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   Chapter 10 The Place Was Taken Away

Your Adoration Got Me Perfectly By Ai Chi Characters: 6925

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"I think you are the one who should go out. OM International is not that easy to enter. We have arranged everything. You are here only to make us stand out more, If you are sensible and judicious, you'd better leave now. "

"If OM is really full of incompetent people like you, then I don't want to come to such a company."

The elevator soon reached the twentieth floor. Sophie said, "Well, don't make it difficult for Mrs. Ling here. If she wants to have a try, just let her."

Then the group of people left, strutting like peacocks.

The feeling of being despised and ignored made Gracie very angry.

Gracie's interview ended in failure. Except for her image, she had performed well in other aspects, but she was rejected.

When she went to the bathroom, she didn't expect to meet the people she had just met in the elevator.

She deliberately stayed a little longer in the toilet cubicle for a while, just not wanting to run into those gossip women, so as not to be ridiculed by them.

"Sophie, why did you come to work for OM on a whim?"

"I do as I damn well please!"

"Don't you like the job as a nurse very much? Why did you change your job? "

"What do you know? Sophie went to study nursing for her brother. She wouldn't take care of anyone except Mr. Terence. "

"I see."

"Sophie, you obviously didn't even take the written test. Did you ask your father for help so that you could enter OM International so successfully?"

"Sophie, do you have a crush on the CEO of OM International who just came back from abroad? Is this the reason why you came to OM?"

"Don't make blind and disorderly conjectures here. You are all wrong. Coming to OM International is what my father meant. He wants me to be a couple with the CEO of OM International, but I'm not interested."

"Then why do you come to OM International?"

"I happened to know that the woman who stole my beloved man also came to OM International, so I changed my mind, I just want to take her place on purpose so that she can't get what she wants. "

In the ladies' room, Gracie listened carefully and recorded all this with her mobile phone recording.

Sophie was naive. Since she couldn't make Gracie sad by taking away Frank, she would continue to take Gracie's place in OM International.

Gracie was also confused. How could she steal the man that Sophie liked? Frank, that scum, was not in the eyes of Miss Sophie at all.

She didn't hide any other men!

She recalled it carefully and then remembered that morning when she saw the nurse leave angrily.

No wonder Sophie always looked familiar to her. That nurse was Sophie.

Did Sophie like her vegetative husband?

She thought of his handsome face, which was lifeless, but was still perfect.

But it shouldn't be right. Sophie was the cousin of Terence. Were they committing incest?

Or the people of the Gu family, such as Mr. Terrell, would like to do this.

Last night, Sophie set her up and tried to catch her with another man.

What a vicious woman!

With the recording in her hand, Gracie went to the HR Director's office of OM International. She didn't believe that there was no rule in this world.

A person who got in through manipulation could go so aboveboard.

There was no written test, no challenge, Sophie directly took her place in the interview. It didn't matter if she didn't know, but now that she knew, Gracie couldn't just let it go.

Even if she couldn

't get what belonged to her, she would rather destroy it than let others get it.

Gracie came to the door of the HR director's office.

There was a guest inside, and after waiting for a while, no one came out. She wondered if there was a back door inside and the HR director escaped directly from behind, so she knocked on the door directly.

The HR was a young woman, wearing a white office suit and a pair of rimless lilac glasses.

"Miss, what can I do for you?"

As a senior HR, Jasmine Fang quickly scanned Gracie like a radar.

"I want to file a complaint against your HR Department."

When Jasmine was about to call the security and ask them to drive away the 'rioter'.

The guest inside came out.

"Director Fang, since you have something to deal with, I won't disturb you. I'll see you another day."

A voice came out of the office, followed by a man in a sharp suit with a professional smile on his face.

"Rex, please go ahead. In fact, it's not a big deal. Someone is here to make trouble. I'll call the security to come up and deal with it."

"Why are you here, Gracie?"

Then, Rex strode out of the room.

"Rex, why are you here?"

"I have been working in OM International since I graduated."

"Oh, Rex, you are schoolmates, aren't you?" said Jasmine.

"Yes! We haven't seen each other for many years. I didn't expect to meet you here today. By the way, are you in trouble? "

"In fact, it's not a big deal. The place that originally belonged to me was suddenly taken away. I just feel unfair and want to come to the HR director to ask for an explanation."

Jasmine smiled awkwardly and said to Rex, "You also understand those things in the workplace, the priority principle...

The positions we recruited this time are really crowded, so we have no choice but to aggrieve your friend, But now that you know each other, I'll deal with it.

Gracie, I will find you a suitable position as soon as possible. "

Rex Mo is currently the chief financial officer of OM International. The financial department was usually higher than other department officials, so Jasmine was very respectful to him.

Of course, Jasmine was a smart woman. She was so careful with Rex. On the one hand, Rex was a superior official to her, and on the other hand, she admired a capable man like him very much.

Gracie was here to look for justice. She didn't want to owe anyone a favor, not to mention an indirect one.

"Director Fang, you don't have to do that. I'm not here to ask you to give me the position. I just want to get an explanation. Since you said the principle of priority for the ones with background, then I understand."

"Gracie, if you don't mind, you can consider coming to the financial department. A colleague of our department is going home to give birth to a child, and we are very busy now. Your financial qualification certificate has been passed, which is just in line with the requirements."

"Of course I would love to, but..." Hearing Rex's words, Gracie took a look at Jasmine.

"Director Fang, our department forgot to report the person to be hired last time, and now we'll make up to it. Gracie will be admitted. Does it matter?"


Shaking her phone, Gracie said, "I have recorded the conversation of those ladies who came here with the help of their connections."

"Director Fang, the CEO is going to inspect today. I think you would not want any trouble!" Said Rex.

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