right now we need to focus on solving the problem."

Seeing that he was about to collapse, Maria stopped fighting with Chelsea Lu and rushed over to her father. She helped him sit down and asked worriedly, "Dad, what's wrong with you? Is it serious?"

With a sad look on his face, Davis Xue held Maria's arm and begged, "My daughter, promise me one thing. Your sister ran away. We don't have a bride now. Will you marry Henry Zhao instead of her?"

Maria blinked at his unreal request.

Her father wanted her to marry that media tycoon, Henry Zhao?

Henry Zhao was rich, good-looking, and smart. Why did Mandy run away from a man like that? Did she run away because she was not satisfied with the wedding?

"Dad, when did Mandy escape? Did she run away from home without telling you?" Maria asked in confusion.

Davis Xue glanced at his wife and realized he had to tell Maria the truth. Sighing, he replied, "Yesterday afternoon, when we were not at home, Mandy packed her luggage and ran away. She also took all the jewelry at home. I think she is going to cash it out."

Maria was bewildered. She pondered why Davis Xue called her yesterday.

She had assumed that her father asked her to attend the wedding because he was willing to introduce her as his daughter and take her back to the Xue family. She didn't expect it to be a ploy.

This whole thing was not a sudden development. He had long planned to ask her to take the place of Mandy today without even considering her happiness.

Maria took a deep breath and shook her head desperately. "No! I can't make that promise. If I agree to marry that man, I will end up losing my happiness for the rest of my life."

Chelsea scowled at her statement.

"You can only think of your happiness. Can you think about our family? Do you know how much your father owes Henry Zhao? If there is no wedding today, not only will your father's company get dissolved, but he will also be sent to prison because he can't pay off his debts. Do you want your father to go to prison with his illness? Do you want him to die in prison?" she screeched.

Maria's face was ashen. She looked at her father again. Was the matter really so serious?

How much did he owe Henry Zhao? Why did he would he get bankrupt and end up in prison?

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