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   Chapter 46 Sneak Attack

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Terrell was worried about Gracie, so he sent someone to help her secretly.

So Terrell's men beat that two men up. He thought in his mind, 'How bold they are! Although the cousin of Gracie is the chief culprit, as the accomplice, none of them can escape!'

Terrell decided that he would deal with them one by one.

At this time, Terrell's phone rang. It was a call from one of his men who told him that they had finished. Hearing this, Terrell hung up the phone.

He wiped the water on his face with a white towel and walked out of the bathroom wrapped in a bath towel.

Ding! Ding——

The doorbell rang one after another, like an emergency alarm. It was already very late at night. Terrell frowned and wondered who came to him so late. No one knew he was here tonight except his assistant Jacob, but he knew that Jacob was not so bold to come to him late at night.

So he thought if it was because those subordinates didn't finish their work.

The door slowly opened, and a warm current came from outside.

Gracie outside didn't wait for the response of Terrell in the room. She pushed the door open and slammed it. Her action was so fast that it was as natural as this room was hers.

"Please, save me." After closing the door, Gracie blinked her big eyes and begged pitifully.

She was disheveled with her long hair down.


Terrell recognized her at a glance!

As looking at her, Terrell thought, 'She looks like a drowned mouse.

She always has ways to get herself into trouble.

Now she turned out to be like this!

I have asked someone to help her, but why does she look like this? !'

When Terrell looked at Gracie, she was also looking at him. She didn't know if it was because she was drunk or because Terrell had restrained his anger that she dared to look at him boldly.

When she saw him clearly, she thought, 'Didn't he

nd his hands on the floor slowly clenched into fists...

'A sneak attack?!'

'It is advanced!'

Thinking about this, Terrell suddenly pressed his chaotic hand. The impulse to surge in the blood cell made him take a deep breath.

"Oh!" Gracie's words reminded Terrell of the day many years ago! "You dared to do it ten years ago. What are you worried about ten years later..."

At this moment, Gracie's brain couldn't work. She didn't know what Terrell was talking about. She just felt that he was so noisy that she wanted to block his mouth, but her hand was blocked.

"Gracie, remember, it's you who seduced me first!" Terrell turned around.

At this moment, he had already forgotten all the past between them.

In the room, the dim lamp reflected soft light.

And Gracie had lost her mind.

The next day, when Gracie woke up early in the morning, she felt pain all over her body, as if she had run all night.

Her ears were filled with the man's breathing, rising and falling rhythmically. A powerful arm around her neck, like a sculpture, surrounded her. The man's mint fragrance was around her nose.

Feeling the scent that didn't belong to her, Gracie stiffened. She covered her mouth with her hand and almost cried out.

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