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   Chapter 1 Getting Married

CEO's Attractive Bride: You've Become My Favourite By Zhen Xiang Characters: 10585

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"I love him, the most vigorous and craziest..." Suddenly, her phone rang in the early morning.

Having a hangover, Maria Xue turned over. She didn't want to care about the noisy ringtone, but it kept ringing. She couldn't ignore it.

She opened her misty eyes and sat up in a trance. She reached out her hand and precisely touched the position where the phone rang. Finally, she found the phone.

She yawned and slid the screen of her phone with her fingers. When the phone was close to her ear, a woman's voice immediately came through, "Maria Xue, you wild girl, where are you now? Your sister's wedding is about to begin. Don't you want to come? "

"Wedding?" Maria Xue woke up in an instant, and at the same time, she was about to explode because of the pain in her temples. "No, Aunt Chelsea. I had something urgent to deal with last night and just woke up. I'll get dressed and go there right away. "

As soon as she finished speaking, Maria Xue, who had a headache, hung up the phone.

She didn't want to be scolded by this strange and hateful woman any more. If her mother hadn't warned her again and again to go back to that 'family' and to let her father admit her, how could she endure this woman again and again three times.

The next second, Maria Xue dropped her hand heavily and put it on the quilt.

The sun in August was so blazing that it shone in from the window, which made her more uncomfortable.


Maria Xue noticed the French window. Her house was only forty or fifty square meters, and the two bedrooms were so small that even her body was difficult. How could there be a French window.

She muttered to herself, "Where am I?"

For a moment, the room was very quiet. Even the sound of birds flying outside could be heard clearly by her.

When she recalled that she was drunk in the bar last night, she noticed that she was sitting on the bed naked. She was so excited that she accidentally fell to the ground.

Oh my God!

How could she be naked? Why was she in a strange room? What happened last night?

Did she meet a strange man? Did she drink too much and go to the hotel with him?

Was the chastity that she had guarded for twenty-seven years so gone? She swore that she would give her first sex to the man she loved when they got married. Now

She scratched her hair irritably and cursed in depression, "Maria Xue, you are such a fool. You can't drink but go to the bar. No matter how happy you are, you can't go to the bar! What now? What should I do? "

No one answered, which meant that the God could not answer her question.

Two minutes later, Maria Xue got up from the ground.

'Forget it. Anyway, I have lost my virginity. It's useless to regret now.'. Now the most important thing was to go to the hotel to attend the wedding of Mandy Xue, her half sister, Aunt Chelsea's daughter.

It was said that he was the son of a media tycoon. He was a well-known rich two generation, who was good at spending money and making money. He was really the kind of stocks worth millions of projects in a second. Mandy Xue must have been blessed in her previous life, so that she could be so smooth and happy in her life.

Unlike her, she was not only the daughter of a mistress, but also abandoned by her father for ten years. In the past ten years, Maria Xue had tried every means to please her father and wanted to really "recognize our ancestors", but they were all rejected by Mandy Xue's mother.

The next second, Maria Xue got up from the ground. She quickly picked up the clothes on the ground. She couldn't waste any more time. In addition to makeup, she had to buy a set of clothes for the people she met later.

If it was really a hotel, then there should be a brand store to buy a dress for the wedding!

Maria Xue put on a quick makeup and came out of the bathroom in fifteen minutes. But when Maria Xue was about to leave, she saw a white paper and three one hundred bills on the bedside table.

Thank you for your company tonight. Here is the overnight fee.

Overnight fee?

Anyone who saw this piece of paper would be angry. She didn't exchange the night with a man for payment. How could she use money to send her away?

Besides Was she only worth three hundred? Even if she didn't live a life of a real rich lady, she was still a rich lady. Three hundred was too humiliating.

Damn it! If she remembered that man, she would definitely find him and throw the money in his face. She will humiliate him as he humiliated herself. Anyway, money was the boss. Big money and small money were all money.

Half an hour later, a Bugatti Veyron drove to the gate of the hotel like a [如风]. The man in a black suit recognized the car at the first sight.

Besides Hogan Yang, the fashion director of the Beautiful Girl, who else could drive such a sports car worth about twenty million?

The man immediately stepped forward and cautiously opened the door for the director.

When Hogan Yang saw the man, his eyes were not as usual, as if he had something on his mind. He got out of the car and threw the key to his assistant. Then he ordered, "go to park the car first. I have something to ask you later."

