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   Chapter 12 Don't Forget Your Identity

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 7161

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In the OM International office building in the center of S City, there was a crisp knock on the door of a luxurious and hard office on the top floor.

"Come in." The formulaic voice was completely cold.

"Mr. Terrell, this is the first draft of the position arrangement for the new employees. Please let me know if there is anything wrong."

Jasmine, the HR director, handed a document to Terrell's secretary, Molly Lin, who carefully put it in front of the CEO's desk.

Her tone was also extremely respectful. Everyone in the company knew that the CEO was famous for his coldness and bad temper.

Terrell paused with the pen in his hand that was reviewing the document, and glanced at the list and the planned arrangement.

"Have you arranged the positions of all the new comers?"

He glanced around and only paid attention to the name "Gracie Ling", but there was no arrangement for her on it, which made him a little nervous.

Although he was unhappy because she made him angry by being with the other man, the CEO was very protective of Gracie. If others wanted to bully her, he would be the first one to fight back.

Only he could bully his woman.

"Mr. Terrell, except for a new employee named Gracie Ling, her position has not been arranged. According to the order of Rex, he wants her to be his assistant. But Jasmine from the human resources department said that it was not reasonable and there would be some personnel problems. They have their own opinions in this respect, so Jasmine submitted this matter and hope that you will make the final decision."

After taking a few quick glances at the document, Terrell threw it on the table.

"Isn't this arrangement a matter for the personnel department? If Jasmine can't figure out such trivial matters, I think she did it in vain as the personnel director."

Molly didn't know why her boss was so angry, but it was normal that her boss had a bad temper.

When Molly walked out of the CEO's office, she quickly conveyed what Terrell had meant. Jasmine asked something more, and then showed a complacent smile at the desk.

It seemed that the CEO was blaming her for not being able to do anything, but in fact, he was blaming Rex for being nosy.

With the help of the CEO, Jasmine arranged Gracie in the same department with Sophie.

At this moment, Sophie just came back from lunch. When she saw that Gracie was with a strange man, she couldn't help frowning.

Although Sophie didn't like Gracie and Terence being together, she didn't want to see her being with another man behind his back.

Seeing her walking with another man, in Sophie's eyes, Gracie was committing a crime.

Sophie's father wanted Sophie to inherit the Gu family's property on purpose. In fact, Sophie was not her father's biological daughter, which was known by Sean Gu long ago, but he had no other children.

Although Sean had illegitimate children outside, they are not recognized by his father Liam, so they would never have the right to inherit.

Therefore, Sean had to come up with a bad idea. It was said that his elder brother, Terence's father Noah Gu, had passed away a few years ago. In fact, he ran away from home because of a conflict with Liam Gu on the marriage. Liam Gu directly told others that his eldest son, Noah Gu, had died of illness.

And his elder brother Noah left a nephew in the Gu family, which made Sean so angry that he grind his teeth.

The point was that his nephew was obviously more difficult to deal with than his father.

Last time, Liam really sent someone to pu

t Sean in prison for three years, and kicked him out of the Jing Group, confiscating all his shares. Liam also said that if Sean dared to hurt Terence again, he would not leave any money for Sean even if he donated all the money to charity.

Sometimes, Sean even doubted if he was the biological son of Liam. Obviously, Liam treated his grandson much better than his own son.

Because of the problems left behind in the past, Liam was getting older and older, and his health was getting worse and worse. While Terence was still in a coma, Sean had to make up his mind to let Sophie get this inheritance right.

It was true that Sophie alone didn't have the ability to do that, but it would be different if Sophie could marry into the Jing family.

Sean knew that Sophie was interested in Terence, so he told her directly that only after she got the whole Gu family could she have a chance to dream about it, otherwise she didn't have to think about it.

Yes, Terence was still in a coma. Could Gracie be Mrs. Gu? Wasn't it just a word from the master of the Gu family?

So this time, Sophie was persuaded by him.

She had no interest in the mysterious man Terrell, but only when she was in the position of Mrs. Jing and the wife of the president could she have the chance to trample on the woman in front of her.

Only in this way could she protect the man she loved forever.

At the same time, Gracie and Rex were right at the small flower bed behind the company. Half squatting, Rex helped Gracie take off her shoes and massage her feet.

Seeing this, Sophie said goodbye to her companions and waited for Gracie at the door.

"Rex, that's too... "

"It's okay. My sister often sprained her ankle. You will be fine after kneading it." Rex smiled gently at her.

The man's smile was like a spring breeze, alleviating the shyness on the face of Gracie.

She didn't know if it was because she had dumped the scum Frank that her luck with men had been so good recently.

As the dream lover when Gracie was in the university, she didn't expect that the day with Rex would come.

She worked in the same company with him and Rex would become her boss in the future.

But now things had changed. Thinking of her current situation, she struggled to withdraw her feet and stood up. "Mr. Rex, it's really not good. If other colleagues see it, they may misunderstand..."

"I don't care about other people's thoughts. Do you really care?"

Hearing that, Gracie was a little stunned. She shook her head and then nodded. "I've just come to the company to work. I'm afraid that others will say that I entered the company by means of hidden rules, and then..."

Although she said so, deep in her heart, she didn't want to implicate him. She was now the nominal Mrs. Gu. If the Gu family knew it, it would be difficult for Rex to live a good life.

At this moment, she wished she could have met Rex sooner.

Then, Rex received a phone call. Gracie asked him to go on with his work and limped back to her office.

When she was about to enter the side door, she was stopped by Sophie.

"Gracie, although I really don't want to admit that you are Terence's wife, please pay attention to your words and behavior. You are not only yourself here at OM. I hope you know this. You'd better stay away from other men."

Gracie was speechless.

She really wanted to reply that she didn't care about the identity of Mrs. Gu at all. She was wronged to sleep with Terence, a vegetative person of Gu family, when she woke up for no reason. Was it her fault?

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