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   Chapter 14 Being Jealous

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6490

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"Thank you for sending me back."

"You're welcome. You're a friend of Ann, and you're also my friend."

With a smile, Gracie began to unfasten her seat belt.

"I didn't expect to make friends with rich people in my life." Griffin looked at the priceless mansion and praised.

Gracie shook her head. It seemed that Griffin hadn't known Ann's identity yet!

Well, since Ann's dream lover got engaged and married, she had never returned to her so-called home.

In fact, in the eyes of Gracie, Ann was living a good life now. If she couldn't find the one she loved, she would find someone who loved her wholeheartedly.

"I just live at my friend's house for the time being."

"Is your friend very rich?"

"Sort of." Then Gracie thought of something and said to Griffin, "Don't tell Ann about what happened today. Don't tell her that I temporarily live in the villa zone. I just broke up with my boyfriend and lived here to avoid him. Don't tell Ann about it. She will worry about me if she knows it."

"Okay, don't worry. I won't tell her."

The second floor of the villa was simply decorated in European style, and the ground was covered with thick white bear skin carpet.

In front of the French window, a man stood there. His back was tall, wearing a simple white shirt, noble and elegant.

He called his assistant, "Go to the place where you parked the car just now and pick her up. Don't tell her that I asked you to pick her up."

The assistant was speechless...

After hanging up the phone, he looked out of the window and saw an Audi A4 car parking on the ground.

He couldn't hear the conversation between them, but he could see the woman's smile.

The man smashed the phone in his hand to the ground, and then heavily closed the curtain. He turned around and sat back on the sofa angrily.

He had long known that this woman was heartless. She could smile to anyone, but she was cruel to him. But when it was confirmed again, he was still very unhappy.

At this time, Alfred happened to come in again. It was rare to see the expression on Terence's face, so he put his hands in the pockets of the white coat, opened the curtains and looked downstairs. Alfred saw the woman waving at another man with a smile and leaving.

Looking at the extremely dark face again, Alfred immediately understood.

"Are you angry? Since you don't like her being with other men, why do you let her out? You have to be prepared for this, don't you? She is so beautiful that it's normal for her to attract other men. "

Alfred was just kidding. Hearing his words, Terence's face darkened.

"Get out of here right now. Don't make trouble for me," said Terence.

Alfred shook his head and handed a box of incense to Terence. "You may need it. It can make people fall asleep more easily, and then you can do whatever you want."

"You sound like I'm a pervert," said Terence.

"Are you sure you are a pervert, not worse than a pervert?"

"Leave it here. You can get out now."

Terence directly threw the magazine on the tea table to Alfred. Alfred took it and read the content on the cover. He smiled and said thoughtfully, "Mr. Terence, when are you going to wake up?

The Gu family is ready to make a mov

e. Sean doesn't dare to make a move against you now. He has made up his mind to turn to the Jing family... "

"If you are worried about your woman, you chase her yourself, and it's no use saying anything here, I won't help you deal with your rival in love."

Alfred smiled thoughtfully. His biggest rival in love was probably the man in front of him.

"That Uncle Terrell is interested in your wife!"

Terence smiled, "Solve your own problem by yourself. No matter what you say, I won't help you with that."

Alfred said, "I'll find a way to let Gracie come to you obediently. You help me get rid of your Uncle Terrell and tell him not to mess with Sophie. What do you think?"

Terence took a sip of tea and said, "Deal."

When Alfred went downstairs, he saw Gracie going upstairs. He greeted her with a smile, "Mrs. Ling, you're back!"

Alfred was the only person who smiled at her when she arrived at the villa. Perhaps it was her intuition or it was true, Gracie always felt that no one in the villa welcomed her.

Besides, she felt that Alfred was not a bad guy.

Gracie asked while changing slippers at the stairway, "Doctor Lu, what happened? Why are you so happy today?"

"It sounds like I'm always upset."

"You were obviously unhappy the other day."

Alfred shook his head. Terence had just woken up a few days ago. How could he be happy when he thought of the relationship between Terence and Sophie?

But today, when he saw that Terence sulked because of Gracie, he felt very happy.

Sometimes he wanted to give Terence a good beating, but considering his identity and his physical condition, he didn't dare to do anything to him.

But when Gracie smiled at others just now, it was much more destructive to Terence than a good beating.

"How's your first day in the company?"

"It was fine." Gracie nodded and said.

"Did the driver send you back?"

"It's my bestie's boyfriend who sent me back," said Gracie, shaking her head.

Alfred nodded, "Okay."

At this time, Mia was about to go upstairs with something in her hand. Alfred said to her, "Mia, let Mrs. Ling take care of Mr. Terence in the future!"

Almost at the same time, Mia pointed at Gracie and asked, "Her?"

"Me?" Gracie pointed to her own nose and asked.

Alfred continued to nod, "Mr. Terence has a serious mysophobia, and Mrs. Ling has seen all of him. Anyway, when Mr. Terence wakes up one day, she must be doomed.

Then sacrifice her and make all of us happy. "

All of a sudden, Gracie felt that her impression of Alfred should be changed. He was obviously a big bad guy.

"Doctor Lu, Mr. Terence hasn't recovered yet. If we let Mrs. Ling take care of him, it..."

Standing there in a daze for a while, Alfred spoke for Gracie, "Mia, don't worry. Even if Mrs. Ling doesn't know how to do it, she won't murder her own husband. She will take good care of Mr. Terence."

Before Gracie could say anything to refute, Alfred said, "You have no right to refute. You have to be responsible for what you have done to Mr. Terence to the end."

Mia reluctantly put the tray in the hand of Gracie. "Take good care of Mr. Terence. If anything happens to him, Mr. Liam will definitely bury you alive this time."

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