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   Chapter 49 Proposal

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After what happened last night, Terrell was in a good mood.

On the top floor of the OM International, in the cold and luxurious CEO Office, the huge office was a little quiet and weird.

Secretary Lainey was standing in front of the huge desk made of mahogany, her legs under the long skirt had already trembled unconscious, and her heart was almost in her throat.




"…… ……"

After Terrell found ten mistakes in a row and marked them on the document with a red pen, he began to look up at his secretary.

Lainey shivered.

"Be careful in the future. Take it and change it."

Hearing that, Lainey opened her mouth slightly and looked surprised. She had seen how bad Terrell was. Last time, the director of the technical department was almost fired because the network of the computer was cut off for half an hour.

Every time another secretary walked out of Terrell's office, she was crying. They all knew that Terrell didn't like women, otherwise, they would think that these secretaries had been bullied by Terrell.

And Lainey had been here several times, and every time she always was scolded.

As the CEO of the company, Terrell had been conferred the title of "cold emperor".

Lainey stood there in disbelief, not intending to move. She had made a mistake today. So she thought that it was better to punish her severely than to let her correct it calmly.

After replying to Lainey, Terrell lowered his head and began to approve the documents. After that, he reached for a white porcelain cup and took a sip of tea.

Following the red circle of writing that he had just thrown to the table, Terrell fixed his eyes on Lainey who was standing in front of the table and did not take her writing away. "Do you need me to send it to you in person?"

"No, No." Lainey hurried to pack up the files, bowed her head, and then quickly ran away.

As soon as Lainey went out, she happened to meet Jacob. With a strange look on his face, Jacob glanced at Lainey. And then he knocked on the door a

. "Hello, cousin."

There was no response from the other end of the phone. Alma patted her cell phone and thought there was something wrong with the signal. Then she asked, "Cousin, what can I do for you?"

"Alma, when will you come back?" There was no emotion in Terrell's indifferent voice.

Although Terrell's words were as cold as usual, Alma was still shocked. She wondered why her cousin suddenly cared about her. Although she thought it was impossible, she answered honestly.

"I will pick you up the day you come back," Terrell said.

Hearing this, Alma was shocked. "Cousin, you can say what you want directly."

"Didn't you ask me what gift it was? I've been thinking about it for a long time..." Terrell on the other end of the phone paused for a moment, and then continued, "You go to bring the personally design ring back to me."

"Cousin, are you kidding..."

Before Alma could finish her words, the phone was hung up by Terrell.

He tapped his slender fingers on the table slowly. He thought that he had to propose to Gracie. Although he couldn't use the identity of Terence now, it was the same for him to use the identity of Terrell.

Thinking of what happened last night, Terrell had a mix of five kinds of feelings. No matter how much he was angry, he still couldn't let her go when she appeared in front of him awkwardly.

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