The man immediately stopped the car. Even if he could only drive for a few seconds

, he could still have a good time. It was better than the kind of person who would never have this kind of addiction all his life. After all, he had driven a limited edition sports car.

The moment Hogan Yang entered the hotel, all the women in the hall looked at him. Especially when he put on the sunglasses, all the female animals almost fainted.

No wonder he was able to attract women. He was not bad looking and had a good figure. Of course, with clothes separated, no woman could see his figure. But he had a strong aura. If he stood out, he would make other people realize that he was a rich second generation with deep depth, and that he was the ideal partner for women to chase after.

However, Hogan Yang didn't have any feelings for these women's anthomaniac eyes. Instead, when he saw them, he thought of the woman he had spent the whole night with.

Hogan Yang had already had a girlfriend as beautiful as a goddess, but It seemed that he was interested in the woman who hadn't blossomed.

Yes, he was sure that last night was her first time of having sex.

Thinking of that woman, Hogan Yang shook his head hard and couldn't think of her anymore. She just a 'strange' woman in the bar, but a little more familiar than the strange woman on the street.

After all, they had slept on the bed all night. It was impossible for him not to be familiar with her.

After a while, Hogan Yang's assistant parked the car and came to the central garden of the hotel. An unprecedented wedding was about to be held here. He saw Hogan Yang chatting with his business partners in the crowd.

He walked up to Hogan Yang at once and said in a low voice with a smile, "Mr. Hogan, I'm back."

Hogan Yang was just greeting with these people, and there was no particularly important information to communicate with them. What was more, he was absent-minded now, waiting for his assistant to come back.

Seeing his assistant, Hogan Yang left the crowd skillfully. After walking aside, Hogan Yang held his glass and asked, "well Do you think... "

Austin Yu, Hogan Yang's assistant, saw him hesitating for the first time and asked curiously, "Mr. Hogan, what do you want to ask me? If you have any questions, you can ask me directly. It doesn't matter. "

When did his boss become so unconfident? Wasn't nothing difficult for him in the past?

Hogan Yang adjusted his complicated emotions and asked in one go, "I mean, how much will you give a woman after a one night stand?"

One night stand?

In other words, his boss had a one night stand with a woman last night, and he still needed money to pay for it.

In fact, in order not to have any impact on the future, it was also right to pay. But why did his boss care so much about the money?

Did his boss want to have a further relationship with that woman?

His boss had Miss Sally. He shouldn't have been pestering the one night stand woman!

Austin Yu said, "Mr. Hogan, if you want to keep a good relationship with that woman, you'd better be more generous. If you don't want to keep a relationship, you don't have to care how much money you have given that woman."

But he was interested in knowing how much his rich boss would pay for the one night stand?

Hogan Yang's black eyes flashed a trace of surprise. Austin Yu meant that he had a crush on her and wanted to continue his development, so he would mind how much money he had given her before he left?

Austin Yu observed the expression on Hogan Yang's face carefully and was sure that Hogan Yang was not as cold as he used to be. Last night What happened?

Austin Yu asked, "How much did you give her, Mr. Hogan?"

Hogan Yang, who had been lost in thought, heard the his voice and blurted out, "Three hundred."

Hogan Yang came to his senses as soon as he said this. Did he tell Austin Yu?

Damn it! How could he say such a shameful thing.

Three hundred. Even an ordinary person wouldn't only give three hundred for a transaction!

This answer shocked Austin Yu greatly. He had never thought that the Mr. Hogan of a rich family would only give a woman three hundred

The women he's dealt with for Mr. Hogan before are usually at least three million to start with. Although only one night, the woman was worth thirty thousand!

It was impossible, absolutely impossible.

Austin Yu shook his head repeatedly, unwilling to believe what he had heard.

The next second, Austin Yu took Hogan Yang's words as a joke. With a playful smile, he teased, "Mr. Hogan, don't make such a joke. How can you only give a woman three hundred? Is it thirty thousand or three hundred thousand? "

Hogan Yang rubbed his temples. As expected, this matter was regarded as a joke. He sighed and confirmed the answer with a serious voice, "Yes, it's three hundred. The check was used up, and there was only three hundred in the wallet. Forget it! Anyway, that woman and I won't meet anymore. That's it. "

Now she should wake up and leave his home.

Austin Yu tried hard to hold back his laughter and tried to keep a serious image.

But It was really funny that Mr. Hogan only used three hundred to send a woman away, but only used three hundred. Didn't Mr. Hogan worry that the woman would spread the news and cause unnecessary trouble?

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