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   Chapter 50 The Past

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The World International Plaza was bustling with people coming and going day and night.

Gracie looked at the watch on her wrist, it was lucky that she wasn't late. She stretched out her hand to tidy up her messy bangs and smoothed her long straight hair falling on both sides. With a standard workplace smile on her face, she held the file bag in her hand and plunged into the World International Plaza.

In the morning, Ryker had informed Gracie that the client's appointment would have been changed to a place at the World International Plaza. So Gracie immediately got out of the wrong bus and hailed a taxi to the World International Plaza. If it wasn't for Ryker telling her, she will be late.

Maybe it was because of Jasmine revenge that she didn't inform Gracie on purpose. Thinking of this, Gracie sighed for Jasmine.

The appointment was in the Faramita Coffee Shop. Gracie used to go there a lot. She would meet with Frank almost every week. As time went by, she had a different feeling for that place.

The waiter greeted Gracie as usual when she walked into the Faramita Coffee Shop.

However, this time, the good mood of Gracie was no longer as usual. The furnishings and scent were familiar, but Gracie's mind had changed.

Although she didn't know why the big shot she was going to interview chose this place, which made her sad, it was none of other people's business, wasn't it!

"Miss, would you like the same as before? A cup of latte?" The waitress was used to keeping in mind Gracie's favorite coffee and even the amount of sugar it added.

"Yes....Oh! Sorry. No, I want a cup of cappuccino this time," said Gracie after thinking for a while. After saying that, Gracie walked inside.

Life wasn't always the same, so she had to try to change something. It was said that cappuccino was a kind of coffee with different tastes.

When Gracie stopped at the appointed place, she saw that there was already a person sittin

yers upon layers of pressure.

"Hello, Mr. Terrell." A waitress standing in the middle of hall greeted Terrell in the lead with a smile. She knew that Terrell was the CEO of the group that the general manager had mentioned.

"You are fired." These simple words determined the fate of this young waitress.

"Why? Why?" The waitress in uniform looked incredulous. She wondered what she did wrong.

"The smell of cigarettes on you will affect the image of the shopping mall." Terrell smashed each word ruthlessly and left without looking back.

Terrell was a neat freak and had a special sense of smell. Although the waitress had sprayed a strong smell of perfume, he could still smell the smoke.

It was just that a waitress had a smoke smell on her body. It was a small matter, and it could be solved by warning and penalty, but Terrell fired her. It could be seen that Terrell was in a bad mood.

Perhaps only Jacob knew the reason why Terrell's good mood suddenly became so bad.

In this world, only the woman named Gracie could affect Terrell's mood.

The group of people behind Terrell were confused and their hearts were trembling more fiercely. They thought that it was a piece of cake for the customer service staff at the front desk to be fired, but their future was a big deal.

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