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   Chapter 48 The World Is Unfair

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Chang Du Characters: 6620

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After getting up, Gracie took a taxi to work. It was just a mistake last night. Terrell didn't say anything, so Gracie didn't take it seriously.

"Hello. Yes, this is the OM International. Okay..."

"Hello, here is the thing. Yes..."

Having been busy all day and in a bad mood, Gracie didn't eat much at noon. After a long time, she felt empty in her stomach.

When she checked her phone, which was muted, she found that all the missed calls and messages were from Frank's mother. After thinking for a while, Gracie blacklisted her.

She walked slowly to the water dispenser and made a lotus root powder to drink, adding some sugar in it.

"Gracie, how do you reward yourself tonight?" A man in the same office called Ryker Xu happened to come here to get some water.

Ryker was 1.8 meter in height, much taller than Gracie. In a dark gray casual jacket, he wore a cotton T and a pair of black framed eyes, which made him look like a literary man.

"The hard week is not over yet. The reward is a little early." When Gracie saw it was Ryker, she smiled bitterly and continued to add sugar. "Do you want some lotus root powder? I'll make it for you."

Ryker took a deep breath and asked appreciatively, "Miss, your lotus root powder is so delicious. How did you make it?" After saying that, he smiled.

"You are glib!" Then Gracie made another cup and handed it to Ryker.

The setting sun reflected the warm light, coming in from the side window.

Ryker's face was slanted with a smile. His fair skin was covered with a layer of warm color, and his delicate features outlined a gentle and beautiful painting.

It was the first time that Gracie had found that Ryker who had been silently accompanying her and helping her was also so handsome!

He was different from the elegance of Frank, the cool of Terrell, and the beauty of Ryker made people feel like bathing in the spring breeze.

"Thank you." Ryker took the cup of coffee from Gracie, which kept her

, she also looked at Gracie carefully. She really wondered what Gracie was hiding.

"Manager Lila, I don't think it's a good idea. I'm just a newcomer." Not to mention that this order was received by someone else in the company. Even if it was a public election, Gracie knew that it was not her turn.

Looking at the eyes of Gracie, Lila thought for a while. She looked at the watch on her wrist and found that it was late. So Lila threw a document on the table to Gracie and said, "I give you one night to be familiar with the information and behave well tomorrow."

By instinct, Gracie reached out to receive a pile of documents from the editor in chief. She saw the name of jasmine at a glance. She finally understood why Jasmine hated her so much just now. It turned out that it was because of this matter.

"It's unfair to jasmine." Gracie blurted out.

"This world is not fair," Lila said in a low voice. It seemed that she was talking to herself, but it was still heard. She looked at Gracie and continued, "This is a chance. You should seize it. You can go out."

Lila didn't want to say anything more, so Gracie didn't dare to ask more and went out. But Gracie didn't know what had happened today. She thought that maybe there was someone protecting her. But she felt that it didn't look like that.

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