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   Chapter 31 Lower IQ Because Of Cousin

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6155

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The second day, after Gracie got up and went downstairs, Carter came to talk with her.

"Miss. Gracie, may I ask where do you think the Gu family is?"

Hearing what Carter said in the early morning, Gracie was totally confused.

"What? I'll take this place as my home!"

It took a long time for Gracie to react. Then she said confidently, "Is it wrong for me to take this place as my home?"

She married Terence, which meant that the Gu family was her family. That was right.

Carter was speechless by the answer of Gracie. Then he said, "It's true, but Miss. Gracie, Mr. Terence is still in a coma, The safety of the villa is very important. It is not really appropriate for you to bring strangers to the villa so casually for the night. If anything happens to Mr. Terence, will you feel guilty?"

Speaking of this, Gracie finally understood that Carter was blaming that she had brought someone back for the night.

But Gracie thought that it was none of Carter's business.

"Carter, Terence is protected by so many bodyguards. Even if my cousin is a spy who wants to hurt him, she couldn't get close to him."

"Miss. Gracie, I don't mean to blame you. I just want to remind you that you'd better tell your cousin that she'd better not do it again for what happened last night. Otherwise, as the butler here, I have the right to throw her out of the villa directly."

"What did my cousin do last night?"

"Please ask your cousin yourself. This is the money she needs to compensate."

Hearing this, Gracie was speechless. She was so tired yesterday that she slept like a pig and knew nothing.

She took it over and looked at it. "What on earth did she break?"

"Miss. Gracie, many things in this villa are the favorite of Mr. Terence. Since Mr. Terence's accident, Mr. Liam has ordered no one to move around. The ser

n do it."

Then Terrell picked up the morning newspaper and read it. Then he saw the news about the Lin Group.

"It's really fast. I just gave the order. It's effective in such a short time! If Gracie saw this, will she feel sorry for her ex?" Terrell asked.

"If she knows it has something to do with me, will she hate me?"

No one knew if Terrell was talking to himself or asking himself.

Jacob said, "Mr. Terrell, you think too much. You care too much about Miss. Gracie's feelings. Since you care so much about her feelings, why don't you tell her directly? Why do you have to do this?"

Terrell shook his head and said, "I can't believe her. What happened three years ago was like a fishbone in my throat. Every time I thought of it, I felt a dull pain.

If I say that, she won't mean it. I believe what she does more than what she says."

"Mr. Terrell, Miss. Gracie doesn't know that Terrell and Terence are the same person, so you can't mix them up."

"It's okay if you don't mention it. I'm even angrier when you mention it. She hasn't found it yet. If she knows me well enough, she should have noticed it earlier."

She couldn't notice. It proved that she didn't love him and didn't know him well.

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