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   Chapter 13 What Do You Want To Do

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6695

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After work, Gracie was checking the bus route back. She didn't remember the way she had walked this morning. Besides, coming out of the company was the reversible lane, which made her more confused.

She was wearing a light sportswear and a pair of white shoes were already covered with gray marks.

She came for an interview and then worked in a big company. It was really unlucky for her to be punished on the first day of work.

She really didn't know if she was against the CEO here. If she was a rabbit, then the CEO must be a wolf.

The first time they met, he punished her to climb ten laps on the stairs, which was a one hundred floor office building.

Pressing her aching waist, Gracie cursed the CEO for choking on water and eating...

At this time, a black Phantom was honking behind her. Gracie turned her head.

When the car window was rolled down, she saw the cold expression on Terrell's face as if someone owed him five million.

"Get in."

Terrell only said two words, which should not be violated.

Thinking of what had happened between them when they were alone a few times before, Gracie took a step back instinctively. She wouldn't be that stupid to get into his car!

She was about to run away.

The next second, Terrell threatened, "I think you need to be locked up in the villa in the east suburb otherwise you will be too free outside!"

Hearing that, Gracie stopped and gritted her teeth. She had to get into the car. She wanted to sit in the passenger seat, but Terrell didn't allow the driver to open the side door, so she had to sit in the back seat with him.

As soon as she got into the car, the window was rolled up.

The car started slowly.

"Gracie, is it because I'm too kind to you?"

With a sneer, Terrell looked at Gracie up and down and said.

Thinking of the woman's intimate behavior with Rex in the daytime, he got angry.

The assistant in the front row tried his best to keep a low profile. Having been working for Terrell for so many years, Jacob knew what kind of person Terrell was. The more he smiled, the more dangerous he was.

Now his boss was at a third-level danger level.

Gracie looked at the man in front of her, confused.

The man adjusted his sleeves and rolled up the sleeves, revealing a strong arm. His slender honey colored fingers were clear skinned.

'Is he going to hit me?' Gracie wondered.

The man's tall body was pressed down, and she instinctively wanted to dodge.

However, he grabbed her hands and pressed them on the leather seat. How could she resist a man who was 1.88 meters tall?

The man's thin lips lightly opened, "Hide from me? If it were another man, would you be like this? "

Thinking of the harmonious relationship between Gracie and Rex, the man frowned tightly.

Looking at the man's side face, Gracie found that the outline of his face was clear. There was a sneer and coldness in his beautiful eyes.

The man rudely imprisoned her on the leather seat, and then leaned over to her, smelling her body. "Here is my bottom line, I don't like others to touch my things, understand?"

The man's rough breath made her heart beat faster. The man in front of Gracie was a perfect combination of evil and cold, like an elegant and cold emperor.

Gracie nodded and then quickly shook her head.

"Uncle Terre

ll, do you want to play with me?"

As soon as she finished speaking, Gracie regretted. The man lifted her up directly, and then his cold thin lips covered hers.

Gracie just stared at Terrell with her big eyes, unable to get rid of him.

Gracie didn't know how long it lasted. Using Gracie's words to describe it was that it finally came to an end because it was too hard to breathe.

She tried to push him away, but was held by him again.

"Uncle Terrell, I'm your niece's wife. You can't mess around."

After Gracie finished her words, the man smiled.

"Why didn't you remember your identity in the daytime? Now you remember it. I tell you, don't threat me with the identity of the Mrs. Gu. It's useless to me."

Gracie said, "Uncle Terrell, we are in the car. There is someone else in front of us! It's not good for you to be like this. "

In front of them, without looking at the rearview mirror, Jacob just stretched out one hand to make a gesture of surrender. "Report to Mr. Jing, I didn't see anything. I didn't hear anything."

Gracie was speechless... This guy must be kidding.

When Gracie tried to push Terrell away, she felt his chest was like a wall and it was burning hot. She wanted to withdraw her hand, but it was held tightly by the man.

"Terrell, what a pervert you are! Let go of me!"

She lowered her head and bit the man's beautiful hands.

Caught off guard, the man was bitten and hissed.

A row of teeth marks immediately appeared on his hand, affecting the beauty of a pair of hands which were as beautiful as exquisite handmade carvings.

Terrell just stared at the woman in front of him in a daze. Every time she broke into his world, she was so irresponsible. She would do whatever she wanted to do.

She just wanted to be a passer-by in his life, but she didn't know that she was already a part of his life.

He wanted to possess her overbearingly and didn't want other men to look at her.

But she was heartless, as if she had never loved him.

She could be gentle to her senior, and she immediately became a hedgehog to him.

"Stop the car."

Subconsciously, Jacob looked at what happened behind him and broke into a cold sweat for Gracie.

She was the only one who dared to irritate Terrell.

Jacob pulled over obediently.

Then Terrell opened the door for Gracie. "Get out of here."

After getting out of the car, the Phantom immediately drove away. Looking at a place that she didn't even know, Gracie was so angry that she stomped her feet. This irritable man was insane.

She didn't want to get in the car, but he insisted to let her get in. Then he took her to the wild and threw her out of the car.

What on earth did she do to piss him off today? Why did he fix her like this?

She turned on her phone and tried to get a Uber. But there was no one in this damned place, so she had to call her good friend Ann. Ann had gone abroad for further education. Ann called her boyfriend to pick up Gracie.

In the end, Griffin Lu, Ann's boyfriend, took Gracie back to the villa.

Both Griffin and Ann were the attending doctors of the People's Hospital of the city. Griffin chased after Ann for the whole university, but Ann still had her dream lover in her heart. She didn't accept Griffin's love until her dream lover got married after graduation.

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